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Ook Ook! Bad Inkies invade Monkey King's jungle! Monkey King protect friend until they leave!

–Monkey King

The Monkey King, also called This Big Monkey by Zsasha, is a character that only appears in Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter (Wii).

TowerIcon.png Appearance

The Monkey King is a large monkey, about 10 times the size of a Raposa. He is very lanky and is covered in thick brown fur. He has what mimics a goatee made of darker brown hair. He has a purple crown with a banana shaped tassle, and what seems to be a set of brass knuckles that spell out "REX" on his left hand. His right hand rests on a golden staff.

Book Icon.png Story

After Jowee and the Hero restore Isaac's Door, Mari appears to tell them that something was stolen from Farmer Brown. When Jowee and the Hero arrive at Farmer Brown's farm, they see that all of the Banya had been stolen. Jowee notices tracks in the ground that don't belong to a Raposa, but rather those of a Monkey. The two then return to Jangala to find the Banya.

When the two return from Jangala Outpost with the Banya template, Mari questions why monkeys would be causing mischief, as they have a pact with the Monkey King. Farmer Brown then suggests that Jowee and the Hero go talk to him. Circi then appears and asks where the group would find the Monkey King. Jowee suggests that they talk to Pirate Beard, as he has been everywhere and would know.

Pirate Beard laments the fact that he's lost the location of the Monkey King, as the map with its location went over Jangala Falls, along with his ship. Jowee and the Hero then suggest that they go to the falls to find the map. After returning from Jangala Falls with his map, Pirate Beard shows the two a secret path to Treetop Village, the home of the Monkey King. Jowee begins to question whether or not the Monkey King would want visitors after not being seen for years, but Pirate Beard reassures them that if they treat the King with respect, then they will be fine or made into stew.

The two then go to see Mari who tells them that Circi is re-examining the clues thus far, and wishes that Mike were available to help with one of his machines, but he is apparently out on business. She then tells Jowee and the Hero that she hopes the Monkey King will have the answers they are looking for.

Before the Monkey King allows Jowee and the Hero to see him however, he demands three fruit offerings, a Lemon, a Banana, and a Pineapple. The Hero draws these three objects and enters the Monkey Kings Throne Room. When Jowee and the Hero enter the Throne Room, they notice that Zsasha was with the Monkey King the whole time, proving his innocence in the robberies around Raposa Village. Zsasha cries out for a rescue.

The Monkey King argues that he was protecting Zsasha from the Bad Inkies that were invading the Throne Room, and he wouldn't let him leave until they were gone. With that, the Hero climbs up the Throne Room, taking out the Shadow Walkers as he climbed. When they get to the top, the Monkey King explains that the Walkers had invaded for the Crystal Mask, and so the Monkey King gives it to the Hero. He also releases Zsasha to the Hero, and invites them to come back anytime.

When Jowee, Zsasha, and the Hero return to the village, Zsasha explains to Mari that the Monkey King was trying to protect the mask from a "shadowy person" who was trying to steal it. After hearing this, Mari and Jowee believe that Wilfre has returned, and lock up the mask. They then speak to Circi and decide that they have to go into Shadow City to see if Wilfre had truly returned.

Quote Icon.png Quotes

Ook Ook! Bad Inkies gone and now Monkey King have many new friends!

–Monkey King

Ook Ook! Bad Inkies want smiling mask. New friends take mask. Monkey King no like it!

–Monkey King

Ook Ook! Come back to Monkey King jungle anytime! Have big happy fun time!

–Monkey King



  • Despite the Raposa and the Monkeys having a pact, the Hero can still defeat Monkeys in Jangala Falls and Treetop Village.
    • The Monkey King never brings this up, and seems to have no problem with the Hero or the Raposa after this.
  • The Monkey King is listed as an enemy in the games files.
    • This may indicate that he was supposed to be Jangala's boss at one point, however this is not confirmed.

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