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Species Raposa
Gender Male
Gay Demisexual

Someone who experiences romantic attraction to those of the same gender, but does not experience sexual attraction until a personal bond is established.

Age 24
Birthday Winter 22, 579

Dusty Grey


Dusty Grey



Desert Sand



Other N/A

Previously King's Grant, ForestStream

ForestStream Flag
Elena/Harvey/Anita Lancaster (Immediate Family)
Tajir Makimoto (Boyfriend)
Manere Heinnen (Best Friend)
Kara Edwards (Friend)
Job / Role Lifeguard
Magic / Special Abilities

This character possesses no magical knowledge or experience, but—like all Raposa—retains the ability to interface and interact with magic.

Status Alive

You're not alone. I know it may seem like it, but you aren't. Your friends, me, even people you rarely speak with do care. Please know that.


Akito consoling someone he is close with.

Akito Lancaster is a 24-year-old male Raposa currently residing in Howland, ForestStream. At the age of nine, he and his family moved to King's Grant, Foreststream from their home in East Sallis, ForestStream. After living in King's Grant much of his childhood and some into adulthood, Akito has moved out and now resides in Kaorin Lake Apt., a cozy apartment complex near the southern border of King's Grant.

He works as an assistant lifeguard at Laurel Recreational Center. However, as of recently he has become increasingly dissatisfied with his job and is now in the process of searching for another place of employment. Akito has high hopes of becoming a computer hardware developer and has enrolled into a local technical college for training.

AdultMaleIcon Personality Edit

Outwardly, Akito is a quiet, introverted, and emotionally reserved Raposa, especially around those he is unfamiliar with. When with familiar company, however, his demeanor changes to a more open, affable, and affectionate one. The bulk of these more closed-off mannerisms stem from Akito's childhood growing up: particularly of self-identity, self-image, and feelings of self-doubt and insecurity he harbored during that time. As an adult, these insecurities have mostly subsided as his confidence has grown; however, they may still resurface somewhat during times of high-stress, causing Akito to effectively shut-down emotionally.

Akito is caring, level-headed, and astute. He cares deeply for his friends and family and will often go out of his way to help whenever he is needed. Despite his willingness and desire to help others, Akito tends to hide his own problems—often unknowingly—and bottles up negative emotions, making it difficult for others to try to help him. Because of this, it is easy for Akito to hold onto grudges against people who have seriously wronged him or his friend, despite being relatively slow-to-anger. Furthermore, he finds it difficult to let go of any negative past experiences.

Book Icon Story Edit

Akito was born in East Sallis, ForestStream on Winter 22, 579 to Elena Lancaster Radovan and Harvey Radovan Lancaster. Growing up in Sallis was bittersweet for Akito as he enjoyed the city, his family's house, and his friends, but he was often picked on by a group of older kids at his school. Though the situation got better over time, it left scars on Akito's psyche.

On Summer 17, 586 following the birth of his little sister—Anita Lancaster—he and his family moved north to King's Grant in order to find a more accompanying house for their family. Once settled, Akito met, and quickly befriended Manere and, before long, the two became best friends due to their similar interests. Not long later, they befriended Kara after she moved to King's Grant.

As a teenager, Akito developed lasting interests in computers, gardening, and swimming (after being convinced by Manere to join their school's swim team). These interests quickly sprouted into hobbies, which have carried on into adulthood (the first and the last even becoming job interests).

Upon graduating high-school, Akito began working at Laurel Recreational Center as an assistant lifeguard and has been working there since. Sometime during Summer 600, while working at Laurel, Akito met Tajir. After repeated encounters, the two slowly became friends, and after a couple years of being friends, the two began dating. As of Winter 602, Akito has moved south of King's Grant and now lives in Howland, ForestStream.

In recent years, Akito has focused on changing his career path and is currently enrolled in a local technical college for training so that he may become a computer hardware developer/technician.

TowerIcon Appearance Edit

Akito is a young-adult male Raposa of athletic build and above-average height for a male Raposa, standing at 6ft (1.82 meters) disregarding ear length, and 6ft 5in (1.95 meters) including ear length. His ears are slightly shorter and stockier than average, and the frills at the tips point upwardly. Akito has a round face, rounded chin, and yellow-amber eyes.

His fur is predominantly light-grey with a patch of white subsidiary fur covering his chest and stomach. He is a short-furred Raposa and, like all male Raposa, Akito has a small tuft of fur on the center of his neck.

Akito has straight medium-length hair which is brushed to the sides, away from his forehead, and cut short in the back. His hair is styled so that it is layered and has volume, but retains an orderly appearance. Being a male Raposa, his hair roughly matches the color of his fur.

Akito prefers to wear loose-fitting clothes with cool dark colors or with desaturated light colors.

As of late 605, Akito has three evenly-spaced fur-tattoos wrapped around his upper left arm which loosely resemble tiger stripes or crescents. These match those of Tajir's, except Akito's are white (instead of dark-grey) and point downwardly (instead of upward, like Tajir's).

ClothesCasual Casual (Cool) Edit

On most days, Akito wears denim jeans paired with a thick t-shirt or flannel shirt.

His hallmark outfit is composed of a plain cyan v-neck hoodie sweatshirt. Depending on the weather, he may or may not wear an undershirt beneath it. He'll pair this with faded dark-blue denim jeans.

Other times he may wear a teal and black unbuttoned flannel shirt over a light green t-shirt paired with faded dark-blue or black denim jeans, and a belt and wrist-watch. If it's not too cold, he may roll up his sleeves to his elbows.

He wears black sneakers or brown boots with this outfit.

ClothesCasual Casual (Warm) Edit

During Summer, Akito wears a green and white short-sleeve t-shirt with a navy blue pocket and khaki-colored cargo shorts with a blue and red web-belt. On particularly warm days, he may wear a light blue graphic tank top instead of the t-shirt. In this case, he may pair the tank top with desaturated green cargo shorts.

He wears white converse shoes or navy loafers with this outfit. As of 603, he may occasionally wear a green and purple anklet that Tajir made for him on his right ankle.

On some days, he may comb his hair to his right, giving it a calmer appearance.

ClothesFormalGirl Formal Edit

Akito's formal wear consists of a black dress suit with cyan accents, black slacks, a black leather belt, a silver wrist-watch, and dark-brown dress shoes. He wears a plain dark-red tie with this outfit.

His hair doesn't change much in this outfit, with the exception that it is more brushed-down.

ClothesWork Work Edit

Akito wears the Laurel Recreational Center uniform. He typically changes his outfit slightly depending on his location in the facility, or if he is on or off duty.

While on lifeguard duty, he wears a plain red unattached vest with his name tag and the Laurel Recreational Center logo sewn over his right breast. He wears red swim trunks with a white waistband and white hems at the bottom. A white vertical line runs up the outside of both legs, visually connecting the waistband to the bottom of the shorts. There is a single cargo pocket near the bottom of the left leg.

Assuming his clothes aren't wet, Akito generally won't change into a different uniform while off-duty. When not working, Akito will simply put on a white t-shirt underneath his vest.

He always wears a whistle around his neck, especially whilst on-duty. As of 603, he may occasionally wear a green and purple anklet that Tajir made for him on his right ankle.

Akito is a young-adult male Raposa of above-average height (standing at approx. 6ft [1.82 meters] disregarding ear length, and 6ft 5in [1.95 meters] including ear length) and athletic build. Short light-grey fur covers his entire body—aside from his face, hands, and feet where skin covers instead—and except for his chest and stomach where the fur is white. His hair—which roughly matches the color of his primary fur—is straight and of medium-to-short length. It is neatly brushed to the sides, away from his forehead, and cut short in the back. Being a male Raposa, Akito has a small tuft of fur on the center of his neck. He has yellow-amber eyes.

Akito prefers to wear clothes with cool dark colors or with desaturated light colors. He likes to wear loose-fitting clothing, especially in cool weather.

On most days, Akito wears denim jeans paired with a thick t-shirt or flannel shirt. His hallmark outfit is composed of a plain cyan v-neck hoodie sweatshirt. Depending on the weather, he may or may not wear an undershirt beneath it. He'll pair this with faded dark-blue denim jeans. Other times he may wear a teal and black unbuttoned flannel shirt over a light green t-shirt paired with faded dark-blue or black denim jeans, and a belt and wrist-watch. If it's not too cold, he may roll up his sleeves to his elbows, and jeans to his ankles. He wears black sneakers or brown boots with this outfit.

Akito has three evenly-spaced fur-tattoos wrapped around his upper left arm which loosely resemble tiger stripes or crescents. These match those of Tajir's, except Akito's are white (instead of dark-grey) and point downwardly (instead of upward, like Tajir's).

HeartBig Small Relationships Edit

Tajir  Edit

Tajir is Akito's boyfriend as of Winter 603.

The two met in Spring 600 at Laurel Recreational Center and eventually became friends through other encounters. After a couple years of being friends, Tajir began to develop a crush on Akito, to which Akito later took notice. Eventually, Tajir confessed these feelings to Akito (albeit off-handedly); But Akito, despite seeing Tajir as a possible romantic partner, turned him down as he believed their relationship was moving too quickly and feared that they'd only end up using each other as a means of surmounting their own personal hang-ups. Instead desiring a healthy relationship built on mutual love and support, Akito told Tajir that, though he sees him as someone he could love, he'd prefer to hold off starting anything until he got over his own insecurities and Tajir had the opportunity to deal with the issues concerning and stemming from his mother.

A little more than a year later, having dealt with and discussing the aforementioned problems, Akito and Tajir went together to the Festival of Lights as a date, marking the start of their relationship as couples.

From the outside, the relationship of Tajir and Akito seems to be of opposites. However, their mutual company brings a respective balancing effect to the both of them. Akito tends to mellow and relax Tajir, while Tajir tends to push Akito into trying new things and branching out. Additionally, many of their interests go hand-in-hand (such as cooking and gardening, and guitar and singing). This is not to say that their relationship is without faults. Due to the both of them being rather inexperienced with long-term relationships, they occasionally have trouble effectively communicating their feelings to one another, creating temporary rifts. However, this is something the two of them are aware of and are working to correct.

Their relationship is egalitarian by nature.

Manere  Edit

Manere is Akito's best friend.

Akito and Manere met shortly after Akito moved to King's Grant in 587, and the two quickly became friends due to their similar interests. Growing up, the two were inseparably close and had an almost brotherly bond as the two often did many of the same activities together: this even extended some into adulthood as they both became lifeguards.

After being friends for several years (though well before Kara and Manere began dating), Akito began to develop romantic feelings toward Manere. When Akito confessed a quarter year later, Manere turned him down as he didn't reciprocate Akito's feelings. The two remained friends, and this event actually worked to strengthen their friendship as the two became much more comfortable in confiding in one another.

Akito provided extensive support to Manere after he was involved in a car crash that resulted in the deaths of his parents and brother. In addition to being there to comfort him, Aktio also went out of his way to help with housework and took over his position at work for the duration of his absence. Likewise, he is one of only two people Manere felt comfortable explaining in-full his control over Shadow, and the crash itself, with.

Kara  Edit

Kara is a close friend of Akito's.

The two met through Manere but, growing up, the two shared a majority of classes together allowing them to become close on their own. Though Kara and Akito are often accompanied by Manere when they hang out, the two enjoy many activities without him and share many interests of their own.

The two have an interest in the same music and movies and often meet up at the local arcade on weekends to play with, or against, each other.

Anita Lancaster  Edit

Anita is Akito's younger sister by six and a half years.

Anita and Akito have a very strong relationship, despite the fact that they are almost complete opposites personality wise. Whereas Akito is the calmer, more rational sibling; Anita is energetic and brash. Despite this, the two share some of the same interests, such as sports and music; and interest in the same TV shows and games.

Since Akito and Tajir have started dating, Anita has taken a liking to Tajir (and vise versa) thanks to their similar personalities. Incidentally, the formation of this friendship has lead to Anita and Akito's bond to grow even stronger as the three of hang out together during family visits.

Harvey Radovan Lancaster  Edit

Harvey is Akito's father.

Harvey and Akito have a very strong father-son relationship. Due to Elena's (Akito and Anita's mother) busy work schedule during Akito's childhood, Harvey opted to stay at home to care for the two children. This lead to Akito and his father to form a very strong bond. Harvey is very supportive father toward both Akito and Anita. Even in recent years, Akito finds it easiest to ask to his father first for help with personal issues or for advice.

Harvey helped to nurture Akito's interest in woodworking and taught the young Raposa many skills related to the repair of cars and trucks.

Harvey is supportive of Akito and Tajir's relationship and views Tajir as a "kind young man".

Elena Lancaster Radovan  Edit

Elena is Akito's mother. Elena and Akito get along well and have a strong relationship. Due to her job, Elena was not often present during the day and often was swamped with additional work-related duties upon coming home. This led to her often being unable, or too exhausted, to spend quality time with the young Akito. Though never feeling neglected or ignored by her, this often left Akito desiring more time with his mother and feeling disappointed by her absence (an outlook in which Elena also shared). Following the birth of Anita, Elena quit her job in pursuit of a less-demanding one, believing that doing so would be best for her and her family. With that, their family moved to King's Grant.

Now having extra time to spend together, Akito and Elena's relationship grew. During this time, Akito picked up Elena's hobby of gardening.

Elena is supportive of Akito and Tajir's relationship, although she displayed some initial confusion and hesitance upon meeting Tajir, which lead to both Akito and Tajir feeling uncomfortable. Akito later talked to her about this to which she responded that "[she] envisioned him with someone different, but [she's] happy so long as [Akito is]. "

Gears Abilities Edit

Personal Edit

Mechanical Aptitude Edit

Akito is skilled with machinery and repair, especially with repairs dealing with cars and trucks. In addition, he also knows how to use various power-tools and some heavy workshop machinery.

Growing up, Akito occasionally tinkered with tools in his father's workshop along with helping his father with various carpentry and repair projects.

Swimming Edit

Akito is a strong swimmer and is a lifeguard at Laurel Recreational Center along with Manere.

Akito occasionally competes in local swim competitions, but otherwise doesn't enjoy swimming as a whole as much as other activities.

Akito's interest in swimming, along with his decision to learn to swim, was heavily influenced by Manere.

Computer Literacy Edit

Growing up, Akito learned a great deal about computers and how they function from his mother. Since a young age, he found the operations of computers to be intriguing.

Though he doesn't write code, Akito knows the solutions to many software-related issues and can easily fix them, make large modifications to the operating system, or replace the operating system entirely with little to no outside direction.

Thanks in part to his mechanical knowledge, Akito also understands how to assemble computers and knows the uses and functions of each internal component.

Gardening Edit

Akito picked gardening up as a hobby following his move to King's Grant. From a young age, he often helped his mother with the gardening work outside. Since then, Akito has enjoyed the process of growing and caring for plants and the cultivation of fruits and vegetables.

Akito continues to do gardening work following his move to Howland and has started a community flower bed near his apartment's courtyard.

Medical Edit

As part of his basic training at Laurel Recreational Center, Akito knows how to treat many simple injuries. Despite his training, Akito has had little experience in treating physical injuries and is uncomfortable in doing so.

Singing Edit

Singing has been a personal hobby for Akito for many years. Still, Akito is uncomfortable singing in the presence of others, so few people actually know of this ability.

In recent years, Akito has worked to hone his skills further and has debated taking classes. As of 603, he often sings with Tajir as Tajir plays his guitar.

Quote Icon Quotes Edit

Akito: I've been thinking about changing my hair style up a bit.
Tajir: Oh yeah? What brought that up?
Akito: Nothing. I've just always done it like this and I've gotten bored. Any ideas?
Tajir: Uh. I'm not exactly an expert, but you could cut it shorter in the back, and make it part near the center. ...Let me try something.

Akito before changing his hair style.

Akito: Manere and I are going to the bowling alley in a couple hours. Want to tag along? ...I think Kara might be coming too if she's off work.
Tajir: Yeah, sure. But, uh... I don't think Manere likes me.
Akito: He hasn't really had the chance to get to know you either. He... needs time to become used to someone first. But I know he won't be upset to see you or anything.
Tajir: If you say so.

Akito explaining some of Manere's social apprehension.

Akito: Manere! Have you seen my nametag?
Manere: Nope.
Akito: Liar! You're the only person besides Sofia who has the combination to my locker, and there's no way she'd open my locker or touch my stuff without telling me first.
Manere: Uhh, you sure that Liah or someone didn't take it?
Akito: You're smiling! You're a terrible liar. You have it! Tell me where it is.
Manere: Uhh-
Akito: I'm going to push you into the water if you don't spill.
Manere: One, horseplay is against pool rules and I'd have to blow the whistle on you if you did. And two, I'm not lying. I don't have it, Liah does. I just got it for her.
Akito: You did what?!
Manere: I'm sorry! She bribed me! She wanted to get back at you for locking her in the racquetball room!
Akito: I- That was YOUR idea! ...Okay, in the pool you go, traitor.
Manere: Hey..! Whoa- Ah! *Splash*

Akito's retaliation against Manere's treachery (At Laurel Recreational Center).

Question Trivia Edit

  • Akito is left handed.
  • The name, "Akito" is of Galactic Jungle origin. The last name, "Lancaster", however, is of Capital Village origin.
  • Akito comes from a well-to-do family.
  • The fur tattoos on Akito's right arm fade quickly due to his fur and the tattoo both being light-colored.
  • His favorite color is green.
    • Likewise, 75% of all shirts in his closet are some shade of green (or have green somewhere on them).
  • Akito becomes squeamish at the sight of blood.
  • With the worldwide resurgence of magic, Akito is in favor of all Raposa being able to practice and perform spells with magic—like had been done prior to Wilfre's attacks—within certain legal-restraints and has the belief that Raposa were made to be able to interface with magic.
    • This belief is inspired by Manere's Magic/Shadow usage.
    • Tajir, however, has the opposing belief. He believes that Raposa should not be allowed to practice magic unless authorized to do so and that the Raposa race has thrived well-enough without new magical influences.
  • Akito's favorite music genre(s) is Pop/Soul.
  • Akito is very observant of others and his surroundings.
  • Akito has a great sense of humor.
  • Growing up, Akito moved frequently due to his parents' jobs.
  • Though not a slob, Akito isn't always the tidiest Raposa.
    • A trait that tends to drive Tajir—a clean-freak—nuts.
  • Akito's thematic instrument are chimes.
    • Specifically low-pitch chimes.
  • Akito's primary virtues are compassion, calmness, and observance while his primary vices are covertness and holding grudges.

Irrelevant trivia facts or supplementary information about the character as a character
  • Akito and Manere weren't neighbors growing up, or even apart of the same subdivision, though the two did live close by. Akito lived in an older, more developed neighborhood, while Manere lived in a newly developed neighborhood nearby. Despite being two separate neighborhoods, they were built extremely close to each other, to the point where the only defining separation was a wrought iron fence and dilapidated train tracks running between the two neighborhoods. Both of their houses were located on the edges of their respective neighborhoods so, in order to meet, the two only had to cross these couple barriers.
  • Despite not being the "primary OC", Akito is the most similar to me.
  • Akito is the hardest for me to draw.

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