Turtle Rock GlitchesEdit

Map Room GlitchEdit

Right after you are finished in Galactic Jungle, when you get on Turtle Rock to go to the Map Room to see where to go next and before you go in, go to a different area first. Then go back and go look over the edge of Turtle Rock (mainly where the steering wheel is) and all the Raposa will be piled upon each other in the water[1]. The only Raposa that isn't in the pile is Crazy Barks. During this glitch, he is behind a tree root. However, the player still can't speak to him.

The Hero GlitchEdit

Sometimes, in the Next Chapter, when starting a new game, you will draw your Hero and everything will seem normal until the actual gameplay starts. A messed-up version of your previous save file's Hero will instead be your playable character. If you go to Creation Hall to fix it, you will notice that your current Hero's profile sprite is empty, like a New Hero option, while the second profile labeled New Hero will have the Hero you drew there as the playable sprite. Unfortunately, it doesn't let you select it. If you go in to "edit" that Hero and give it a name, the canvas in the edit option will be blank. The only way to fix this is to start an entirely new game.

The Ghost of the Hero GlitchEdit

Similar in occurrence to the above glitch, there is a chance that a glitch will occur during the opening section after the intro. During this time, it is possible that your former Hero character will appear on the ocean at the beach where Heather finds the treasure chest and near the front of the Creation Hall. No other effects seem to occur.

The Leftover HeroEdit

If the player creates a second Hero and starts a new game, the game won't remove the second Hero.

The Fill-in Hero GlitchEdit

If you clear your drawing and then press okay when first creating your hero, there is a chance that the hero from your previous playthrough will appear instead of an invisible hero. If you go and edit your hero, the drawing will be blank just like it is supposed to be.

Watersong GlitchesEdit

Texture GlitchesEdit

At Watersong after Salem tells you that 'time is ticking' right before he walks away, the grey side and the normal side of his cape switch places (like he's looking in a mirror). Rose's bow will also always disappear when she turns to her left, except when she is singing the song to give her voice to her son.

Lavasteam GlitchesEdit

Fall Through the FloorEdit

This can only be performed in Volcanic Core. First, you must morph into your blob form and squeeze through the small space at the beginning, and go to the space where you can turn into your normal form. Go to the right and then the left. You should see the Hero fall through. This glitch can be performed as many times as you want.

Invisible Obstacle GlitchEdit

In Mine Cart Mayhem, after you find Moe and he leaves, if you go back to the place he was standing, there is an invisible obstacle that you cannot walk through, and you can jump on top of.

Hero Form Glitch Edit

When entering water or an 'in-level cutscene', The Hero must be in their original form. If they enter the scene in blob form, the game will try to put them back in normal form. In some cases, if scenes are entered in blob mode the game will briefly turn The Hero into the spider form before turning them back to normal. If one hasn't unlocked the spider form, then the spider form would appear entirely white.

Stuck Above the Screen Edit

When playing a level, if The Hero is not touching the ground, they will be sent above the screen. This effect stays even after exiting to map and/or the main menu.

Parallel Defeat Edit

When fighting the Giant Robosa, if you hit its heart at the same time you die because of a missile, the death scene will repeat endlessly, as you die together. This does not corrupt the cartridge, but you will have to turn the DS power off in order to fix it.

Galactic Jungle GlitchesEdit

Machine Gun Space Ship Edit

A developer oversight left in the game allows for the player if using tool assistance to continuously hit A to fire every frame. This allows for a visually amusing stream of bullets when done correctly. This oversight can be used in the boss level of GJ to slightly lag the game by firing at the buses. One reason why this happens is the DS has to handle the number of sprites and animations happening all at once.

Behind S.P.U.D Edit

In the level to find S.P.U.D, a wall clip can be used to skip a huge portion of the level to get to the S.P.U.D and is possible to approach him from behind. This doesn't cause the game to glitch but shows the devs could have originally intended to put him in a different spot.

Wilfre's Wasteland GlitchesEdit

Falling through the Hall of DarknessEdit

In the second area in the Hall of Darkness where you use the Blob Form to squeeze through the passageways, go to the top firefly switch buried in the boxes by using the Blob and the Spider Forms. Break the boxes then transform into a Spider. You will phase through the stage and you will be a Spider in the Blob Form passageways. Your legs will spaz out of control. The only way to fix this is to transform it into the Blob Form.

Sticky BlobEdit

In the level Underground Town, in the area where Tubba is found, if the player jumps up where the ceiling caves upwards while in blob form, you can stick there. Once there, you cannot move or transform. The only way to get out of this glitch is to exit the level.

Audio GlitchesEdit

Alien SongEdit

Occasionally during The End or Real Life, if you shut the DS and open it again, the singers' voices will oscillate wildly.

Other GlitchesEdit

Death by FallingEdit

Occasionally, in certain places in Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter, such as Volcanic Core, the Hero will randomly fall through the level, dying in the process. Ironically this can happen right next to the exit in the Forgotten Library. This glitch can sometimes be remedied by switching to the spider form and clinging on to the 'top' of the block and swinging out so that you are not touching the floor and cannot fall through it.

Moving RaposaEdit

It's easy to not notice, but when playing the Next Chapter, some Raposa sprites will load before a scene. In these scenes, you will see the sprites slightly off-screen running. This happens in Salem's confrontation scene. When the Hero jumps in, you will be able to see Mari and Jowee walking at a normal pace at the top of the screen slightly over all the other scenery, until you press A. In the Galactic Jungle, you will see the SPUD officer and Kamalah being pushed to the end of the map, staying there for as long as you stay in that zone. It will go away after you complete the Spaceship level to get to the second area of Galactic Jungle.

NPC Collision Glitch Edit

In Lavasteam soon after arriving King Miney will be standing next to a Robosa. It is possible to run next to the Robosa but the game prevents you from standing in the spot. However, Talk to the Robosa and skipping the cut scene allows for the player to stand in the spot. It is currently being looked into to see if this can get the player OoB on the world map. Side note: using a cheating device to clip past the Robosa the player cannot enter LS 8 Clockwork Tower early.

Slinger Hit Box Glitch Edit

If you use the yo-yo it is possible to use its momentum next to boxes to clip a box into the player pushing the player out of the hit box of the box and sent in a vector inverse of the box. For example, if pushed into a box and it is pushed down the hero is sent up, and is able to jump on the box. Additionally, it can be used to send objects flying away from the player, boxes, or the slinger. The results are wacky and humorous. It is being looked into for speedrunning purposes as it can allow the player to be pushed in directions that are usually not intended.

Speed Run Beneficial Glitches Edit

Infinite Height GlitchEdit

If the player swaps from Blob Form to Hero Form, then they will gain height. Repeatedly doing this will allow the player to gain height infinitely. Ground pounding helps this glitch a lot by giving you a larger window to swap.    

Corner Clip Edit

If the player gets into the spot where the ceiling and wall connect (or certain ceiling-lake angled surfaces) as the Spider or Blob, then swaps to the hero, they can clip through the corner. Correct timing and height will allow the player to clip through the corner to skip segments, enter places with incorrect forms, or enter OOB. A helpful way to get a jump in before the game tries to force you down is to buffer a jump, which is to hold the jump button while transforming from blob/spider to humanoid.

Punch Exploit Edit

If the player punches, they can get to max speed instantly. This can be used to get to max speed very quickly and can be immediately followed by a jump to conserve the speed the player gets from the punch. The player can chain these jump punches to keep a constant hitbox.

Object Clip Edit

If the player can get an object next to a wall (eg. boxes, lilypads, the drawn line in rooms with the altar), then you can glitch through said wall by standing a certain distance away, and then punching. This can also be done with the last hit of a fully upgraded Slasher, though it is much easier done by punching.

Beach Ball Momentum Exploit Edit

Standing on a certain spot on the Ball using slasher can cause The Hero and the Ball to be moved forward faster than normal. Currently, it is not known how to continue this after two slashes as the player will fall off. However, after the second hit the Ball and player are traveling faster compared to the first hit. This can also be done with Boxes.

Dog Jump Edit

The player can press jump as they land on an enemy to jump much higher than intended.

Ground Pound ClipEdit

If the player has the blob form unlocked, they can now use a ground pound clip. To execute it, have enough room to make at least one full jump, double not necessary. First hold the jump button, then press down while at the apex of the jump to start a ground pound, then when the hero is extremely close to making contact with the ground (but still not touching it; looking for clouds or noises made by ground pounds helps you know if you messed up). When pixels away from the floor, transform into blob. If done correctly, the player will fall through the ground, which can be helpful for skipping segments or reaching unintended areas, like the Corner Clip. To have better control while falling, try rapidly pressing the transform menu button to make the fall stutter.

Cece SlipEdit

A clip similar to the Ground Pound Clip in its results is the Cece Slip. To execute this glitch, the player must have obtained the blob form. Again, space is needed to complete one full jump, with a double jump being unnecessary. Once the player completes the jump and they begin fall, the player must transform into blob the exact moment before touching the floor. Once this extremely precise glitch is performed successfully, the hero will fall through the floor. And like the Ground Pound Glitch, a tip to try and succeed more is the mash the transformation menu button to stutter the fall.

Crashes Edit


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Mite Crash Edit

If the player kills too many mites at once, the game crashes. This is easiest when done with a sword.

Anti-Spider Crash Edit

In Drip Drop Docks' second room and Toggle Tower's second room, the player can change forms in a vertical hallway lined with anti-spider to crash the game.

Swap During Death Softlock Edit

If the player swaps weapons or forms as they die from falling off-screen, the screen will go black and the game will softlock.

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