Hero Alpha
Species Mannequin
Gender N/A
(Referred to as male)
Age N/A
Fur Color N/A
Home Raposa Village
Role Hero
Last Known Status N/A
Game(s) Dtl1LogoThumbDS logo

I will fill this mannequin with my presence, I will add color to its frame. Together we will restore the village!

The Creator

The Hero, or the Creation Hero, is the title given to a player's character in the Drawn to Life series. The Hero is drawn by The Creator with the intent of creating a champion to battle all the threats to the village. The Hero's weapons vary in the categories of guns, swords, other weapons, and to nothing but themselves in unarmed physical attacks such as kicks and uppercuts.

In Drawn to Life levels The Hero can run, jump, and shoot, among various other things. In most levels, they are tasked to retrieve for four torn template pieces from The Book of Life, and save three Raposa hidden in each level. They use various creations drawn by the player to progress.

In Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter, they are improved and are able to swim freely in water without being damaged and smash through levels a lot quicker.

The Hero maintains a static role throughout the series, in each game being the main protagonist.

TowerIcon Appearance Edit

The Hero is usually depicted in official artwork as a somewhat crudely drawn boy with a sword, yellow hair, a red shirt with a lightning bolt decal, and short, blue jeans. However, The Hero's appearance is not certain, because in the game, they are customized to resemble anything the player desires. Due to the restraints of the areas provided, all possible designs will have a basic humanoid structure.

The Hero is significantly larger than the Raposa.

CreationIcon Drawing Edit

Near the start of the game, The Hero is drawn. There is a rough guideline that functions as a boundary. After The Hero is drawn, a name must be given to them. There are also templates available if the player does not want to draw The Hero from scratch. When in levels, the player usually draws a weapon that The Hero can use to defeat enemies. After the first Hero, two more can be drawn and named, creating a total of three heroes that can be switched through.

In Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter, the player can add or subtract more or fewer arms and legs, as well as resizing parts of The Hero's body. The Hero also gains two new forms after reaching certain points in the game (Blob Form and Spider Form).

HeartBig Small Forms

Book Icon StoryEdit

The Hero is first introduced to the village via mannequin in Creation Hall. They retrieve the missing templates and rescue the lost villagers to restore the village to its former glory, and eventually defeat Wilfre.

The Hero returns via a mannequin in a second Creation Hall aboard Turtle Rock and accompanies the Raposa on a voyage around the world overseas. However, they do not remember anybody nor do they remember going on their first adventure, possibly due to the fact that they were created using a different mannequin, that has extra and resizable parts.

The Hero returns to find the missing items that Circi sent them to find. They find the artifacts and fight the monster she created.

Attack Axe AttacksEdit

Default: Using the Y button, the Hero attacks using only their hands or fists.

Ground Pound: By jumping and pressing down on the D-pad and B, The Hero jumps into the air and lands on the ground to crush enemies. In the Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter (Wii) and Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter, it is called, "Butt Stomp."

Slasher: Pressing the Y button, The Hero attacks with the Slasher weapon that can be drawn by the player.

Slinger: Pressing the Y button, The Hero uses the Slinger weapon to attack by swinging it in multiple directions. Exclusive to Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter.

Shooter: Pressing the Y button, The Hero shoots with the Shooter weapon like a gun.

Abilities: In Drawn to Life, the hero can use various unlockable Abilities that greatly increase their combat effectiveness and maneuverability. These abilities usually revolve around pressing the X button.

Question Trivia Edit

  • Despite being inherently genderless, they are often referred to as male.
  • THQ's name for the hero on the box art is Drew. [1]
  • It can be assumed that The Hero can indeed speak, seeing as the player is occasionally presented with dialogue options in certain cut scenes.
  • In Drawn to Life, The Hero can only swim with the aid of Flippers; but they can swim whenever they want in Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter. This may be because of the improved mannequin.
  • In Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter, in the last level of Wilfre's Wasteland, statues of the Hero can be found scattered around the mansion.
    • This is quite ironic, as Wilfre has shown many signs of hatred towards The Hero.
  • Due to the various religious referencing in the games, it is rumored that The Hero represents the biblical figure, Jesus.
  • The Hero bears similar resemblance to another protagonist developed by 5th Cell: Lock from the Tower Defense game Lock's Quest.
    • There is also a preset for The Hero that resembles an enemy known as a Clockwork from Lock's Quest.

PaintingIcon MediaEdit

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