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Use Restored fragments allow the player to draw items into the world
Village Object No
Retrieved Throughout the game
Location Drawn to Life
Found in most levels
Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter
Found in some levels of Wilfre's Wasteland
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Templates are items in Drawn to Life that The Hero must collect in levels. A template is a quadrant of a torn page from the Book of Life, due to Wilfre's vandalism before the events of the game. Once fused together by the Exit Gate, a template allows The Hero to create an object to show up in a level or in the Village. Templates, as they appear in levels, are floating pieces of slightly torn paper with a magical blue aura radiating from it.

Drawn to Life

Templates must be retrieved from almost all levels in Drawn to Life, with the exception of the Snow Fields and the boss levels. The Hero must collect all four templates that are hidden within the level, along with saving three Raposa from Shadow to progress. At the end of the level, the four templates that have been collected will be fused together in the ending World Gate and be used to unlock it. After the templates are fused, The Hero may then report back to the Mayor to have them added to the Book of Life. The Creator may then draw an object to add to the Village.

Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter

The Creator has the ability to draw in objects directly into villages without needing four templates first. Examples being the lighthouse in Watersong or Cave Monster in Lavasteam. However, templates do return in Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter after Mari tears pages from the Book of Life to prevent Jowee and The Hero from returning color and creation objects to the world. They appear at the ends of levels in Wilfre's Wasteland and are used to create altars.

Question.png Trivia

  • The pages have a box for creations to be drawn into, similar to the Book of Life in the opening of Drawn to Life.
  • The Creator most likely doesn't need templates to create objects in the next game because the Book of Life was repaired during the events of the first game.
    • This is supported by the fact that they are required again after Mari vandalizes the book.
  • Only one template is required for an item to be created in Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter.
    • This is likely because Mari ripped entire pages from the book rather than shredding them as Wilfre did.
  • The act of adding pages to the Book of Life is traditionally done by the current mayor of the village.

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