Jacob Black

jAkub blak

Species Raposa
Gender Male

Very gay.

Age 22
Birthday ???





Desert Sand



Other N/A

A city in the swamp.

Job / Role Magician
Magic / Special Abilities

Latent ability to hear the Creator's voice.


Who are you talking to, your imp?

Status Alive

You raposa are barbaric."
"And you are?"

Jacob Black is from a tribe of raposa with squarish heads and short, pointed ears. They have a curious and obscure history.

Jacob is a (c)hunk - clad in a fine green and blue patterned robe. He has the characteristic square head and pointed dorito triangle ears and dark eyes. His long sable locks cascade past his shoulders, down his back.

He was born in the kingdom of Brookwood, where droogs are persecuted by the reigning raposa regime; upon entering adulthood he was chosen by the King of Brookwood's Seer, a woman named Seyches, to be her apprentice. With a teacher like that, well.

The last thing Seer Seyches taught Jacob was the Droogish people's fate. Many years ago, the same King that still presided over Brookwood had ordered the destruction of the tribe. Jacob's parents, then children, had experienced the loss of their own parents. The ruler then placed a taboo on the subject, forbidding all to discuss the violence of that bloody time. And when the King instituted his schools, the wound seemed so great as to be impossible to heal, as policy dictated that Droogish children be handed over to the schools where they would then live, study and work til sayyyy about 12 years. But why did the King find the Droogle tribe to be such a great threat? Droogish tradition tells the story of the world before the Creator.

And then there was the dream. The creator's sacred places are, of course, everywhere in the world. In Jacob's case, he was in an area of swampland within the city when, beneath the cypress, a vision came to him, or something like a waking dream...

In my dream, there was nothing but silence and white space. Then I saw a piece of parchment, shining brilliantly. I could recognize it instantly for what it was. It was, without a doubt, one of the Book of Life’s pages, with a figure in dark ink drawn on it. The sight of the single page filled me full with a chill dread. I gathered my resolve and drew my pocketknife. I drew upon my dedication to the Seer and my life’s work…

Beneath the top surface of the parchment was the key. Jacob scraped at the ink, revealing a layer of blank page. He worked until the page was new, all while he worked the ink started to stick to him. It seeped into his soul, but he kept on until his task was complete.

TowerIcon Appearance Edit

His face is square in structure, framed by sable colored locks which reached past his shoulders. He's thickly furred with dark, thick hair covering nearly every inch.


This rude entity appeared in the recent past. Its unique nature and the ink removed from the magic Page are likely, um, correlated.

Imp is never a shadow raposa with a shadow walker like appearance; whose set apart by his wicked fanged grin and long, spaded tail. You can't even see imp.


Jacob is a quiet and cautious raposa, intent on keeping his emotions and secrets guarded. Additionally, he's quite easily irritated with a low frustration tolerance. Having lost his ties to his family and friends from his old life, Jacob often suffers loneliness. He's ever alert, perceiving minute details and has an uncanny sense that's enabled his survival in a harsher world.


Early LifeEdit

I devoted a whole semi-colon to glossing over this part of his history. UNDER CONSTRUCTION

Where are we?Edit

but he was no longer quite a raposa.

But at a cost he suffered the pain of its poison.

But he was all alone in the world with neither Raposa nor monsters for companionship. He had lost his identity.

Quote Icon QuotesEdit

Got out of bed, could not remember my own name

Condemned to walk the soil amongst all creatures wild and tame

Go where I go, do what I must

Crawl, starving, on my belly, licking up the dry dust

"How To Embrace A Swamp Creature" by The Mountain Goats


Question Trivia Edit

  • Hes my self insert roflmao
  • If you're wondering what Droogles are, the answer is elfs

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