Aura is a form of energy described as the essence or lifeforce of all things.

The wave energy described here, called Aura, is not to be confused with the Abilities of the Aura Trio of Kalos, or the light auras originating from Necrozma that are present in the Alola region.

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ColorDrop PropertiesEdit


Aura takes the form of waves, similar to those of sound and light. These waves can be sensed, shaped and guided by a small number of beings. Particularly strong concentrations of Aura waves often produce physical effects similar to wind, and when in active use it gives off light.

Aura is released by all things, but most inanimate objects only produce weak vibrations and except in special cases cannot contain a constant amount. Living beings on the other hand each have a unique Aura, distinguished by wavelength, form, and pattern.

Aura plays a vital (if unobtrusive) part in the existence of living beings. Robbed of Aura, a being’s physical body will simply fade away to nothing, and they will die.


An important feature of an individual Aura is its colour, determined by wavelength. The range of colours possible lies across the entire spectrum and includes different levels of saturation and lightness, although it tends to be of lighter rather than darker shades. A pure white Aura has never been recorded but has been speculated to be the most powerful possible; nor has pure black, being the absence of light and therefore colour.

Occasionally, two or more Auras will overlap, creating a compound colour. When viewed this will appear as a single colour, but is in actuality a mix between the originals.

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Some beings have the rare ability to sense and Aura, simply called users of Aura or Aura users.

Significant named users of Aura are / were (in order of ability):

Pokémon species with the known ability to sense or manipulate Aura in some way are (in order of ability):

Riolu, Cutiefly, and Lucario have the natural ability to sense Aura, but Medicham must train for it, causing debate over whether or not it can be considered a ‘true’ user of Aura. Riolu and Cutiefly have a basic ability to sense Aura, and Lucario to both sense and manipulate it; though upon evolving into Ribombee Cutiefly loses this ability unless it developed on it prior to evolution.

Any being with the ability to use Aura, upon discovering it, must make a choice to develop it or not. Undeveloped, the ability will remain in a weak and rudimentary form. Developed, the responsibilities of Aura use and potential Guardianship must be considered.

Observations suggest that Aura abilities are at least partially hereditary, as in humans they tend to follow ancestry lines and in Pokémon specific evolution sets.

Aura GuardiansEdit

Aura Guardians are users who have strengthened their abilities to serve others and the Creator. They take their title very seriously, akin to a vocation rather than a class or status. They may be of any species.

A list of currently living Aura Guardians is as follows:

Historical Aura Guardians include Sir Aaron, famous for saving his kingdom from war, and an unnamed Guardian who saved a town by sealing away a Spiritomb.


Little is known about the history and origins of the Aura Guardians, including the time of their first appearance. They had been present some time before Sir Aaron of Cameran Palace, already about a millennium before the present day.

The general conception is that the Guardians never formed a group. Although later Guardians did work as individuals, this is false of the early Guardians, as they were originally close-knit. Their system of communication allowed any individual to quickly alert the group of trouble, so that if necessary they could come to each other’s assistance. They did spread out over a wide area, but met together periodically, and there was a hierarchy based on honour and a strong mentorship system. The leadership system was rather loose as the Creator was viewed as Leader rather than any particular individual.

The Aura Guardians did not accept the common practice of venerating Pokémon and functioned as their own independent body of order enforcement.

Once numerous, their numbers suffered a sudden decline some thousands of years ago. Today they are few and far between, though they are finally beginning to recover.

Aura Guardian Code of ConductEdit

The Aura Guardian Code (often referred to simply as the Code) is a set of governing principles that Aura Guardians are expected to follow. Along with guiding a person’s actions, the Code shows whether or not a user has the character needed to become a Guardian.

The Code has always been present in some form throughout the Guardians’ history. Originally clear-cut, over time it became diluted and warped as corruption seeped into the Guardian body. They drifted from it further and further; until one completely abandoned the Code for the development of their own power. This ex-Guardian became the first Dark Aura user.

When the group dissolved, the official Code was erased, preserved only informally in the minds and hearts of a few. With the loss of the Code, knowledge of the Creator also disappeared.

With the re-establishment of the Guardians, the Code has seen a restoration and re-application.

There are seven main points to the Code. They are as follows:

  • The Aura Guardians function as a body and their head is the Creator. The Creator is the first and foremost of the authorities in an Aura Guardian's life and His word is final.
  • A Guardian’s standards stem from the Creator. They do not change with time, nor do they waver.
  • A Guardian’s actions must line up with their character, which is rooted in their standards. Flexibility is a necessity, but compromise is treason.
  • A Guardian’s conduct must be pure and honourable at all times, characterised by respect, selflessness and a desire for justice; and never by selfishness, greed, or malice.
  • A Guardian must be strong in character first, mind second, and body third. They must be self-controlled and not only recognise their faults but also train to overcome them.
  • A Guardian must know their limits. Their abilities are a gift, and they must use their skills for the Creator and for others. The last of their priorities is themselves.
  • This Code is our foundation and without it, we will collapse. Therefore, intentionally and repeatedly breaking it or the laws – moral, natural, or otherwise – associated disqualifies one from Guardianship.

The main points are emphasised from early on in training. The rest of the Code, the lesser details and values, are written down for reference when necessary. All either originates or is directly from the Creator. Despite this, there has been contention over points that some felt were unnecessary or restrictive.

Aura Guardian OathEdit

The Guardian Oath is taken when a trainee user is instated as a full Guardian. The Oath is an extremely serious matter and should never be taken lightly, as it is binding for life and invites punishment to be inflicted upon the swearer should they ever break it.

Like the Guardian Code, the Oath was diluted and eventually lost with time, but recently reinstituted.

The oath is as follows:

From this day forth, I pledge myself to the life of an Aura Guardian. My purpose is to serve; I am dedicated to truth, justice, and virtue, the protection of right and the elimination of wrong. I will abide by the Aura Guardian Code and follow the Creator regardless of cost or consequence. All this do I swear. May the Creator deal with me and do so severely should I ever break this oath.


Aura is very versatile and can be shaped into many forms. The more skilled a user of Aura is, the more they will be able to do with it. Some Guardians are also more skilled in certain areas than others.

Some of the capabilities of Aura include:

  • Reading the thoughts and minds of others; communicating via the mind.
  • Sensing or feeling the Auras of others; tracking specific Auras.
  • The ability to “see” even with closed eyes or a blindfold on.
  • Projection of Aura, e.g. as a barrier or attack. It may also be used for healing, but this method can have serious repercussions on the user unless they are particularly gifted in that area.
  • Activation of time flowers.

The projection of Aura may or may not have physical effects. For example, mindspeaking and mindmapping generally do not; however barriers and offensive usages do.

Aura must never be used in a way that goes against the Guardian Code; misuse can result in corruption. Increases in power, especially sudden ones, are to be treated cautiously as the experiencer may become drunk on power and act erratically and dangerously.

The Pokémon move Aura Sphere utilises Aura.

Aura-Related ObjectsEdit

The above includes, but is not limited to, the following:

Essence StonesEdit

Essence Stones are rocks of varying colours with the ability to collect, trap, emit, and direct Aura. Their name references Aura as the essence of all things.

They are translucent to opaque, differently coloured stones, representative of the different colours of Aura. They exert more power over Aura the same colour as them and can be used to trap another's Aura inside, leaving their body in a comatose state or in some cases absorbing it entirely, or boost the holder’s power. Every stone is unique, and their effects differ depending on where they come from and where they are used. Many of their properties are still unknown.

Essence Stones are found only in certain locations, where they may be in small, concentrated groups, or spread out across a wide area. They may be above or below ground.

Essence Stones have been used by Guardians on occasion. It is speculated that the stone on Sir Aaron’s staff and those embedded on the backs of his gloves were Essence Stones. Ice's Key Stone is another example; it is unusual due to its second role as Key Stone.

Dark StonesEdit

Dark Stones are stones that drain Aura from those who are sensitive to it. Since they constantly drain Aura, if exposed to them for long enough, users of Aura can become very weak or even die.

Dark Stones, as their name implies, are translucent to opaque in appearance and generally black or grey. Their origin is unknown; but it is suspected that they appeared around the time of the first Dark users, and that they may be related to Essence Stones. Some speculate that they are simply corrupted versions of the latter. They are more sparsely distributed than Essence Stones and generally found in harder-to-access, however they make up for this by occurring in larger quantities and having a greater average crystal size.

They have no effect on users of Dark Aura, who sometimes carry them on their persons or form weapons out of them. Such objects can cut through Aura barriers.

It is possible to build up an immunity to Dark Stones; with one known Aura Guardian (Soryn Mori) having done so. His immunity was built up while he was still young and he had not developed his abilities, by being in close range of the stones on a prolonged and regular basis.

Time FlowersEdit

Time flowers have the appearance of crystal, and are able to record events, including holographic image and sound. This may be replayed later if activated with the correct Aura.

They are only known to be found around the Tree of Beginning on the northern border of the Kanto region.

Gears OppositionEdit


The oldest and most common ‘opposite’ of Aura users are those who call themselves psychics. Psychics have historically disagreed with and on occasion conflicted with the Aura Guardians; the Guardians view psychic operations as being opposed to the Creator, while the psychics tend to be divided into two factions (either apathetic towards the Guardians or opposing them).

Some confuse psychic powers and Aura abilities as being the same. They are not; psychic powers include any sort of power involving the use of the mind or mental energy; whereas Aura relates specifically to itself.

Dark AuraEdit

The other counter is Dark Aura. Dark Aura is Aura's direct counterpart and is essentially a twisted, corrupted version of Aura. As such, a user of Dark Aura cannot have a pure Aura, and vice versa.

Although it and its pure counterpart share many similarities, Dark Aura only came into existence when a particularly powerful Aura user came to see the Guardian Code as nothing but a set of limitations, and forsook it to become powerful. They threw their doors open wide to anything that would increase their abilities, no matter the source. Eventually they gained the power they wanted but tainted their Aura in the process.

Powerful and corrupt, Dark users have a strong disdain for their ‘normal’ counterparts and see themselves as stronger and superior. They hate the Code and despise the Creator’s authority. Many hunt down ordinary Aura users, but few have the skill to match a Dark user in battle. Dark users have much to do with the sudden, sharp decline of Aura Guardians in history – many Guardians followed in their footsteps to achieve ‘power’, and those didn’t were singled out for attack. They grew in number to outnumber the Guardians, and still do to this day.

The colours exhibited by Dark Auras are nearly always very dark, murky, and close to black. A completely Dark Aura would be black, and technically colourless.


Any form of communication with spirits (such as spiritism or necromancy) is forbidden, and so those who engage in such activities are placed in an enemy position. Practices such as fortune-telling, divination, and casting spells, etc., practising magic, and other occultic or related activities, are also forbidden.

Question TriviaEdit

  • As darkness or blackness is the absence of light and colour, a truly black, non-corrupted Aura cannot exist.
  • Blue Auras are the most common to see in use.
  • White Auras are considered the rarest and the most powerful.
  • A blank or drained Aura may appear as white, but should not be confused with a truly white Aura.
  • All known recognised Aura Guardians reside in, or come from, the Pokémon world.
    • Furthermore, the region with the most association with Aura is Sinnoh.
    • Although Kyran, a Raposa from Lavasteam, was training under Ice to become an Aura Guardian, he never finished his training, and consequently never became a fully-fledged Guardian.
  • There is a network of caves underneath Wilfre's Wasteland that contain a great number and variety of both Essence Stones and Dark Stones. It was discovered by Kyran and is his main base for his research into Aura, Aura use, form-changing, and other unique abilities.
    • This means Essence and Dark Stones are found in the Pokémon and Raposa worlds at least.

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