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|image = [[File:DrawingSubmarine.png|center]]
|name = Submarine
|use = Allows The Hero to traverse underwater
|type = Level Creation
|template = No
|guide = No
|created = [[Snow Caves]]
|games = {{Icon|DTLLogo}}
|text = Our hero needs a submarine!<br>Don't forget the screen door!
|text=Our hero needs a submarine! Don't forget the screen door!
|character = Draw Prompt
|character=Draw Prompt
The '''Submarine''' is a creation in ''[[Drawn to Life]]''. It is drawn and used in the [[Snow Caves]], where [[Hero|The Hero]] uses it to move around underwater before obtaining the [[Flippers|flippers and helmet]].
The '''Submarine''' is a creation in ''[[Drawn to Life]]''. It is first drawn in the [[Snow Caves]]. The [[Hero]] uses it to move around underwater.
== {{Icon|Tower}} Appearance ==
Due to the Submarine being a creation object and having no pre-drawn preset or guide, the appearance of this object is completely dependent on the player.
They are still confined to the shaped area and outline provided.
== {{Icon|Button}} Levels ==
<center>[[File:22snowywld003.png|center|link=Snow Caves]]<br>[[Snow Caves]]</center>
== {{Icon|Question}} Trivia ==
* There is a yellow submarine shown on the Level Select map.
** This might be a reference to the song "Yellow Submarine" by The Beatles.
* The last part of the design prompt—"Don't forget the screen door!"—is a reference to the saying, "...as useful as a screen door on a submarine" (which describes something useless or impractical, as a screen door would end up letting water into the vessel).
=={{Icon|Painting}} Media==
<gallery orientation="square" position="center" widths="263" spacing="small" bordercolor="transparent" bordersize="small" captiontextcolor="#8e8e8e" captionalign="center" captionposition="below">
SubmarineDrawingArea.png|The area where this creation is drawn.
SubmarineDrawingPrompt.png|The drawing prompt for this creation.
Gate1Menu.png|A yellow submarine appears on the Snow World level select map.
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[[Category:Drawn to Life]]
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[[Category:Snow Gate]]
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