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Heh... The name's Indee, adventurer extraordinaire!


Indee is a world famous explorer and adventurer who travels across the globe seeking treasure. He and his family are saved at Angle Isle. When he returns to the village Jowee greets him. Due to Jowee's adventurous spirit, Indee becomes an instant idol to him. Indee seems to be very proud of himself and somewhat arrogant upon his introduction.

In Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter, Indee is pulled into Wilfre's vortex and left stranded in the Ghastly Ghostship.

After finding him in the level, he will reside in Isaac's Shop.

TowerIcon.png Appearance

Indee has grey fur and wears a brown safari uniform with a cow boy hat. His eyes are open in his idle sprites.

Quote Icon.png Quotes

This could be your greatest adventure yet!


Indee right before Wilfre is fought.

I should write about this adventure...


Upon Wilfre's defeat.

I'm ready for another adventure!


Upon the completion of the first game.


Amazing! We've discovered a new world!


Upon being teleported to Watersong.

Look! Local natives!!


Upon seeing Watersong residents.

The first rule of adventuring is... finding treasure!


Indee talking to Samuel and NavyJ.

Scared? Ha! A true adventurer doesn't know the meaning of fear. Of course in a place like this, I wouldn't mind having a nightlight and my mommy.


Upon being rescued in Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter.

Just remember, Hero, you should always stock up for an adventure.
Never get caught without your whip and hat.


So did you find any treasure?



Question.png Trivia

  • Indee is an obvious spoof on the character Indiana Jones from the movie series of the same name. He has a father and a son just like Indiana Jones. His son even asks The Hero: "Dr. Jones? Who's that?"
  • When he was young, The Mayor used to watch over him while his dad went on adventures.
  • Indee calls Jowee "kid".

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