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Watch Out!
Shhh! Walk slowly past the sleeping snowget!

–Game Prompt

Snowgets are enemies found in the Snow Gate.

When Snowgets are first seen, they are sleeping. If The Hero jumps or runs near them, they will wake up. To avoid fighting them, The Hero can walk by tapping the control pad instead of holding it to run.

If Snowgets are awoken, they will attack, waving their arms. They can stick their hands into their bodies and pull out a small Snowget. Small Snowgets will jump around, attempting to bite The Hero. Colliding with a Snowget or Small Snowget will damage The Hero. Snowgets can be defeated by jumping on them or shooting them three times. Small Snowgets will be defeated if they are attacked once.

TowerIcon.png Appearance

Snowgets resemble snowmen and wear purple top hats, along with an orange scarf. They also have long arms and hands with three fingers, which are likely made out of sticks.


Banya Fields


  • Two Snowget proxies will always spawn when near a Snowget, even without first waking the enemy.
  • Snowgets will only spawn a total of five active proxies at any time until more are killed.
  • Snowgets seem to be nocturnal, as every time you see them, it is during the day, and they are asleep.
  • These enemies are one of the few enemies in Drawn to Life with an official name.
  • Unlike most enemies, Snowgets remain on-screen after death.

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