Previously Featured Coin
Snow Caves
Area Snow Gate
Number 2
Level Type Standard
Template The Sun
Saved Farmer Brown and his family
  • Music
  • Ability Token
  • Stamp
Game Dtl1LogoThumb
Last Level
Mt. Snowy
Next Level
Banya Fields

Hrmm... Through The Village Snow Gate, and into The Snow Caves you go!


The Snow Caves is the second level in the Snow Gate. This level utilizes both an aboveground and an underground layout, meaning that there are long sections with many tunnels and corridors which can make fighting some enemies more difficult. There is also damaging water in this level; it can be navigated safely through use of the Ice Cube or Submarine creations. The Exit Gate is located in an aboveground part of the level.

Like most other levels, Shadow Goo is splattered around Snow Caves. The Hero can clear the Shadow Goo for an end-level bonus.

The Sun Template is retrieved here, along with Farmer Brown and his family.

Book Icon StoryEdit

Once Isaac and his family are rescued from Mt. Snowy, the Mayor's faith in The Creator is restored, but he has trouble deciding on what they should do next. After Isaac's Shop is cleared of the Darkness, he remembers how vibrant the Village was before the Sun disappeared. He then sends The Hero into the Snow Gate once again, this time to the Snow Caves to retrieve the Sun's Template.

Along with the Template page, The Hero rescues Farmer Brown in this level, and the rest of his family. After the farmer returns to the village and the Sun is restored, he says that with his return the Banya crop will soon follow.

BakiIcon Enemies Edit

CreationIcon CreationsEdit


Super Spring

Ice Cube


This list only includes creations that are first drawn, or can be redrawn, within this level.

TemplateStatic Template PageEdit

The page for the Sun is found here.

JoweeThumbSmall Rescued Raposa Quotes Edit

Farmer brown Farmer Brown

Y'all rescued me somethin' good!
We got lost down here after leavin the village!
Anyway, I'll meet you at exit gate!

Th boy Farmer Brown's Son

I'm Free! You're a strong hero! Farmin' runs in ma blood...
I'm young, but I can haul a Banya crop like none's business!

Old Raposa Female Farmer Brown's Wife

I'm so grateful for you rescuing me!
Such a sweet thing... I'll be seeing you back in the village

Question TriviaEdit

  • The Crystals in this level look similar to the Banya Crystals in the next game.
  • The ending of this level is in reverse (from right to left).
  • The Hero can phase through a section of a wall at the end of this level. Upon phasing through the wall, they will be unable to pass through again.
  • A total value of 1023 Rapo-Coins can be collected in this level. This includes coins obtained from houses and crates, but excludes coins earned from enemy kills and combos.
    • An additional 100 coins may be added to this value assuming The Hero passes the level with a perfect score.
      • This makes Snow Caves the Snow Gate level with the highest coin value count.

PaintingIcon MediaEdit

Music themes used within this level (in order of use).
Snowy World

Snowy World 2

Dark Cave

Dark Cave

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