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Mayor is the position as the head of a village in the Drawn to Life series. Each village in the Raposa world has a Mayor. The system in Drawn to Life seems to be that of a monarchy, as the position is passed down to successors through the bloodline.

Raposa Village

In the Raposa Village, there have been two known Mayors: The Mayor and his daughter, Mari. According to The Mayor, their family has held the position for seven generations, with Mari later being the eighth. The Mayor of this village is the keeper of the Book of Life, and each Mayor has signed their name in it. Each Mayor also, near the end of their life, must write down the history of their village during their time in an old diary, known as the Mayor's Book.


In Watersong there has been one known Mayor, Mayor Rose. Rose has a son named Miles, who is her eventual successor. In Watersong, the Mayor has the gift of song, a voice passed down to each new Mayor and perfected with every generation. If the voice/power of song are lost, the village, and the mayor, will eventually wither and die. The Mayor status in Watersong is even more so like royalty than in the other villages, because the Mayor there lives in a grand mansion and has servants.


In Lavasteam, there has been one known Mayor, Miney. Very little is known about the Mayor's role in Lavasteam because during Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter it was temporarily replaced with a dictatorship, or absolute monarchy, and that happened to be the time of The Hero's visit.

Galactic Jungle

In the Galactic Jungle, there has been only one named Mayor, Click. Little is known about the position, because like Lavasteam, the governing system was temporarily changed to a puppet Oligarchy, in actuality, a dictatorship, though some history points out it was once run like the other villages. For example, Click said the true Mayor died without an heir, revealing that the position was passed through bloodline there as well.  Later, the villagers elected Click as Mayor. Click is the first Mayor known to acquire his position through an election.


In Jangala, there is no real Mayor, but the Monkey King takes the role of the ruler of Jangala. He is not seen to be very responsible, as he lets his constituents run amok in Raposa Village, stealing Banya and causing general mischief. He also doesn't seem to care when the Hero defeats his constituents either, as it is never brought up in the game. Although he is known for these things, as well as kidnapping Zsasha, the Raposa seem to harbor no ill will against him, as they keep their peace pact up with him.


  • The position is incorrectly named "Mayor", as that implies someone that was elected. Instead, the government works in a more monarchy-like style, with the position being inherited.
    • Although, it is unknown what would happen if there is more than one heir to the Mayor.