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Robosa Control Switch

Use To shut down the Robosa in case of an emergency
Village Object Yes
Retrieved N/A
Location Lavasteam
Games DS logo
Hum... I created The Robosa with a fail-safe. The Robosa Control Switch, located near The Lava Flow Factory.


The Robosa Control Switch (also called Robosa Switch or Switch for short) is an object in Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter that can shut down the Robosa. However, a key is needed to access the switch.

TowerIcon Appearance Edit


Book Icon StoryEdit

Key, Moe, and Jowee meet up to come up with a plan to stop Miney and bring peace back to Lavasteam. They then plan to enter The Clockwork Tower in order to get the key to the Robosa Switch. (called "The Robosa Control Key") However, Miney discovers their plan and sends them to the dungeon. After they escape, Miney overloads the Robosa with commands, causing them to malfunction. The Robosa corner Miney and make him drop the key. After running to a safe part of the village, Key comes up with a new plan. He says that he can make a new key if he can gather the materials. After the new key is made, The Hero flips the switch, resulting in the Robosa shutting down. Miney, wondering what happened to the Robosa, bumps into Salem. Turned out Salem was going to ask the same thing. In an attempt to clean Miney's mess, Salem activates the Giant Robosa which is outside the Control Switch. The Hero is then sent to defeat the Giant Robosa rampaging through the factory.

Question TriviaEdit

  • The Giant Robosa is the only Robosa to be outside of the switch's control.
  • According to Gertrude, the switch is very difficult to clean.
    • She also calls the switch big and conspicuous.

PaintingIcon MediaEdit

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