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Helmet Dragon
Species Dragon (debatable)
Variant Helmet
Health HeartSmall Small
Attack Type Contact
Item Drops N/A
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Helmet Dragons are enemies in Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter found in the levels of Watersong.

Helmet Dragons are creatures that live in diving helmets and attempt to attack The Hero when they get too close. These enemies attack by reaching out to The Hero and dragging them into the helmet. After a short period of time, and after The Hero has been damaged, the enemy will spit them out again.

TowerIcon Appearance

The full appearance of the creature inside the helmet is unknown. They have long red tentacles (similar to those of an octopus or squid) and two squinted eyes.

The helmet itself is a large, broken, rusted-metal helmet with a snorkel on its left side. An unknown object sits on top of the helmet.

AButton Levels


  • While The Hero can defeat this enemy with any sort of attack, the easiest and safest method is to use Shooter or Slinger to attack from a distance.

Question Trivia

  • The object that rests on the top of the helmet could be a part of the creature inside as it matches the color scheme of the tentacle.
  • This enemy can still pull in The Hero while they are in an invulnerable state (granted temporarily after the player has taken damage). When this happens, the enemy will still go through its "eating" animation but The Hero will not take further damage upon being spat out.

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