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Shadow Palace
Area Shadow City
Number 5
(11 Overall)
Level Type Standard
Template None
Saved No one
Secrets Stamp
Color Palette
Character Template
Game Wii Logo
Last Level
Shadow Palace Gates
Next Level
Wilfre's Lair

Jowee, you and the Hero have to go to Wilfre's Lair to find out what he's planning.


Shadow Palace is the fifth level of Shadow City and the eleventh level of the game overall.

Book Icon Story Edit

With the information they now have, Jowee and the Hero tell Circi and Mari that the factory is now up and running. Circi determines that the only possible way for this to be true is if Wilfre had returned. Mari sends Jowee and the Hero back into Shadow City, more specifically to Wilfre's Lair, to see what he's planning, and Jowee reluctantly agrees to return to the city.

Eventually, Jowee and the Hero notice a Shadowy Figure with an object in their hands. When Jowee calls out to the figure, it runs away from the group and disappears in a puff of smoke. They continue through the palace, but the figure isn't seen again.

BakiIcon Enemies Edit

StarWii ChallengesEdit

  • Find Wilfre's Lair (Story Challenge)
  • Discover the Lava Lamp (Zsasha's Challenge)
  • Finish the level in 10:05 (Pirate Beard's Challenge)

WiiCanvas Creations Edit

Conveyor Belt


Wilfre's Painting 1

Wilfre's Painting 2

This list only includes creations that are first drawn, or can be redrawn, within this level.



PaintingIcon MediaEdit

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