This page is about the bush creation. You may be looking for the Kori Fruit.

File:Kaorian Bush.png
File:Kaorin Bush.png

The Kaorin Bush is created by the Creator after the Hero collects a page for the Book of Life, from Isaac who traded Count Choco tomato juice for it.

These bushes are placed near the Snow Gate, and they are considered to be dangerous if used improperly. Samuel tells the Mayor that a berry from the bush will help to increase the Hero's size for the City Gate.


  • After the Kaorin Berry Bush Page is obtained and planted, the Mayor will refer to the berries as "Kori Berries" instead of "Kaorin Berries", then later he says "Kaorin Berry". However, it is possible that "Kori Berries" is a shortened version of the name.
    • This also may be a confusion with the Kori Fruit
  • The Kaorin Bush may be named after Kaori Slaczka, Jeremiah Slaczka's wife.
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