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I'm sure you'll find something worth your Rapo Tokens...


Rapo-Coins, sometimes called Rapo-Tokens, are the main currency in the Drawn to Life series.

They can be collected in all the levels throughout both games. They can also be earned through defeating enemies, and by stringing together combos.

In Drawn to Life, Rapo-Coins can be used to buy new patterns, stamps, colors, Music, Abilities and even a minigame at Isaac's Shop. They can also be thrown into the Wishing Well in order to receive certain rewards.

Similarly to the first game, in Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter they are used to buy Music, Hero guides, and upgrades for Weapons.


There are four types of coins (three in each game, with the one worth the highest amount differing between the first and second games):

Coin Value
SilverCoin Small Grey / Silver 1 Coin
GoldCoin Small Yellow / Gold 5 Coins
RedCoin Small Red / Copper 10 Coins (Appears in the original game only)
BigCoin Large Yellow / Gold 10 Coins (Appears in the sequel only)





Question TriviaEdit

  • Rapo-Coins are named after the species Raposa.
  • For winning the original Snow Fight, the player will receive 500 coins.
  • In Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter, crates with Raposa heads on them contain silver coins, while crates with stars contain gold coins.
  • The maximum amount of Rapo-Coins a player can have is 99,999 in Drawn to Life and 50,000 in Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter.
    • However, players can achieve higher amounts through hacking.
  • Coins dropped by enemies treat ammunition piles as solid objects and will float above them instead of reaching the ground.
  • A player can get 100 free coins in Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter (Wii) by pausing during play, holding the Wii remote upside down, and entering A, B, C, Up (on D-pad relative to the remote's position).

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