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I may not be able to do the same things experts can do, but I still try my best to add/fix things on here. After being a Drawn to Life fan for several years, I managed to learn a lot about the series. (And the learning never ends!) So if you have any questions (or just want to chat) feel free to message me!

This wiki started pretty low, and it's getting better every day! It might not be perfect by any means, but if it serves as some sort of resource, I'm glad. Happy Editing!

Personal Wiki Goals

  1. Delete unused files
  2. Fill out enemies section in Level pages
  3. Fill out creation section in Level pages
  4. Make a better 'To Do' list...
  5. Add Infoboxes to pages that need them
  6. Add appropriate categories to EVERYTHING
  7. Look a little deeper into the games, and add even more info
  8. Add Quotes to their respected creations
  9. Make story sections in Level pages make sense (Can easily pick up the story from page to page)
  11. Add Boxcolor to pages that need it
  12. Add some sprites (I can't do all of them, because I can't rip them)
  13. Maybe, just MAYBE, roleplay? idk...
  14. Fix any broken links I can fix
  15. Try to grow the wiki (Or even the DtL fandom overall)
  17. Add quotes to DtL level pages.
  18. Add/Edit SubTabs!
  19. Comment on more pages! Make the place lively!!
  20. Eventually explain what happened to Hunter's parents
  21. Write more about OC's and their backstories
  23. PLEASE explain what Bobbery and Nixie look like!
  24. Add pages for more objects! Like: proton blaster, the 3 generators.
  25. Keep updating quotes, mainly for OC's.
  26. EVENTUALLY make pages for ALL of the OC's! ...Yes, all twenty something of them lol.

(What else should I do? If you think of something, please write it on my wall!)

PaintingIcon My (very old) Art PaintingIconEdit

TowerIcon Random Stuff TowerIconEdit

QuestionLuigi and RapoBoy are the same!?!? Edit

Seriously. Look at this!

WeeGee DANCERapo-Boy

BakiIconThe Baki S.P.U.D. Edit

If Click was the S.P.U.D. the entire time... Does this mean that Click secretly had a pet Baki? That's cute. :)


King miney

I just realized that Miney's sprites actually have eyes! You just... have to look.... :P (see the black pixels under his eyebrows?)

22snowywld003World Maps22snowywld003Edit

I just realized that these are just screenshots from the world maps... kinda clever.

RandomDream QuoteRandomEdit

My hands are my friends

–Me in a dream I had a few years ago...?

Random2Two Minds Think AlikeRandom2Edit

Has anyone ever notice that in both games when Mari and Jowee enter the creation hall (and the one in Turtle Rock for TNC) they say the same thing!

Jowee (Drawn to Life):"Mari... Look at all these books..."

Mari (Drawn to Life:TNC):"Hey Jowee! Look at all these books!"

...It seems Mari is more excited about it though...(But then again, what did I expect?)

Flower wheel Click Falling Down Over and Over Again.Flower wheel Edit

Click-fall Why can't I stop laughing at this? It's not even that funny. ..His face must REALLY hurt...

Old wiki backgroundEdit

Possible alt Wiki-background Olde Wiki-background

This was a possible alt. wiki background. It wasn't the one that was up when I got here, but it looks very similar to it. The one that WAS up may be long gone... let me know if you find it! :)(EDIT: I found it! it's on the right!)

A TheoryEdit

...What if... when Wilfre drew in the Book of Life.. he was planning on creating his own living characters from it? And those failed characters are Sock, Salem, and possibly Circi?!? :O ...wait a minute... does this mean Wilfre was trying to bring his OC's to life? ...huh.

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Oops! I got nothing yet! Come back later!

JoweeThumbSmall Ideas for new emoticons JoweeThumbSmallEdit

[current chat emotes] [emote template]


Whaleecopter Crown


Jowee head Jowee head sad Jowee Head Confused Jowee Head Blush Jowee Head wink Shocked Jowee Head Shocke Jowee head 2 Jowee head scared Jowee Head Mad Jowee Sleep Jowee cheerful


Mari Head Mari head fear Mari Head Fear 2 Mari eye roll Mari Confused Mari Sad


Wilfre Head Shadow wilfre head Wilfre Frightened

(Note: I'm no longer making emotes for the wiki chat (who uses it?) But I won't turn down a good request! (Discord and deviantart are still options... Right?)

MusicBox of wonder...

You found the Music box of wonder! (not like it was too hard) Feel free to explore!


In order to change the volume of the song, one must enter Full Screen.

HunterExtra Stuff...Hunter

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