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Treepets are enemies in Drawn to Life. They are first seen in the Gearworks level in the Forest Gate.

This enemy will remain hidden and motionless until The Hero approaches. Once the chipmunk creature catches sight of The Hero it will point at them and direct the tree monster to charge at the player. It takes three hits to kill this enemy.

The tree monster will continue to charge if the player has moved unless contact is made with a wall or an object.

TowerIcon.png Appearance

A Treepet actually consists of two different creatures living together, a chipmunk a living tree stump.  The pink chipmunk-like creature seems to be in control of the tree stump, at least to a certain extent.

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Question.png Trivia

  • The chipmunk riding the stump shares a striking resemblance to the Dandelion Flyer.
  • The Treepet is one of the few enemies to be a group acting as a single entity (with the exception of Baki Stacks).
    • The two creatures in the group are even separate species - unlike Baki Stacks, which are all of the same species (Baki).
  • There is no official name for this enemy, but the name is assumed.
    • Another assumed name for this enemy is "Meadow Monster".
  • Unlike other enemies, this creature will not be killed when contact is made with a player using the Invincibility Cheat.

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