Name Starzooka
Use Projectile Weapon
Creation Type Weapon
Has Preset No
Template Needed Yes
Created In/After After Forest Gate
Game(s) Dtl1LogoThumb

Draw a starzooka!

–Draw Prompt

The Starzooka is the third and final ranged weapon that the player creates in Drawn to Life. It is created after Mari and Jowee find it's template buried at the Beach after it is cleared of Darkness and is used in the third set of levels in the Beach Gate.

Like it's previous incarnations the Snowshooter and Acorn Blaster, the Starzooka fires projectiles, in this case starfish, that will damage enemies. Each starfish fired has the ability to deal one HeartSmall Small of damage while also having an innate homing ability that seeks out targets as it travels, allowing for less precise aiming.

The Starzooka uses starfish as ammunition, which can be found throughout the Beach Gate levels, either in the form of piles of green seaweed that the player must Ground Bounce in order to obtain them, or in the form of just straight starfish lying on the ocean floor, since the Hero cannot use any movement based abilities underwater. A small pile of starfish will grant 5 ammo, while a large pile will restore 10. Each level, the player starts off with 30 starfish.

TowerIcon Appearance Edit

Due to the Starzooka being a creation object and having no pre-drawn preset or guide, the appearance of this object is completely dependent on the player.

They are, however, still confined to a preset, vaguely gun-shaped area.

NoteIcon TipsEdit

  • Although the starfish themselves will seek out enemies, they cannot be made to travel in a diagonal line or straight up if the player aims that way. Shortly after firing, they will level out and continue in the direction the player is facing.
  • Underwater, the Starzooka is the player's only means of defense.
  • In the Beach Gate levels, ammunition appears to be more scarce than in the Snow Gate or Forest Gate. As such, it is advised that the player conserve their ammo, especially when going underwater.
  • While the starfish from the Starzooka will track enemies, it does have a wide turning arc, and will circle around enemies if they miss. This is most prominent when trying to fight Shadow Fish underwater.

Question TriviaEdit

  • Its name is derived from the powerful missile launcher, the Bazooka.
    • And much like missiles fired from Bazookas, the Starzooka's starfish will gradually speed up as they move along.
  • The starfish that are fired have an afterimage effect on them as they travel.
    • They also make a slight "tink" sound as they hit walls and floors, where they will appear embedded.

PaintingIcon MediaEdit

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