Laurel Recreational Center
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Name Laurel Recreational Center
Type Recreation Facility
Use Recreation, Sports, Childcare
Location Worldwide
Creation No
Owner LRC Inc.
Residents N/A
Games N/A

Laurel Recreational Center (often abbreviated as "LRC") is a worldwide organization based in Treble Cliff, Watersong. Worldwide, there are 15,200 facilities, 3,329 of which are situated in ForestStream. Laurel Recreational Center specializes in fitness and athletic training, swimming and sports, and recreational activities. In addition, some individual facilities may offer additional programs such as after-school tutoring, art, and daycare services. Each individual facility is in control over certain aspects of its local operations such as operating hours, holidays, and available programs. Because of this, no two facilities may function the same way. Despite this, there is a standard list of programs and activities that each recreation center must offer.

TowerIcon Appearance Edit

The exterior and interior appearance of each recreation center depends heavily on the location, as most facilities are built using the architectural designs of the location or country. For example, in Watersong, Laurel Recreational Centers may employ more columns and marble in their design, as well as keeping avoiding harsh corners. In Lavasteam, metal may be used more for decorative elements, and the building be layered with more 90° angles. In Galactic Jungle, the facilities tend to use a more modern style, incorporating a lot more glass. Finally, in ForestStream, most facilities use Common Style, a congregate of all the previous styles.

NoteIcon King's Grant Edit

This section contains information about a single LRC facility, and not the company as a whole.

There is only one Laurel Recreational Center in King's Grant, ForestStream. This location has two swimming pools (indoors and outdoors), four indoor racquetball courts, a fitness center/gym, an indoor basketball court, running track (indoors and outdoors), indoor rock wall, childcare rooms, and an outdoor Rapo-Ball arena.

Employees Edit

The simplified employee hierarchy for this facility is as follows, grouped in order of power:

  Sofia Martingale            - Head manager  

    Manere Heinnen            - Head Lifeguard (In charge of all lifeguard, swim instruction, and other pool operations)
    Reya Arlington            - Head Fitness Trainer (In charge of all gym and fitness training operations)
    Isaac Malave Reyes        - Head Sports Facilitator (In charge ofall track and sports operations as well as other miscellaneous recreation activities)
    Samuel Blocks             - Head Childcare Instructor (Oversees all conduct, care, and activities available for students)
    Chandice Lyons            - Head Maintainer (Oversees all maintenance work across the facility)

      Akito Lancaster         - Lifeguard and fallback swim instructor
      Liah Sho                - Assistant Lifegaurd, swim instructor,  and sports facilitator
      Constance Brooks Saylor - Childcare Instructor and Tutor
      Abigail Croft           - Personal Trainer and Sports Facilitator 
      James Miley             - Janitorial and Maintenance
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