Secrets are unlockables hidden in each level of Drawn to Life. They can be Music, color palettes, patterns, Abilities, or stamps.

Most levels have three secrets which vary in pattern and order, meaning some levels may not contain specific secrets or will have duplicates. When collected, the secrets will add new items to the Shop. The Hero can then purchase the unlocked items using Rapo-Coins.

Some secrets can also be obtained by throwing certain amounts of coins into the Wishing Well.

List of Secrets Edit

Music Edit

Music secret

The player can unlock and listen to many of the game's soundtracks at the shop.
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Pattern Edit

Pattern stamp

A variety of patterns can be bought from the shop, which can be used to add more design to drawings. Color palettes can be bought as well, which change the color scheme used for drawings.

Ability Token Edit

Ability secret

Each ability token contributes to unlocking a new ability that can then be purchased from the shop.
A total of three tokens are needed in order to unlock one new ability.

Stamp Edit

Stamp secret

Stamps can be unlocked from the shop and then used to decorate drawings.

Question TriviaEdit

  • Snow Fields, the first level, has no hidden secrets.
  • The first secret collected in the game is a music token.
  • Music tokens are the most common type of secret found.

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