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Personal Wiki Goals

  1. Delete unused files
  2. Fill out enemies section in Level pages
  3. Fill out creation section in Level pages
  4. Make a better 'To Do' list...
  5. Add Infoboxes to pages that need them
  6. Add appropriate categories to EVERYTHING
  7. Help restructure the image categories so they aren't all flooding different categories.
  8. Look a little deeper into the games, and add even more info
  9. Add Quotes to their respected creations
  10. Make story sections in Level pages make sense (Can easily pick up the story from page to page)
  11. Add Boxcolor to pages that need it
  12. Add/fix some sprites
  13. Fix any broken links I can fix
  14. Try to grow the wiki (Or even the DtL fandom overall)
  15. Add quotes to DtL level pages.
  16. Add/Edit SubTabs for characters/enemies/creations/etc that need them
  17. Comment on more pages! Make the place lively!!
  18. Add more quotes to pages that need them (AKA most pages)
  19. Add pages for more objects! Like: proton blaster, the 3 generators.
  20. Redo existing OC pages so they are nice looking and up to date.
  21. Add pages for my other DtL OCs

(What else should I do? If you think of something, please write it on my wall!)

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Years ago I made emotes for the built in chat on the wiki here. Since nobody uses that anymore, making new ones for it is pointless. However I'm keeping this here for the sake of reference.

Also we have a discord! (Which is way better than the old wiki chat) If you see an emote on here you'd like as a discord emote, let me know! And if you want to make a discord emote suggestion, be sure to do so!

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[current chat emotes] [emote template]


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Jowee head.gif Jowee head sad.gif Jowee Head Confused.gif Jowee Head Blush.gif Jowee Head wink.gif Shocked Jowee Head.gif Shocke Jowee head 2.gif Jowee head scared.gif Jowee Head Mad.gif Jowee Sleep.gif Jowee cheerful.gif


Mari Head.gif Mari head fear.gif Mari Head Fear 2.gif Mari eye roll.gif Mari Confused.gif Mari Sad.gif


Wilfre Head.gif Shadow wilfre head.gif

Wilfre Frightened.gif

MusicBox of wonder...

You found the Music box of wonder! (not like it was too hard) Feel free to explore!


In order to change the volume of the song, one must enter Full Screen.

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