Kara Edwards

karu edwards

IdentityQuest Kara
Species Raposa
Gender Female

Exclusive (or near exclusive) romantic and sexual attraction to those of the opposite gender.

Age 22
Birthday Summer 78, 580








Other N/A
Home King's Grant,
ForestStream ForestStream Flag
Manere Heinnen (Fiancé)
Akito Lancaster (Friend)
Tajir Makimoto (Friend)
Veila Rheinschild (Complicated)
Job / Role Student
Magic / Special Abilities

This character possesses some magical knowledge and experience, but relies on external magic sources in order to practice.

Status Alive
36 Down by the Sea

I won't settle for anything less than success.


Kara's inspiration

Kara Edwards is a 22-year-old female Raposa currently residing in King's Grant, ForestStream. At the age of ten, she and her mother moved to King's Grant, ForestStream from their home in Mantua, ForestStream. Since enrolling at a local college, she often stays at her mother's or fiancé's house when she is not busy.

She is a student at Laurel Hills College where she is studying to become a biologist upon graduation. Currently, she works at Red's Homestyle Cooking as a waitress in order to offset tuition. Upon obtaining her degree, she wishes to move south-west to Mack's Creek in order to work at ApexLabs as an Ecologist.

AdultMaleIcon Personality Edit

Kara has a strong-willed personality. At her best, she is an amicable and caring Raposa who puts the needs of those she cares about first and tends to act in the best interest of those around her. Due to her parents' divorce during her childhood, Kara tends to be very protective of relationships and those she is close to, sometimes to a fault.

Often unfamiliar to those not well-antiquated with Kara is her unwieldy stubbornness and determination. When Kara has a particular goal in mind, she is not one to stop or give up until she has reached her desired outcome, regardless of any challenges or hardships that stand before her. Reflectively, this tenacity often results in Kara pushing others to try their best through motivation or into trying new things, sometimes to the annoyance of others. Due to the time and effort Kara invests in her work, irreparable failure is especially devastating to her. Though Kara is generally calm and collected, she can become wrathful or passive aggressive toward those who wrong her or those she cares for. However, she is aware of this fault and tries not to allow her anger to get the best of her.

Kara's personality type is ESFJ-T.

Book Icon Story  Edit

Kara was born in Mantua, ForestStream on Summer 78, 580 to Maria Edwards Lacey and Terence Lacey Edwards. Growing up, much of Kara's time was spent in the presence of her friends, at school, or exploring the woods behind her house. Kara rarely traveled outside of Mantua unless to visit her grandparents in Makoti, a smaller city north-west of Mantua. These visits, along with her exploring of the woods, helped her form a strong fascination with nature.

At the age of ten, following the divorce of her parent's, Kara moved to King's Grant along with her mother. Due to the circumstances of the move, Kara spent most of her first year in the new town to herself and didn't bother trying to meet or talk to neighbors or classmates. Eventually, she was approached by Manere and the two slowly became friends over time. After becoming friends with Manere, Kara later met and befriended Akito.

After a few years, Kara became close friends with both Manere and Akito, and after a few more years Kara began to develop romantic feelings toward Manere. Manere was oblivious to this until Kara told him directly, a couple years later around the age of 16.

Since graduating high-school, Kara has enrolled in a biology course at her local college while taking on a part-time job as a waitress. After graduating college, she plans on becoming a biologist, specifically an Ecologist at ApexLabs in Mack's Creek, ForestStream.

On Summer 48 602, Manere proposed to Kara during their vacation to Watersong. She happily accepted and the two are currently engaged.

TowerIcon Appearance Edit

Kara is a young-adult female Raposa of average build and average height for a female Raposa, standing at 5ft 8in (1.72 meters) disregarding ear length, and 6ft 2in (1.95 meters) including ear length. Her ears are of average length, and the frills at the tips curl upwardly. Kara has a long face, rounded chin, and brown eyes.

Like all female Raposa, Kara has predominantly orange fur with a patch of white subsidiary fur covering her chest and stomach. Her fur is short, and she lacks any tufts of fur on her neck.

Kara has long wavy blonde hair that reaches just below her shoulders. She has right side-swept bangs and wears a pale-pink Watersong lily under her left ear.

She prefers to wear bright saturated colors—particularly greens and yellows—and often dresses in layers.

ClothesCasual Casual (Warm) Edit

During Summer, Kara wears a white short-sleeve t-shirt with a pink simplistic Baki design on the center of the front; over top her shirt, she wears an unbuttoned yellow cotton vest that reaches just below the shirt; knee-length denim jeans with large cuffs or a knee-length pink ruffle skirt; and dark green Toms shoes.

She occasionally wears a pale-pink ball cap customized with pins instead of her flower. While wearing the cap, she keeps her hair in a high ponytail.

She seldom wears her Banya Crystal necklace with this outfit.

ClothesCasual Casual (Cool) Edit

Her hallmark outfit consists of a pastel yellow v-neck shirt with a darker-colored collar. Over top this, she wears a green flannel cardigan. On most days she wears light-brown pants with small cuffs, though, on warmer days she may wear a light red or beige knee-length pleated skirt instead. She wears black flats.

On colder days, Kara may wear a red pea-coat, dark-gray buckled gloves, and black jeans. She may also occasionally wear fluffy white slide-on ear warmers/ear muffs.

ClothesFormalGirl Formal Edit

Kara wears a long-sleeve beige ruffle blouse; a long, brown, layered skirt; and black low-heel shoes with small, silver, decorative buckles. Depending on the situation, she may instead wear a similarly styled outfit but with a plum-purple blouse and a dark-gray skirt instead. She keeps her hair in a loose, or braided, bun.

Kara doesn't wear her flower with this outfit, although she does wear a large silver chained necklace adorned with a large, clear, pear-cut banya crystal with two smaller similarly cut crystals on each side of the main crystal.

Though Kara is more comfortable without makeup, she may apply lip gloss or mascara for this outfit.

ClothesWork Work Edit

Kara wears a red, short-sleeve, button-up shirt; dark grey slacks; and black or white sneakers. She may opt to wear a dark grey skirt instead of slacks depending on the weather. Overtop her shirt she wears a white full-body apron with deep pockets for straws, pens, and a notepad.

She keeps her hair braided and parted to her right. She often wears her flower and necklace with this outfit. On her apron, she may additionally wear a red, circular, button-pin with the Red Homestyle Cooking logo imprinted on it.

Kara is a young-adult female Raposa of average height (standing at 5ft 8in [1.72 meters] disregarding ear length, and 6ft 2in [1.95 meters] including ear length) and average build. Short orange fur covers her entire body—aside from her face, hands, and feet where skin covers instead—and except for her chest and stomach where the fur is white. Her hair is blonde, wavy, and reaches just below her shoulders. She has right side-swept bangs and often wears a pale-pink Watersong lily under her left ear. She has brown eyes.

Kara prefers to wear warm saturated colors and likes to dress in layers.

Her hallmark outfit consists of a pastel yellow v-neck shirt with a darker-colored collar. Over the top of this, she wears a green flannel cardigan. On most days she wears light-brown pants with small cuffs, though, on warmer days she may wear a light red or beige knee-length pleated skirt instead. She wears black flats.

HeartBig Small Relationships Edit

Manere  Edit

Manere is Kara's fiancé.

Despite being neighbors and classmates since a young age, the two hadn't become friends until a year after they met each other. After which, Kara eventually began to develop romantic feelings toward Manere—to which he was initially oblivious to until Kara confessed to him directly sometime during their high-school career. Reciprocating her feelings, Manere and Kara began dating.

After the crash, Kara was always around Manere and acted as a support pillar for him, even going as far as attempting to protect Manere from the Royal Mages.

Kara's personality makes her the more outspoken and decisive member of their relationship. Kara is fairly protective of Manere and often pushes him to take opportunities or actions that he otherwise would not if she believes them to be good for his wellbeing. Though Manere appreciates this, disagreements have spawned from this behavior. Kara is hot-headed by nature and easily gets riled up by arguments or perceived disrespect; Manere is often the only one able to calm her down quickly.

Kara is one of only two people Manere felt comfortable explaining in-full his control over Shadow, and the crash itself, with.

Akito  Edit

Akito is a close friend of Kara's.

The two met through Manere but, growing up, the two shared a majority of classes together allowing them to become close on their own. Though Kara and Akito are often accompanied by Manere when they hang out, the two enjoy many activities without him and share many interests of their own.

The two have an interest in the same music and movies and often meet up at the local arcade on weekends to play with, or against, each other.

Tajir  Edit

Tajir is a friend of Kara's.

The two are primarily friends through Akito and, as such, do not often meet unless he is a part of the group. Still, the two share a decent amount of trust and share some interests of their own, such as art, exercise, and nature. In recent times, Kara and Tajir have grown closer as friends as the relationship between Manere and Tajir has improved. Kara and Tajir (and sometimes Manere) often work out or jog at the park together on the weekends.

Kara has a basic idea of what Tajir had dealt with growing up, though he has never explained in full his past to her.

Veila  Edit

Veila is considered, at most, an acquittance by Kara.

For the most part, Kara views Veila in a neutral light. The events leading up to their meeting were ultimately negative for the both of them, including Manere. Still, Kara doesn't attribute any of this to being Veila's fault, nor does she view Veila herself negatively.

As of recently, Kara has been learning the basics of Magic from Veila.

Maria (Mother) Edit

Maria Edwards is Kara's mother. Kara currently lives with her in King's Grant.

The two share a very strong mother-daughter relationship and have a high level of trust in one another. Likewise, Maria is very supportive of Kara.

Terence (Father) Edit

Terence Lacey is Kara's father. Following the divorce, Terence stayed in Mantua while Kara and Maria moved to King's Grant.

Despite living in different locations, Kara and her father remain in contact and share a strong relationship.

Mages Edit

Kara views the Mages sent to retrieve Manere in an antagonistic light.

As the mages came without warning and apprehended Manere without explanation, their encounter left Kara scared and confused.

Specifically, Mage #9 was the leader of the group of five. She displayed little patience in dealing with either Manere or Kara and was the first in her group to use Magic. In response to Kara's efforts to stop the group, #9 temporally paralyzed her using a spell. This, unsurprisingly, enraged Kara.

After the Mages left with Manere, the spell placed on Kara quickly wore off and, uninjured, she regained full-movement. Still, Kara never fully recovered from the shock until days after Manere was returned.

Gears Abilities Edit

Magic Edit

Kara, like all Raposa, possesses the inherent ability to interface with Magic. Though she lacks an embedded source of magic (such as Shadow), she is able to interface and manipulate the ambient magic found within the environment world-wide.

Since Manere has gained Shadow abilities and the worldwide resurgence of Magic, Kara has taken an interest in learning the basics of magic through Veila.

Light Propagation Edit

As of 603, Kara can create a temperature-less ball of light which floats above or hand or anywhere within ~5 meters of her person. Kara can manipulate the size, color, and intensity of the orb; however, the orb can be no larger than 30cm (1ft) in diameter, must be a color on the visible-light spectrum, and cannot exceed a brightness of 1,500 lumens (about the brightness of a 100w bulb or car headlights).

Kara cannot currently create more than 3 of these orbs at a time.

Transference Edit

As of 603, Kara can imbue some small, mundane, objects with magic from the environment, or vise-versa, converting it (or transferring it) from ambient to embedded magic respectively. Doing this, Kara may instead use the magic contained within an imbued object as a source for other spells without draining from the ambient magic supply.

Personal Edit

Projectile Weaponry Edit

Kara is knowledgeable of a variety of weapons—particularly bows and knives. Most of her practice is for sport or competitions and is not immediately geared for actual combat.

Kara has tried javelin-throwing, knife-throwing, and archery as sports. With the exception of javelin-throwing, Kara became proficient at the latter two. However, out of the three, she has only continued practicing archery due to it being the easiest and most enjoyable for her.

Memory Edit

Kara has an excellent memory and is able to recall events and experiences in great amounts of detail. This ability is very useful for studying and note-taking as she has little issue remembering key points of a lecture or speech. Additionally, this ability also aids her in her job as a waitress.

A negative to this is that people occasionally find it off-putting or creepy when she remembers exact quotes from, or details about, a person when they are unable to even recall the conversation ever taking place. Thanks to this, Kara sometimes has to pretend to forget or not know details in order to avoid question.

Piano Edit

Kara has been practicing piano on and off as a hobby since she was a child. Though not an expert by any means, Kara is well-versed in music theory and can play many intermediate and some more advanced pieces.

Gaming Edit

Though not necessarily a practical life skill, Kara is well-skilled in multiple video games. As with any interest, Kara tends to push herself to improve her skills; For gaming, this manifests as constantly trying to beat her own high-scores. Kara tends to enjoy arcade, puzzle, and strategy games most.

Quote Icon Quotes Edit

Manere: ...I'm not wearing that.
Kara: Uh. Yes you are. It's literally never been as cold as it is today in our entire lives. You are wearing this jacket.
Manere: It's not that bad, I'll be-
Kara: If you go out there without the jacket and the cold somehow doesn't manage to kill you, I swear to the Creator that I will. Put. It. On.

Kara persuading Manere to wear a jacket during cold weather.

Manere: Ever notice how you always answer the door and the phone with the same tone of voice?
Kara: Huh? What do you mean?
Manere: Your waitress voice! [Imitating customer service voice] "Hi! Can I help you?" / "Hello! Kara speaking."
Kara: [Customer service voice] Hello sir! Can I interest you in today's special? It's "Shut up", with a side of "Screw you".

Kara serving an annoying customer.

Kara: [Upon opening the door and noticing the mages] Can I help you?
Mage #9: We are part of the Delta7 Mage Vanguard under jurisdiction of the ForestStream Department of Magic. Under direct order of the queen, we are to locate and retrieve "Manere Heinnen". Should you posses any information regarding this individual's whereabouts, you are obligated to disclose it at once.
Kara: [Through the slightly ajar door, sceptically] Mmhm, right... I don't know what kind of game you all are trying to play here, but I'm not buying it. Leave before I call the police.
Mage #9: [Blocking the door from shutting] According to our sources, this is Manere's residence. Be advised that we have been granted a search warrant—FS DOC #742-3e § 328b—and intend to search the premises for our target.
Kara: Like hell you are!
Manere: [Walking from the adjacent room and upon seeing Kara] Kara? What's going on..?
Mage #9: [To group] That's him. #4, open a portal. #18, subdue him.
Kara: Don't you dare come any closer! Stay away! [Reaches for a nearby vase]
Manere: [To Mages, upon seeing Kara collapse] What did you do?! Kara! Are you okay?
Mage #4: Nine-! She's fine, Manere! It's just temp-
Mage #18: #4! Is the portal open yet?
Mage #4: ...Yes. Let's go.

Kara attempting to stop the Mages

Question Trivia Edit

  • Kara learned her Light Propagation ability from Veila.
    • Additionally, this same spell was initially a part of the Codex Perditus before its corruption.
  • Kara enjoys collecting rocks and gems.
  • The flower Kara wears was given to her by Manere during their vacation to Watersong.
  • Kara prefers warmer temperatures and finds the cold unbearable.
  • Her favorite color is yellow.
  • Kara's favorite music genre is Rock.
  • Kara has the top high-scores for three different video games at her local arcade.
  • Aside from government officials, Kara was the first Raposa to learn of Manere's Shadow abilities.
  • Kara's primary virtues are dedication, compassion, and understanding while her primary vices are impatience and wrath.
  • Kara's thematic instrument is a piano.
    • More specifically, playing within the adagio and andante tempo ranges.
    • Along with the piano being her thematic instrument, Kara also plays it herself. She is one of only two to have this trait.

Irrelevant trivia facts or supplementary information about the character as a character
  • Kara would sound similar to Valorie Curry.
  • Kara was one of the last OCs to receive proper character development despite being the second oldest.

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