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Tree of Ages
Name Tree of Ages
Type Natural
Use N/A
Location Eastern Winds
The Maze of Ages
Creation No
Owner None
Residents None
Games Wii Logo.png

The Tree of Ages is an important location in the center of The Land of the Eastern Winds in Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter (Wii).

It is where the Branches from the Tree of Ages are collected. It is also where the Acorn of Ages, Rain Cloud, and Leaves of Ages can be found.

Book Icon.pngStory

After Galileo notices several large, dark creatures hovering over The Drifting Isles, Jowee decides that he and the Hero need to hurry to the Maze of Ages as fast as they possibly can, believing that the shadow creatures were being controlled by Wilfre.

After they defeat the shadow monsters in The Drifting Isles, they immediately head to the Maze of Ages to defeat the second wave of shadow creatures. When they get to the island that the Tree should be on, they notice that it has gone missing. The Hero then must traverse through two rooms, one containing the Acorn of Ages and another containing a Rain Cloud, and brings them back to the center room, allowing the Tree to grow once more. This opens up a path to a third room, where the Leaves of Ages are contained. The Hero draws them back onto the Tree, causing the Tree to drop the Branches from the Tree of Ages. Jowee and the Hero collect these and return to Raposa Village to give them to Mari and Circi.



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