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Shadow Bats are flying shadow enemies in Drawn to Life. They are very common enemies within the first game, appearing in the first levels within the Snow Gate. Despite this, Shadow Bats generally (except for in the City Gate) require tainted land to spawn.

Shadow Bats will usually remain idle, hanging from a platform until the Hero comes within a radius of them. Once the player is close enough, the Shadow Bat will notice them and fly down to start pursuing the Hero to damage them. Despite requiring only one attack to defeat, their sporadic flying movement may make them difficult to attack, especially in narrow areas, which also happens to be where they are often found. They can be defeated before being woken up if the player uses combos, or a shooter correctly.

TowerIcon.png Appearance

Being composed of Shadow, Shadow Bats are black/grey. In addition, like all other Shadow creatures, Shadow Bats emanate Shadow which slowly dissipates into the air. They have two white eyes, which stay open at all times except in their "idle" animation.


  • A glitch can occur where the Shadow Bat's sprite remains still and does not move.
  • Shadow Bats are almost always seen in the tainted land, much like how Shadow Walkers require pools of Shadow to spawn.
  • Their palette consists of only three colors.
  • They are one of the only enemies in the game to have a movement noise; whilst flying, they squeak and you can hear their wings flapping. This is useful to alert the player if any are pursuing them.
    • The squeaking noises could also possibly be interpreted as, “Get him”.
  • Shadow Bats are one of the only enemies to fly and have contact damage, rather than a ranged attack.
  • The only way to see hurt sprite is to push the shadow bat using the Y button. Since pushing enemies doesn't damage them, it allows the player to see the hurt sprite of this one hit enemy.

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