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The village needs a better security detail!


Unagi is a secret agent that wears a black suit and glasses, assigned to protect The Mayor. He considers Cricket and his security ways old-fashioned.

TowerIcon.png Appearance

He is a trope of an agent, sporting a black suit and sunglasses. He has yellow fur, and always has a cell phone and briefcase with him.

Book Icon.png Story

Drawn to Life

He and his workers are saved at Windy Hills and when he returns he tries to take over Crickets security. He also is one of the first to be at The Mayor's side after he dies. The Mayor's death seems to affect him deeply, and after the game is completed he guards the Village Entrance, saying, "We will protect Mari with our lives!"

Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter

Unagi, along with Cricket and Zsasha, are dropped in the Galactic Jungle by Wilfre's portal where he is arrested for "use of technology without the correct form".

Quote Icon.png Quotes

Cricket is too old fashioned!


Upon entering Rapo Towers.

What is your security clearance?


Your security skills are amazing!


We will protect Mari with our lives!


Upon the completion of the first game.


This Deck offers the best point for surveilance as well as good reception.
If you need any backup, just signal and I'll execute operation delta.


The current threat level is banya green. That doesn't mean we can drop our guard though.
I'll stay on point until we rendezvous back at the village.



Question.png Trivia

  • Unagi's name means eel in Japanese.
  • His character is a parody to Men in Black.
  • He is always seen talking on a cell phone, just like Cricket always points.
  • At one point in Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter, Unagi's dialog mispells the word surveillance as surveilance.

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