Tajir Makimoto

tuZEr mokEmOtO

Tajir Portrait
Species Raposa
Gender Male
Age 21
Fur Color Orange Fur
Home ForestStream ForestStream Flag
Lavasteam (formerly)
Role Citizen
Park Ranger
Last Known Status Alive
Game(s) N/A
I like it here; it's nice, comfortable. But I don't think it's home— Not yet.


Tajir talking about his apartment in Howland and ForestStream as a whole.

Tajir Makimoto, previously Todd Liad, is a young-adult Raposa originally from Ashville, Lavasteam. He moved to ForestStream around the age of 18. Here, he traveled through many parts of Eastern ForestStream before finally settling near the north-eastern border of Howland, Foreststream.

Currently, Tajir lives in Avilia Flats Apt. half an hour away from Rivera Lowlands National Park and Atkinson Lake.

He works as a park ranger at Rivera Lowlands National Park. Occasionally, he also volunteers as a fire lookout during Summer.

Tajir's personality is a complex one. From an outside perspective, he can come off as brash or even vulgar. This, however, is only a facade to his true personality; his true personality is a considerate, ambitious, hard-working, optimistic, and amicable one.

Mostly through habit, he uses this false, more brash, demeanor as a means of hiding his true feelings and perceived weaknesses and to come off as being stronger—both physically and emotionally—than he actually is. Tajir finds it difficult to fully break from this disposition, even when around people he trusts. Because of this, he finds it challenging to effectively convey or express his emotions, concerns, or problems he may be facing.

When faced with a personal issue or negative experience, Tajir may attempt to simply ignore the issue or emotionally force himself past the experience, even if in doing so he hurts himself more. For example, when finally confronting an aforementioned issue, Tajir may become overburdened to the point of collapse.

Tajir is aware of this fault as has been working to move past it, successfully doing so around 603.

Due to his underlying considerate and amicable nature, Tajir has little difficulty getting to know, and befriending, new people. Even through an outside perspective, many view Tajir positively through his optimism and outgoing friendliness.

Book Icon Story Edit

Tajir, then known as Todd Liad, was born to Candace Liad Smith and Brandon Smith Liad on Summer 36, 581 in Ashville, Lavasteam.

Growing up, Tajir spent most of his time playing outside or spending time with family.

On Winter 82, 595, Tajir's father passed away from an illness. After this incident, Tajir's mother started to become more distant, despondent, and would occasionally ignore Tajir altogether. Additionally, she sometimes only spoke in passive-aggressive remarks or degradingly to Tajir. This, paired with the loss of his father, left Tajir in a vulnerable and confused state. After a fight with his mother in 599, Tajir, at the age of 18, ran away to ForestSteam via Warp Gate, taking only but a few of his most cherished possessions and changing his name and appearance in the process.

Upon arriving in ForestStream, Tajir traveled through many areas of country's eastern coast—notably Rivera and northern Sallis—before finally going west of the Rivera Mountains to north-eastern Howland. Here he applied to become a park warden at Rivera Lowlands National Park. Upon being accepted into the new job and saving up money, he spent the remainder of his previous funds on a more permanent residence at Avilia Flats Apt. Even after settling into his new home and with a more stable income, Tajir spent a bulk of his time away from his new residence.

Tajir later met Akito, around 600, at Laurel Recreational Center and the two eventually became friends through other encounters. Following this, Tajir also met Manere and befriended Kara. Tajir began to develop romantic feelings toward Akito two years after their meeting. Not long later, Tajir offhandedly and jokingly confessed these feelings to him. Akito, despite already knowing and reciprocating his feelings to an extent, denied Tajir for the time being, fearing that a relationship between them at this current time would only lead to them using each other as a means of moving past each of their individual issues—Tajir's problems stemming from his mother and Akito's original feelings for Manere—rather than it being a stable or healthy relationship built on love. Akito told Tajir that, though he sees him as someone he could possibly love at some point, neither of them would be ready to commit to a more serious relationship. Though slightly disappointed, Tajir agreed with this and began working to resolve the issues caused by his mother and also forgiving her, while Akito worked on getting past his initial feelings for Manere.

Eventually, Tajir was able to contact his mother, explaining his situation and what has happened after he left, as well as his reasons for doing so. Additionally, he was able to hear her side of the story and what she had been going through and found himself able to forgive her for what she had done in the past, even if still distancing himself from her.

A year after this on Fall 65, 603, Tajir and Akito went together to the Festival of Lights as a date, marking the start of their relationship as couples.

In Winter, 604, Tajir changed his appearance a final time—in conjunction with his prior no longer using a false personality—and reverted to a style more similar to how he looked before running away to ForestStream.

TowerIcon Appearance Edit

Tajir is an orange furred, young adult, male Raposa of average height and build. Ignoring ear size, Tajir stands at 5ft 7in (1.70 meters); his total height, including ear size, is 6ft 2in (1.87 meters).

Tajir has blue-green eyes. He has long, wavy, fur that reaches the base of his neck and is often kept messy on top. The tips of his hair and ears are dyed a darker color. Tajir has two metallic black earrings near the top of his left ear.

He has three black fur-tattoos along his upper right arm which resemble tiger stripes. Tajir almost always wears a dark-brown leather cord necklace with a large claw that hangs from the center of the necklace.

He prefers wearing black and white or mild colors, particularly purples, browns, or greys. He generally prefers to wear more loose-fitting clothing.

Tajir's appearance changed slightly following Winter 605. He no longer wears his earrings; his hair is cut shorter, removing the dye; the dye on his ears is more washed-out; and his hair is more kempt and is combed to his left. In addition, his clothing style changed as well. Despite these changes, Tajir often still wears his claw necklace and the fur-tattoos on his right arm remain.

Casual (Warm) Edit

Tajir wears a pale purple short-sleeve v-neck t-shirt with a jagged hem. The shirt has a total of six grey stripes, three along both of the sides and the back. The center of the shirt has a large grey stylized "t" design, which is the Raposa equivalent to an English "T".

He wears beige shorts with utility loops on the ends of both legs. A secondary layer of brown jagged hemmed fabric extends a small distance from underneath the layer above it.

He wears red and white sneakers with "Alk" written along the tongue of the shoes.

He always wears his earrings and necklace for this iteration of the outfit.

Following 604, Tajir generally wears dark or dull-colored graphic tees along with simple cargo shorts. He seldom wears his earrings with this outfit as he did in the past.

Casual (Cool) Edit

Tajir wears a brown leather-like sherpa jacket with the Royal Seal stitched under the right shoulder. Depending on the temperature, he may forgo the jacket and instead choose to wear a solid grey or dark purple longsleeve shirt. He wears dark blue denim jeans which are slightly faded around the knees.

Though he still wears his necklace, he does not wear his earrings for this outfit.

Work Edit

Tajir wears a standard ForesStreamian Park Ranger outfit for his work.

His outfit consists of a thick-cloth beige button-up short sleeve shirt with a white collar which is always tucked in. On the left side of his chest, he has a dark red ForestStream Park Ranger badge pinned; on the right side, he has his name-tag pinned over top his shirt pocket. Completing the outfit, he wears dark green hiking pants, a black or brown belt, and grey steel-toed hiking shoes.

Also accompanying this outfit, Tajir wears a metallic-black handheld transceiver on the left side of his waist, a brown leather satchel, and a tan Mountie hat with a red band across the top.

During Winter, Tajir may opt to wear a white, faded dark-green, or a darker beige, long-sleeve undershirt. He doesn't wear his earrings for this outfit, and, in addition, he keeps his hair more well-kempt compared to other outfits. Despite this, he still wears his claw necklace, though it's generally tucked away under his shirt.

HeartBig Small Relationships Edit

Akito Edit

As of Winter 603, Akito is Tajir's boyfriend.

The two met on Summer 43, 600 at Laurel Recreational Center and eventually became friends through other encounters. After knowing each other for two years, Tajir began to develop a crush on Akito and eventually confessed this to him, albeit off-handedly. Akito, already aware of Tajir's feelings, refused to go further with a relationship despite seeing Tajir as a possible love interest. Akito, fearing that they'd both use each other and the potential relationship as a means of getting over their individual problems instead of the relationship being a healthy one built on love, told Tajir that though he sees him as someone he could love, he'd prefer to wait until he got over his original feelings for Manere and Tajir having the opportunity to deal with the issues concerning and stemming from his mother.

A year later, having dealt with, and discussing, the aforementioned problems, Tajir and Akito went together to the Festival of Lights as a date, marking the start of their relationship as couples.

Kara Edit

Kara is Tajir's friend. The two are friends through Akito, and as such, do not often meet unless he is a part of the group. Still, the two share a decent amount of trust and share some interests of their own, such as music, art, and jogging.

Though she has a basic idea of what Tajir went through growing up, Tajir has never explained certain events of his past to Kara.

Manere Edit

Manere is an acquaintance to Tajir. Tajir only knows Manere through Akito and Kara, and as such the two rarely interact on their own. Still, Tajir considers Manere someone he'd like to get to know better and perhaps befriend.

Tajir is vaguely aware of the crash Manere was involved in due to what he has pieced together from Kara and Akito, but remains unaware of Manere's control over Shadow.

Sam Edit

Sam was Tajir's supervisor during his volunteering as a fire lookout during Summer, 600, just before being hired as a full-time park warden. Despite talking to her for weeks over his radio, Tajir knew very little about Sam and has never met her in person. The two have not talked or kept in contact since Tajir's volunteering term as a fire lookout ended. Tajir is happy to have been able to talk to Sam during his volunteering, and thinks of her an acquaintance.

Tajir sees Sam as optimistic, friendly, talkative, peppy, and a tad bit nosy. From what he has seen, Tajir believes that she treats her job much more casually than other employees of her rank, as she was never against bending rules or breaking protocol during his stay.

Gears Abilities Edit

Personal Edit

Art & Music Edit

Tajir is very creative and enjoys various arts and crafts. He is especially skilled in the realms of pottery, music, and drawing. Though Tajir had been playing guitar since he was younger, he only picked up pottery and drawing after settling down in Howland.

Tajir plays an acoustic guitar. Most of what he knows he had learned from his father, though after settling in Howland he has since decided to take more formal lessons.

Resourcefulness Edit

In addition to the above, Tajir is also very resourceful. Most of this resourcefulness comes from the time immediately after his move to ForestStream.

Cooking Edit

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Quote Icon Quotes Edit

Hey, A-cute-o!

–Tajir Makimoto

Tajir attempting to flirt with Akito.


[Enthusiastic] Hey-o Tajir! My name is Sam. I'm the head lookout in this neck of the woods, but if all goes well I'll pretty much just be your radio buddy for the three weeks you're volunteering. Go ahead and radio me back when you're safe 'n cozy up in your watch tower. There should be a little booklet on the desk in there explaining the ins and outs of the job, so give that a read.


Sam's generic greeting directed at Tajir.

[Lost] Hello Sam! I just read the booklet. Anything else I should know? Do I need to call anyone else?

–Tajir Makimoto

[Jokingly] Uhm, let's see… The towers get hot and stuffy unless you keep a window open. The movies the park provides are pretty boring and the TV channels here are no better, assuming you can even get a signal. There is practically no cell coverage here either. Uh, most of the books on your shelf are about wildlife identification, cooking, or first-aid, aside from one about Pirate Beard which is kind of interesting. Oh, and the showers and cafeteria are a one and a half mile hike south of you. Don't feed the Baki. Make the best of being here. Second question: Nope! Good news if you're an introvert, bad otherwise. I'm really the only person you'll be able to talk to while you're here, so stay on my good side.


How far away is your station from mine?

–Tajir Makimoto

I should be the only one visible from your location. My tower is a few miles to the north west of yours —right on the mountain. Actually, I think I can see you right now with my binoculars. You're outside your tower, right? You stand out like a timber baki outside of its grove.


[Laughing] Now you're waving. Hello down there! I'm waving back, but I don't think you can see me inside of here.



Question Trivia Edit

  • Tajir has poor vision and generally wears contacts to see. In more formal settings, however, he opts to wear framed glasses instead.
  • Tajir cannot stand messes, or when people yell or argue.
  • Tajir has a fascination with outer-space and at one point wished to be the first Raposa to walk on his planet's moon.[1]
  • Tajir has a deep faith in The Creator.
  • Tajir's favorite color is purple.
  • Tajir's favorite music genre(s) are Indie/Folk.
  • Tajir has an Eastern Lavasteam accent and, as a result, adds /e̞/[2] inbetween consonant cluster near the end of words during pronunciation.
  • Tajir is an incredibly heavy sleeper.
  • Tajir gained citizenship in ForestStream as an emancipated minor. This was due to the fact that he entered the country at the age of 18, while the age of majority there is 20. However, due to the fact that the age of majority in Lavasteam is 18, partial citizenship was granted to him under the circumstances that he could not own property (renting is permissible), vote, drink, or work in a governmental position (except for volunteering), until he turned 20 and resubmitted the required legal forms. As of 602, Tajir is above the age of majority in ForestStream and, having already resubmitted the required paperwork, now has full citizenship rights.
  • Tajir's thematic instrument is an acoustic guitar or bass guitar.
  • Along with the acoustic guitar being his thematic instrument, Tajir also plays it himself. He is one of only two to have this trait.
  • Tajir's guitar originally belonged to his father.
  • Todd Liad, when written in the Raposa language, is tod lEad
  • Tajir sometimes still refers to himself by his old name.
  • He has an ENFP-T personality type.
  • Tajir's primary virtues are ambition, flexibility, kindness, and faith while his primary vices are vulgarity, dishonesty, and brashness.

PaintingIcon Media Edit

Harbor GalleryBlur

Harbor GalleryBlur

Music secret Themes Edit

  1. Despite their technological advancement, Raposa have yet to set foot on their moon, let alone travel outside of their planet's atmosphere.
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