Rocky Railroad
LS RockyRailroad
Area Lavasteam
Number 3
(15 overall)
Level Type Standard
Template None
Saved No one
Secrets Baki beard coin by maybirdfan-d35ceoa
Game DS logo
Last Level
LS MinecartMayhem
Mine Cart Mayhem
Next Level
LS LavaReservoir
Lava Reservoir

I heard everything from Moe. You're free to take the train.
Good luck and be careful!


Rocky Railroad is the third level in Lavasteam in Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter.

Book Icon Story Edit

After explaining Lavasteam's situation, Moe hands over his pass to Jowee so that they can get past the Robosa. The Hero rides the train in the level to get to the next district in hopes of finding Key.

BakiIcon Enemies Edit

Question Trivia Edit

  • The name is a reference to a dessert called Rocky Road, popular in America as an ice cream flavor.
  • On the level card, a train driver/engineer Baki is shown, but none are seen in the level.
    • In fact, this variant of Baki is never encountered in-game.
  • The train's apparent movement is a visual effect caused by the level's backdrops scrolling quickly from right to left.
    • Additionally, it is the only level in the series to employ this effect.

PaintingIcon Media Edit

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