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Mt. Snowy
Area Snow Gate
Number 1
Level Type Standard
Template Eternal Flame
  • Music
  • Pattern
  • Ability Token
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Last Level
Snow Fields
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Snow Caves

Please hurry, Isaac and his family need your help!


Mt. Snowy is the first proper level in the Snow Gate and the game. This level utilizes a standard layout, moving left to right through four level "sections". There are many hills and slopes in this level which makes killing enemies easier, through use of sliding, if the player has the high-ground. However, near the end of this level, there are avalanches with giant snowballs bouncing off the slope. The Hero can avoid getting hit by hiding in holes on the mountain.

Some sections within this level are tainted with Shadow, or slathered with Shadow Goo, which the player can clear for an end-level bonus.

The Eternal Flame Template is retrieved here, along with Isaac, his wife Mya, and Cindi.

BakiIcon Enemies Edit

CreationIcon CreationsEdit

Stormy Cloud




This list only includes creations that are first drawn, or can be redrawn, within this level.

TemplateStatic Template PageEdit

The page for the Eternal Flame is found here.

JoweeThumbSmall Rescued Raposa Quotes Edit

Rapo-Girl Cindi

Monster Wapo!!

Isaac Isaac

You... You saved me!
Thank the Creator!
I own a shop back in the village...
I'll meet you at the Exit Gate!

Raposa-Female Mya

Thank you so much, I was so scared!
What?! You rescued my daughter?
Praise the Creator!

Question Trivia Edit

  • The Cloud platform may be redrawn here after originally being created in Snow Fields.
  • A total value of 640 Rapo-Coins can be collected in this level. This includes coins obtained from houses and crates, but excludes coins earned from enemy kills and combos.
    • An additional 100 coins may be added to this value assuming that The Hero passes the level with a perfect score.
  • There is a beacon-like structure atop Mt. Snowy's peak. This also appears on the level map, but here it has a lit flame.

PaintingIcon Media Edit

Music themes used within this level.
Snowy World 2

Snowy World

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