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Map Room

Name Map Room
Type Utility
Use Allows the player to travel to other villages
Location Turtle Rock
Creation No
Owner None
Residents Tubba
Count Choco
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The Map Room is an important building on Turtle Rock in Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter. Acting as a world-selection screen, it shows the player all of the villages that have been visited, and the next village that needs its color restored.

The Hero can travel to other villages by selecting them on the map, on which they are shaped like pop-up books, the same as they are when actually visited. Every time The Hero completes a village (by finishing the storyline in the village; as coloring everything is optional, though certain parts of the village must be colored as part of the story), Heather's Pendant reveals the way to a new village, up until when they must venture to Wilfre's Wasteland.

TowerIcon.png Appearance


The Map Room is a small, dome-shaped building on the far eastern side of Turtle Rock. It is composed of multiple metal plates, some varying in style and size, and like most buildings from the village, it has an orange gable roof jutting from some sections of the building.

Several ornaments may be seen mounted onto the roof and walls.


The interior of the building is large yet crowded due to the high volume of shelves, chests, and other miscellaneous objects. The floor is covered with green carpet except where it is divided by the eight spokes of the map pedestal in the center of the room and where the wood floor moves on to its second layer. Several maps may be seen along the walls and on shelves, each using a different map projection.

An observation deck with a telescope and a wood-burning furnace are easily visible within the structure, but are never used.

Question.png Trivia

  • The background of the compass above the door is of a map.
    • This can not be seen in the game as it requires graphics layers to be hidden.
  • A fifth world may have been planned at some point based on the extra shadow that is only visible when hiding the first graphics layer.
  • Upon being rescued, Tubba, Bubba, and Count Choco will reside here.

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Map Room Theme

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