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Sock to Wilfre

Species Raposa
Gender Male
Age Teenager
Fur Color Orange
Home N/A
Role Pro/Antagonist
Last Known Status Deceased
Game(s) DS logo
You sure that alien won't suck out my brains?


Sock is a Raposa met relatively early in Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter, in Watersong.

He offers to help the villagers and quickly becomes part of their quest to stop Wilfre. He also becomes a good friend of Jowee's, even helping Jowee cope when Mari goes missing.

TowerIcon Appearance Edit

Sock is an orange-furred male Raposa. He wears a signature green-and-yellow hat, similar to a large sock-like beanie, and red-and-yellow clothes. His official art shows him wearing just yellow and green clothing.

Book Icon Story Edit

Sock makes his first appearance in Watersong, right after the introduction of Miles and Salem. At first he is afraid of The Hero, but soon trusts them with Jowee's assurance. He joins Mari and Jowee in hopes to find his old village during their adventures.

However, despite his seemingly innocent nature, Sock is actually just one of Wilfre's disguises. The reveal confuses Jowee at first, causing him to think that Wilfre has done something to Sock. This shows a little bit of how much Jowee really cared for Sock, enough so that he initially refused to believe that Sock was really Wilfre at all. He only realizes this when Wilfre bluntly states that he is, in fact, Sock.

Like another one of Wilfre's disguises, Salem, Sock is only used in the sequel.

Sock's hat points to Wilfre's Wasteland, which was discovered by Jowee and Crazy Barks.

Quote Icon Quotes Edit

An alien from another dimension!!!


Sock upon seeing The Hero for the first time.

You sure that alien won't suck out my brains?


Did you try those gondolas? They're so much fun!!


The Abyss?!... Why?
That sounds like a scary place.


Sock upon hearing about going to The Abyss.

I'll wait for your safe return.


Is that the conch shell? Can I see?


Sock right before Rose's voice is restored.

You'd be surprised... I once pursued the love of my life across the entire world.
I made a decision that regardless of consequence, I would succeed.
Anyway, it was worth it... Don't give up on her. I'll be here to help you, okay?


Sock comforting Jowee after Mari disappears.

Um... We left it onboard the giant turtle that we floated here on?


Sock upon Miney asking where their equipment is.

It does seem pretty hopeless.
Maybe we should just go look for another island. It doesn't seem like Mari's here.


I think I just saw Mari!


huff huff... rapo... you run so fast!


Well, I guess he isn't going to help us, let's go.


Sock after Rocko didn't help right away.

We should get out while we can!
I'm sure the other Raposa woudn't mind you joining the crew!


Sock after the Robosa malfunction.

We should be looking for her...


Sock referring to Mari.

We're just wasting our time here... We should give up and look somewhere else.


...Is having part of the book enough to continue?


Sock after Mari tears the Book of Life.

We're with you Jowee!


This place is even weirder than the last place!


Sock when first entering Galactic Jungle.

Is this place high tech? Or primitive? I can't tell.


Sock commenting on Galactic Jungle

Do you think we'll all fit?


Sock commenting on the Shooter Ship.

No you're on my foot!


Sock after entering the Shooter Ship.

Can I drive?


Sock asking to drive the Shooter Ship.

Oh No! What's all that stuff below us!


Sock referring to the Baki Turrets in Starlight Starfight.

Can we give up and go back to the ship yet?


We will? Uh,... I mean, yeah, go get 'em, Hero! Leave the rest to us.


Where did all the other people go? This is like a ghost town.


Sock referring to the second section of Galactic Jungle.

What!? But we can't! You heard the ranger. Banishment... or worse!


Sock after Jowee suggests breaking into the Council Room

I've got a bad feeling about this...


Sock before breaking into the Council Room.

Stop being such a Scaredy-Rapo.


Jowee's response to Sock

W...W.Wwhat's that!!


Sock upon seeing the Queen.

Let's see if we can't find this Council thing.


Sock after the Queen and King fight.

Those dummies are really creepy... I don't like this place...


Sock upon seeing the dummies in the Council Room.

This is going nowhere. I want to go home!


Hey Jowee, can I see the pendant?


Sock when Heather's Pendant stops working

It can't help you anymore. Nothing can help any of you.


Sock after throwing the pendant off of Turtle Rock

Stop calling me Sock!


Sock before revealing that he is Wilfre in disguise.


Question Trivia Edit

  • Strangely, Sock pointed out Mari to Jowee at Lavasteam, despite the fact that he was Wilfre. Although, he may have done this in order to seem more helpful and therefore less suspicious; it is possible the whole event was a plan Mari and Wilfre came up with to make The Hero and Jowee trust Sock more.
  • Sock, when introducing himself, says that his home village lost its color; this is true since he is Wilfre in disguise, because Wilfre's home village really did lose its color (even though he himself was the one who drained it).
  • Sock once stated that he "chased the love of his life around the world" to Jowee. This may be a continuity to the Wii version of the game where Circi states that she loves Wilfre, implying that they may actually have been lovers at some point. Of course, he may also have been lying in order to gain Jowee's trust.
    • Or, the "love of his life" may not refer to a physical person; it may refer to his goals and ambitions as Wilfre, which he really did travel all over the world and disregard all consequences to achieve.
  • Although his sprite shows him wearing red-and-yellow clothes, his artwork from the official website shows him wearing green-and-yellow clothes.

PaintingIcon MediaEdit

Jowee and Sock

Jowee and Sock

Jowee and Sock talk on Turtlerock

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