Not to be confused with Jowee's House.

Jowee's Room

Name Jowee's Room
Type Residential
Use The starting area for The Hero
A home for Jowee and Mike
The Main Menu
Location Turtle Rock
Creation No
Owner Jowee
Residents Jowee
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Jowee's Room is a multipurpose area on Turtle Rock that serves as a starting area for The Hero, a home for Jowee and Mike, and as a stylized Main Menu for Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter. Here the player can access certain features such as options, trading, and profile deletion.

The player can also edit and draw on the upper title screen, similar to Drawn to Life's Start Menu.

TowerIconAppearance Edit

Jowee's Room takes the appearance of a small, square wooden room viewed from an isometric perspective. Inside the room there are objects that the player can interact with to access various menu options:

  • A work-area and bookshelf are the Options Menu.
  • A telescope peering out the window is the Trading Area.
  • A bed, presumably Jowee's, erases the players current profile and restarts the game.
  • A pink stuffed bear in the bottom-most corner plays the game's credits.

A large, rectangular rug sits in the center of the room, while various pieces of naval memorabilia are strung across the walls. Two lamps on either side, one on a small wooden cabinet and the other on a barrel, illuminate the room.

A set of stairs also leads out of the room that allows the player to continue the game.

QuestionTrivia Edit

  • Although it is called Jowee's Room, he is rarely seen in here.
  • Mike is seen sleeping in the room after completing the game.
  • Similar to how in Drawn to Life The Hero starts in front of the Village Hall, it could also imply that the Hero lives in Jowee's Room as well, since they start there.
  • The bear that plays the credits shares the same sprite as Emi's teddy bear from the game Lock's Quest.

PaintingIcon Media Edit

DTL2 Jowees House

Jowee's Room Theme

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