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Let's set sail for the closest port and plunder some Rapo Coins!

–Pirate Beard

Pirate Beard is a stereotypical pirate Raposa that appears in Drawn to Life, Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter (Wii), and Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter.

He is rescued from the Conch Ruins. Originally, he and his two crew mates were regarded as a dangerous nuisance to the Raposa Village. The pirates threatened to attack the Raposa Village until The Mayor promised them that they could have the newly-found pirate ship if they didn't cause any trouble. Pirate Beard proves his honor and worth in Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter when he serves as the captain of Turtle Rock. Pirate Beard was originally not a villager of the Raposa Village; he was the captain of Raposa pirates as they went everywhere in their ship pirating everybody they could find.

TowerIcon.png Appearance

Pirate Beard is an adult male grey furred Raposa. He wears a light brown pirate hat and a red bandana on his head. He appears to wear a yellow earring in each of his ears. He wears a yellow shirt along with a dark grey vest and matching pants.

Book Icon.png Story

Drawn to Life

When Pirate Beard is rescued, he returns to the village with his crew to begin plundering the Raposa. The Mayor promises them a ship if they don't attack anyone. The pirates agree and live in their new home. Later on Pirate Beard announces a treasure hunt around the world which the villagers can choose to come on. Indee decides to join the crew and Jowee is offered a chance but doesn't take it so he can stay in the village with Mari.

Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter (Wii)

In the Wii version, Pirate Beard helps the player throughout the game, mainly while navigating Jangala Falls, Treetop Village, and Tundara.

In Jangala, he tells the Hero and Jowee that he lost his map over Jangala Falls, and with it, the location of the Monkey King. After Jowee and the Hero retrieve the map, Pirate Beard shows them the location of the Monkey King and sends them off to Treetop Village.

Later in the game, Mari tells Jowee and the Hero to ask Pirate Beard about the Icy Wastes. He tells the two that the Wastes are dangerous and without something sharp, they'll never be able to make it through the area.


Throughout the game, certain Raposa will give the Hero certain challenges to complete. Pirate Beard offers the Hero what are essentially Time Trials for six specific levels. The specific challenges are show below:

Jangala Floor
Finish the level in 9:30
Jangala Canopy
Finish the level in 9:10
Jangala Falls
Finish the level in 9:34
Shadow Palace
Finish the level in 10:05
Finish the level in 9:10
The Drifting Isles
Finish the level in 10:28

Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter

In the DS sequel Pirate Beard is one of the few Raposa not to be kidnapped by the shadow portals. He attempts to save the villagers by taking them to his ship which is however been stolen. The Creator soon sendsTurtle Rock to collect the Raposa and take them on a voyage around the world to restore color and rescue the kidnapped Heather. Pirate Beard serves as a primary figure to the crew as he drives the ship to other islands. He sadly vanished with every other Raposa when Mike woke up from his coma.

Question.png Trivia

  • Pirate Beard has no facial hair to speak of, but adopted his name due to the ferocity of its sound.
  • For some reason, Pirate Beard's model in the wii game has a much smaller mustache than what appears in the game. It is unknown why this is.
  • In the Wii version of Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter, Pirate Beard has orange fur instead of grey. In addition, he has grown a large curling mustache.
  • His idle sprite in Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter is pointing and has one eye closed.
  • In The Next Chapter, he is often referred to as "The Captain".
  • Pirate Beard attempts to flirt with Mari throughout the first game.

Quote Icon.png Quotes

Seems like more riff raff in this port... I like it!

–Pirate Beard

Upon the rescue of Count Choco.


–Pirate Beard

Upon the death of the Mayor.

Yarr! Defeat the evil shadows!

–Pirate Beard

Pirate Beard right before Wilfre is fought.

Yarr! I be setting sail soon!

–Pirate Beard

Upon Wilfre's defeat.



Yar! 'Tis a mighty fine vessel. If only I could figure out how to make it move!

–Pirate Beard

Pirate Beard talking about Turtle Rock before Forgotten Library is played.

Bakis here?! Don't let them near me booty!

–Pirate Beard

After wild Baki attack Cindi on Turtle Rock.


PaintingIcon.png Media


Searching for Mari

Pirate Beard preparing to set sail

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