Magic is a predominant force found naturally all over the Raposa World and within some objects. While magic on its own has little effect on matter, Raposa (and some wildlife) can manipulate it to interact in various ways with physical objects.

Most, if not all, Raposa have the inherent ability to interface with any type of magic, whether contained within an object or found naturally in the world. This fact is what allows Raposa to use and manipulate certain technologies such as Warps Gates or initiate spells from items such as the Codex Perditus.

Book Icon History Edit

Magic within the Raposa World was first discovered by Veila in year 20. Throughout the years up until The Fall, Magic usage had grown leading to many new developments—such as Warp Gates.

After The Fall (Circa 248), magic became feared and largely unused except for by a handful of mayors and specially appointed mages. Additionally, many documents containing information regarding magic either turned up missing or were destroyed. However, most of the existing magical technologies that remained following this time remained in service.

On Spring 27, 600, Manere stumbled upon the Codex Perditus—a lost spellbook written by Veila and one of the few objects in existence still containing embedded magic—and attempted performing a spell from it. In the process of doing so, the Raposa inadvertently destroyed the book, releasing all of the magic contained within. This action led to his being able to control Shadow and the gradual return of ambient magic worldwide.

Three days later, ForestStream collaborated with other governing villages to create the Shadow Memorandum, a document that forcibly limits what can legally be done with magic by unofficial users via Promise Conch.

Gears Types Edit

There are two main classifications of magic—embedded and ambient—that are determined by the location and strength of the magic. Despite this, both forms are capable of performing the same tasks and have the same overall limitations.

Embedded Edit

Embedded magic refers to any magic that is infused within an object or living being. Embedded magic is the strongest form of magic and will permanently exist within its container unless the host object is destroyed or dies. In this case, the embedded magic within will escape the object and absorb into the environment as ambient magic.

Embedded magic, when inside an object, is infinite and cannot be depleted. Additionally, all non-living objects containing embedded magic emit ambient magic into the environment at different rates.

Living beings that contain embedded magic gain the ability to use the magic they contain for various purposes rather than depending on the ambient magic found elsewhere. Some creatures, such as Shadow Walkers (or any other Shadow Creature), Forest Ape, Deadwood, Snowget, and Sea Slug, are composed entirely of embedded magic.

Examples of embedded magic include: The Eternal Flame, Book of Life, and all Creation Objects.

Ambient Edit

Ambient magic refers to any magic that exists freely in the Raposa world without being contained within an object. This form of magic is the most common, though it is also the weakest.

Although there are exceptions, ambient magic is generally a byproduct of embedded magic—either by the destruction of the object containing the embedded magic or by the natural release of ambient magic by an object containing embedded magic.

Ambient magic, unlike its counterpart, can directly be manipulated and used without the destruction of any magical source.

Also unlike embedded magic, ambient magic can be depleted. The magic taken will often quickly be replenished in a span of a few days depending on the amount used and the number of embedded magic sources present.

BigCoin Measurement Edit

The standard unit of measurement for magic is MU (Magical Unit), and is defined by the lowest amount of magical energy required to raise a 1kg cube of pure silicon-30 1cm over a level surface for 1/10th of a second.

Amount of magic (in MU) required to create, or contained within, varying objects.
Object or Being MU required or contained within
Book of Life
Book of Life
7.347 × 1011 MU
1 Health Hero
Creation Hero
5.302 × 1011 MU
Eternal Flame
3.211 × 1011 MU
Promise conch
Promise Conch
1.712 × 108 MU – 2.892 × 1011 MU
Most Creation Objects
2.949 × 1011 MU
2.617 × 1011 MU
1.257 × 1011 MU
Codex Perditus
Codex Perditus
4.262 × 1010 MU
Manere Idle
3.982 × 1010 MU
Wilfre's Scepter
Wilfre's Scepter
3.566 × 1010 MU
Most Mayoral Abilities[2]
3.401 × 1010 MU
Gate Door
Warp Gate
2.741 × 1010 MU
Snowget Sleep
Most Magical Lifeforms
3.162 × 109 MU – 4.116 × 109 MU
Wishing Well
1.813 × 109 MU
Shadow Creatures
1.365 × 108 MU – 6.522 × 108 MU
Heathers Pendant Alpha
Heather's Pendant
1.006 × 108 MU

Question Trivia Edit

  • The amount of ambient magic present varies depending on location.
  • Embedded magic always manifests as Shadow when contained within a Raposa.
  • Embedded magic cannot be manipulated or removed from its host without resulting in the destruction, or death, of the being containing it.
    • However, in the case of living beings, the magic within them can become forcibly destabilized if a specialized weapon (such as the Legendary Sword or Promise Conch) containing embedded magic of equal or greater strength is used against them. In this situation, the object used to destabilize the original source will be destroyed and the being will temporarily, or permanently, lose the ability to utilize the embedded magic they contain.
  • Inanimate objects can, albeit extremely rarely, become animate when first infused with embedded magic.
  • Beings composed entirely of magic are often less susceptible to physical injury. However, unlike organic lifeforms, these beings can only thrive in areas containing high amounts of ambient magic.
  • All Shadow Creatures are weaker in comparison to most ordinary magic lifeforms as they first depend on Wilfre as a source of magic.
    • Additionally, all Shadow Creatures eventually died out in a span of 2 to 5 years after the defeat of Wilfre (Circa 248).
  • Magic can be infused and interface with mechanical objects or machinery to create "magitech". Magitech can use its embedded magic supply as an infinite fuel source for operations or other purposes.

PaintingIcon Media Edit

  1. This does not refer to, or include, Samuel.
  2. This includes certain abilities possessed by mayors such as The Power of Song, but does not imply that all mayors have embedded magic.
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