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Species Raposa
Gender Female
Age Teenager
Fur Color Orange
Home Village
Role Protagonist
Last Known Status Alive
Game(s) Dtl1LogoThumbWii LogoDS logo

It's not about what's best for us...
it's about doing what is right.


Mari is the daughter of The Mayor, and later becomes the (eighth) mayor of the Raposa Village. She was one of the remaining Raposa left in the Raposa Village, besides Jowee, The Mayor, and Cindi after the Darkness swept over.

She is determined and strong willed. She has low self esteem in the first game, but slowly gains confidence throughout her reign as mayor. She is very much like a teenager in her mood swings, her moments of sulking and bad temper, and she is also very insecure.

TowerIcon Appearance Edit

Mari has curly or wavy brown hair and orange fur. She wears a yellow summer dress along with a pink scarf. She also wears golden earrings.

Book Icon Story Edit

In the beginning of Drawn to Life, Mari is the only Raposa to still believe in The Creator. She believes that he has not completely abandoned them. Mari then convinces her best friend, Jowee, to believe in the Creator as well. This begins the game's adventure. Along with her friend, she opened Creation Hall and asked The Creator to make a Hero from the mannequin.

Her best friend is Jowee, a Raposa she has known her entire life who developed a crush on her. Jowee and Mari have been best friends ever since they were little Rapos. She once said that they used to wander off together and throw rocks into the Wishing Well.

After Wilfre killed her father, Mari became the mayor of the village.

Mari is shown to be handling all the mayor duties in Drawn To Life: The Next Chapter. At some point, she joins Wilfre because of something that he showed her. It is later revealed that Wilfre had told her that if they restored the color, they would all die. He also showed her Mike during his coma. He told her that if Mike woke up, then their world would end. Eventually, she rejoined her villagers against Wilfre and led the prayer to The Creator to help The Hero and to "give them strength to do what is right."

Quote Icon QuotesEdit

Why don't you respond! How could you just sit there and be silent!?
Now almost everyone has left the village...


Mari yelling at The Creator.

You are The Creator of everything. This is your world!
Bring it back to what it once was! Please...


Is that really you!? After all this time!! I knew you would help us!


Mari after The Creator accepts to help her.

The Creator just spoke to me!


This is crazy! No one is listening to me!
You believe me Jowee... Don't you...?


Fine then... I'll go myself... No wonder The Creator abandoned us!


What?! My dad is in trouble?


Mari upon The Creator telling her that The Mayor is in danger.

It's okay lil rapo... Hero is only here to help...


Mari comforting Cindi.

You better not hurt my dad!!


Mari upon meeting Wilfre.

I wonder what's inside Creation Hall... it's been sealed for as long as I can remember...


Mari, before Creation Hall is unlocked.

I'll take care of everything here... Go get Wilfre!


Mari right before Wilfre is fought.


It's so beautiful out here, all alone in an endless blue sea. Who knew it stretched this far?


Mari talking to Jowee on Turtle Rock.

All Raposa make mistakes. We can't all be perfect.


Mari comforting Rose.


Question TriviaEdit

  • At the beginning of Drawn to Life, Mari expresses that she has lived in the Village her entire life and that it would be neat to see the world one day.
  • Mari might also have some feelings for Jowee. She has demonstrated this every so often.
  • Mari is referred to as botMAYONAISE within Drawn to Life's code.
    • There is a scene at the beginning of Drawn to Life where Mari asks Isaac why he won't sell any more Mayonnaise jars. This event could be a reference to the name. [1]
  • In another 5th Cell game named Lock's Quest, Mari, Wilfre and the Mayor all are an Easter Egg where their names are written on gravestones.
  • Mari probably got her name from Mary in The Bible, the mother of Jesus.

PaintingIcon MediaEdit

Welcoming Mike Selecting Option 1

Welcoming Mike Selecting Option 1

Mari welcoming Mike to the Village (Option 1)

Welcoming Mike Selecting Option 1-0

Welcoming Mike Selecting Option 1-0

Mari welcoming Mike to the Village (Option 2)

Snowball Fail

Snowball Fail

Mari being hit by a snowball from Jowee

Searching for Mari

Searching for Mari

The villagers searching for Mari

Jowee and Sock

Jowee and Sock

Jowee and Sock talking about Mari


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