Name Lighthouse
Use Allows the pirate ship to dock.
Creation Type Village Object
Has Preset No
Template Needed Yes
Created In/After After Conch Ruins
Game(s) Dtl1LogoThumb

Draw a new lighthouse!

–Design Prompt

The Lighthouse first appears in Drawn to Life. It serves as a guiding beacon to ships, bringing them into the Docks in the Raposa Village. The Lighthouse needs to be restored before Pirate Beard's ship can be moved into the docks and the pirates stop terrorizing the village.

The Template page for the Lighthouse can be found in the Conch Ruins.

TowerIcon Appearance Edit

The Lighthouse template has a cylindrical shape with a round top. This building takes on a very Raposa-like appearance due to the ears on the top of the building. The Lighthouse has two spotlights that resemble eyes. The body of the building has a rounded door, two square windows, and an anchor is hanging over the door.

Question Trivia Edit

  • Once created, the Lighthouse cannot be seen from the Village Docks.
  • The lighthouse was first to disappear when Shadow consumed the Northern half of the village.
    • This is because this building lies off screen.
  • In the Wii version, the Lighthouse is broken. The Hero has to find Mike in order to fix it.
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