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The Shadow Golem is an enemy that appears in Drawn to Life.

This enemy is found in Rapo City. It will smash the ground with its fists in an attempt to stun The Hero when they come close, and then charge at them to damage them while they are stunned. The Hero can avoid getting stunned by jumping while the enemy is striking the ground.

TowerIcon.png Appearance

The Shadow Golem looks like a giant statue or golem made from a hard brown substance. Shadow oozes out from its shoulders, its midsection, and the top of its head. It has angry white eyes and a jagged mouth.

It is approximately the same size as The Hero, after The Hero becomes supersized due to having eaten a Kaorin Berry.

AButton.png Levels

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Question.png Trivia

  • Another assumed name for this enemy is the Wooden Shadow Golem, though it is unsure what substance it is actually made from.
  • It is thought to be made from either wood, rock, or clay.
  • The Shadow Golem bears a small resemblance to Deadwood.
  • Like the Shadow Bird, the Shadow Golem would ordinarily be too large to fight; but thanks to the Kaorin Berry The Hero is big enough to fight them.
  • In some sprites, some of the Shadow oozing from the Shadow Golem is a different color.

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