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S.P.U.D. Baki





Species Baki
Variant S.P.U.D.
Health Can't be killed by The Hero
Attack Type N/A
Item Drops N/A
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Come along Ranger... Marxx. There are laws to be enforced!


The S.P.U.D. Baki is found in Galactic Jungle. Unlike the S.P.U.D. themselves, the S.P.U.D. Baki is not a hologram.

TowerIcon Appearance Edit

The S.P.U.D. Baki resembles a S.P.U.D.'s helmet, with little bearlike ears and two circular feet poking out. Just like other Baki, this Baki wears a scarf. The scarf it wears has white and blue stripes, and is the same scarf Grey Baki wear.

AButton Levels Edit

Question Trivia Edit

  • Unlike the regular Baki variants, their walking sprite is a somewhat brutal, army like march.
  • At one point in the game, the Baki S.P.U.D. is refered to as "Ranger Marxx".
  • When the player finds the Baki S.P.U.D., a message appears that says "You Found The S.P.U.D.! Or at least you think so..."

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