Eeva Winters



Species Human
Gender Female
Orientation Straight Demisexual
Age 22
Birthday May 3

Light Brown

Fur N/A




Other N/A
Home Jubilife City, Sinnoh (Pokémon World)

Ice Winters (Husband)

Keith (Friend & Fellow Ranger)
Rhythmi (Friend & Associated Operator)
Svern (Enemy)
Kyran (Acquaintance)
Baki Quad (Pets)
Job / Role Top Pokémon Ranger (Almia)
Magic / Special Abilities None
Status Alive
Personality Type: ENFP-A
Well, what are you waiting for?
We’ve got a job to do!


About to set out on a mission with a partner.

Eeva Winters is a human from the Pokémon World. She is a Top Ranger of the Almia region.

Eeva is energetic, cheerful, friendly and outgoing. She loves to help others and bring a little sunshine into their day. A high-aimer and high-achiever, she is always determined to do her part in changing the world for the better, in whatever way she can.

She is stubborn and can be feisty, but she’s also warm-hearted and sympathetic. Often appearing fiery and fast-paced – she is more than capable of slowing down and is thoughtful when on the outside of the action. She can be a little quick to jump to conclusions, but she’s always willing to change them once she sees that they weren’t accurate. It’s important for her to be true to herself, and for others to be as well – but she also knows that in some cases, head does have to overrule heart. She is loyal and defensive of those dear to her, no matter what the rest of the world thinks of them.

Eeva is curious, enthusiastic and loves stepping out of her comfort zone and trying new things. She can be competitive in the moment, but doesn’t really care about the end result, so long as she and everyone else enjoyed it.

In addition to being a respected Pokémon Ranger, she is also a strong Pokémon Trainer.

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Book Icon StoryEdit

Eeva was born to Hideaki and Katri Matsuoka in Cherrygrove City in the Johto region. She spent the first ten years of her life there; then upon expressing a desire to become a Pokémon Ranger, she left for the Almia region to go to the Ranger School there, unlike many other children her age who aimed to become Pokémon Trainers. Progression at the Ranger School being based on competence, she made it through quickly, showing an excellent ability to adapt and learn. She was then made an Area Ranger and stationed in Vientown.

After a period of mundane work during which a few strange events took place, her Ranger team leader went missing, and she was sent on a mission to find him. He had been captured by a criminal organisation, Team Dim Sun. After the ensuing chaos, she was promoted to Top Ranger and sent on missions to investigate Team Dim Sun’s activities and stop them. It was during one of these that she met Ice, and immediately developed a dislike for his cocky, indifferent air. They encountered each other a few times again, the last being in Altru Tower, just before Eeva took on the mastermind behind all the scheme. She was not involved in the second attempt at action by Ice and the other two members of the Sinis Trio, but did play a role in foiling their third and in defeating the N.M.O., another criminal organisation, which was based across multiple regions.

By the time she was fourteen, she had begun training Pokémon as well as safeguarding them as a Ranger. She kept relatively few Pokémon, one of which was her Ranger partner Pokémon.

Some years after the Dim Sun incidents, at age sixteen, Eeva was sent by the Ranger Union to investigate some odd happenings in the southwest of Almia. Suspicious that the Team might be becoming active again, she unwittingly entered a trap. Ice intervened to save her; but when he tried to explain himself, she was disbelieving and captured him with the intention of bringing him back to the Ranger Union. Svern tried to take advantage of this to get rid of Ice; but then Eeva realised Ice was telling the truth, and forced Svern to retreat. She apologised to Ice and the two agreed to stay in contact and help each other out where possible or necessary; though out of the Union’s knowledge. Slowly this turned their dislike of each other to friendship. Eeva listened to Ice’s doubts about himself and the Team’s state, promising to help him where she could.


TowerIcon AppearanceEdit

Physical Edit

Eeva is an adult female human. She is of above average height, being about 1.68 cm (5'6") tall, and has an average build. She has medium-length, slightly wavy light brown hair and brown eyes.

Clothing Edit

When on duty, which is often, Eeva wears her Almia Pokémon Ranger uniform. When off-duty, she wears plain casual clothing, generally consisting of plain, patterned or occasionally graphic t-shirts or tank tops and knee-length shorts with socks and sneakers, or long pants and a coat or a trench-coat dress with boots depending on the weather. Sometimes she adds a scarf as well.

She normally keeps her hair tied in a low ponytail and the left side of her fringe clipped back. If the weather is particularly cold, she may let her hair down.

Ranger Uniform Edit

Eeva’s Almia Pokémon Ranger consists of a white-and-black sleeveless shirt with thin yellow borders between the white and the black, stiff black shorts with yellow cuffs worn over tighter black bike shorts, and an open cropped red jacket with a yellow collar, bottom edge, white sleeve cuffs, and two large white buttons on the right side. She wears yellow socks and white, red and black high-topped laceless athletic boots. On her left hand, she wears a black fingerless glove with a red strap across the back. On her right, she wears a special black and yellow glove that works together with her Fine Styler, worn on her right forearm.

She wears a red belt with an electronic buckle.

Casual Edit

Eeva wears a range of casual clothing. She is an unfussy dresser and is happy with t-shirts (generally plain or patterned and occasionally graphic tees) and jean shorts, long-sleeved shirts and pants, jeans, or a skirt, depending on the weather, activity, and her mood. In cold weather she may wear coats and pants or trench-coat dresses with boots and sometimes a scarf. She does however avoid shirts with low necklines, miniskirts, and overly short shorts. She wears whatever shoes match the weather and situation.

On most days, she will keep her hair tied in a ponytail, and her fringe clipped back. She normally only wears her hair down on particularly cold days.

Formal Edit

Eeva’s formal outfit consists of a deep green mermaid-cut dress, with a sash across the dress’ relatively high neckline and drops down just enough to expose her left shoulder; and another sash around her waist. Both sashes have golden leaf-shaped clips on their right sides. She wears low-heeled wedge shoes with subtly metallic viridian straps with this outfit.

She keeps her hair in a bun and clips her fringe back with the clip that Ice gave her for her 19th birthday.

Wedding Edit

Eeva’s wedding dress, like Ice’s formal outfit, was handmade for her by a friend. It is a relatively plain floor-length white dress with a sash across the neck and shoulders and another around the waist. Both sashes are held by flower-ornamented clips; one on each shoulder for the upper sash, and one on left hip for the waist sash. There is a cascade of ornamented and embroidered flowers leading down from the waist sash clip, on the left and slightly the front of the dress. She wears low-heeled, rounded white court shoes.

Her hair is kept in a bun, and sections of it are braided. Her fringe is clipped back with a gold, silver and white clip made to look like a stylised flower. She wears a plain shoulder-length veil.

Accessories/Other Edit

Eeva usually uses a plain silver hairclip with a decorative light blue gem set in it to clip her fringe back from her face. On special occasions and with her formal outfit she instead uses a golden leaf-and-flower design clip set with green, blue and white crystals, which was given to her by Ice as a gift for her 19th birthday.

Since turning 20, she also wears a plain gold ring on her left hand to signify her marriage with Ice.

HeartBig Small Relationships Edit

Ice WintersEdit

Ice Winters is Eeva’s husband.

Eeva and Ice share a close relationship that is not without its fair share of friction. They are wholly committed to one another but have conflicting personalities (e.g. Eeva is extroverted and spontaneous whereas Ice is introverted and methodical) which they have learned to respect. Eeva will wholeheartedly support Ice, even though he is used to being a lone wolf; and Ice will do everything in his power to protect and care for Eeva, even though she is independent and resilient by nature. They both recognise and appreciate each other’s good intentions and will bend from their normal ways of doing things to suit each other accordingly.

History →

Prior to their marriage, the two had already known each other for ten years, during the first six of which their relationship was characterised by a strong dislike for each other. Eeva viewed Ice as cocky, irritating, and uncaring, apart from being an admin in the organisation that was threatening the peace in the Almia region, and consequently developed an intense dislike for him. However after she saw he had changed and the two began worked together, and Ice told her more about his background, she came to feel compassion for him instead. She grew to admire his selfless nature and his courage in not only standing strong in the face of threats to himself and others, but also in taking responsibility for his past actions, and after becoming one of his closest friends, began to develop feelings towards him, which she quickly recognised but was a little nonplussed by. Conscious of his generally rather stoic nature but not realising he felt the same way towards her, she was uncertain for a while whether or not to express them to him directly, but eventually did so, and was glad and relieved to find out that he reciprocated them. Soon afterwards they pledged commitment to each other, but did not become formally engaged until a few years later, because they did not yet feel ready for a married relationship, and the demands of their own responsibilities had to lessen first.


Keith is Eeva’s friend from Ranger School and a fellow Pokémon Ranger. Although at first they didn’t get along completely, due to having a bit of a rivalry, they soon became good partners in their job. She often works with him on missions.


Rhythmi is Eeva’s friend from Ranger School and her associated Operator. They have gotten along since the beginning, and Eeva often talks to Rhythmi (and occasionally Keith) about more personal matters.


Eeva despises Svern and sees his methods as underhanded and villainous. The fact that he has tried to dispose of Ice (and herself) many times solidified their position as enemies.

Baki SquadEdit

Eeva likes having the Snow Baki, Timber Baki, Sand Baki, Golden Baki, and Grey Baki around. She views them more as her husband’s friends than as pets.

They tend to act as helpers toward her when she is at home.

Individual Baki Relationships

Snow BakiEdit

Eeva is particularly fond of the Snow Baki for its relationship with Ice. She finds it nice when it tries to help with random tasks, or when it backs her up when she is trying to sway a stubborn Ice (for more his own sake than anyone else).

Timber BakiEdit

Eeva tries to encourage the Timber Baki to be less timid, and it reciprocates. In return it tries to help out wherever it can. The Timber Baki spends the most time around Eeva out of the five in the Baki squad.

Sand BakiEdit

Eeva sees the Sand Baki most when she’s dabbling with recipes (recorded or not) in the kitchen. It frequently tries to persuade her to give it tidbits and treats.

Golden BakiEdit

Eeva is aware of the Golden Baki’s attempts at making her think it’s better-behaved than it is. She rarely lets it get away with anything.

Grey BakiEdit



Eeva is fond of her husband’s apprentice and has tried to help him gain confidence and believe in his potential. Although she doesn’t agree with his choices, actions, or his relationship with Astra, she sees where he is coming from and shows sympathy for his situation.

Astra DannelEdit

Eeva has had a few interactions with Astra in the past, from which she generated a mostly positive impression of the girl as outgoing, optimistic and hard-working, if somewhat headstrong.

Gears AbilitiesEdit



Eeva as a Pokémon Ranger is in top physical shape as her role requires her to be very active, constantly on the move, and prepared for unexpected situations. She is often in rugged and uninhabited terrain as part of her job and has to be able to defend herself against wild Pokémon. She is strong for a female and has high stamina, along with seemingly boundless energy. She is agile and adept at navigating all kinds of terrain, and has a well-developed knowledge of unarmed close combat.

Whilst she does not generally participate in any specific physical activities aside from those related to her job, she enjoys running, swimming, and being active in general.


Eeva loves cooking and has been cooking since a fairly young age. She began by following recipes, then started experimenting with them and adding her own touches, before finally abandoning the use of recipes for the most part and coming up with her own creations. She likes to try and cook a wide range of foods but particularly enjoys experimental or innovative dishes.

Cooking is a way for her to wind down and express her some of her creative abilities.

PokéBall PokémonEdit

Although Eeva is a Pokémon Ranger first and foremost, since she comes from Johto and has her family in regions where Pokémon Trainers are the norm, she is also a Pokémon Trainer. Thanks to going to Ranger School at the age of ten, she did start later than most other children her age, but made rapid progress after beginning. Rather than receiving a customary starter Pokémon from the Pokémon Professor of her region, her starting Pokémon was her partner from Almia, Starly, which has since evolved into Staraptor.


Staraptor ♀


Ampharos ♀


Dragonite ♂


Gardevoir ♀

Each Pokémon has its own individual personality. Staraptor was Eeva’s first and Ranger Partner Pokémon, so it has bonded with her the most; but Ampharos and Dragonite are also very close.

Question TriviaEdit

  • She graduated from the Almia Ranger School and rose Top Ranger rank unusually quickly.
    • She is the youngest Top Ranger in history.
  • She is the only known Pokémon Ranger to also be a Pokémon Trainer.
  • Her favourite colours are blue and golden-orange.
  • She wants to learn to play the piano.
    • She’s learnt most of the basics, but hasn’t had the time to progress further than that.
  • Her maiden name was Eeva Matsuoka.
  • Eeva’s primary virtues are courage, understanding, and determination while her primary vices are stubbornness and rashness.
  • Her personality type and Ice’s are opposites (ENFP and ISTJ respectively).

Quote Icon QuotesEdit

Nobody’s ever going to make a difference to anything,
if they all they do is sit around and do nothing.



Eeva: It’s perfect!
Ice: It’s definitely beautiful, but... I don’t think I can wear it.
Eeva: Why not? You’d look completely dashing.
Ice: Exactly.

Commenting on his formal outfit.

Friend: You’re supposed to look at the camera.
Ice: I... uh... I can’t help it.
Green: *laugh* ...he’s too besotted with the person next to him.
Ice: No, it’s just... I don’t know how to deal with this feeling...
Eeva: Sigh... You’re hopeless.
Green: No, just besotted.
Ice: Guys, please.. this isn’t helping...

When a friend is trying to take their wedding photo.

Eeva: You! Need to stop staying up ‘til ridiculous hours of the morning! Those computer bits can wait!
Ice: Hey, don't be so worried about it. I'm part owl, remember?
Eeva: Owls don’t deal with computers!
Ice: Well, this one does.
Eeva: really don’t care about your health, do you?
Ice: Nahh... That ship has sailed. And sunk.

Eeva trying to get Ice to go to bed earlier.

Eeva: Ice, stop. Slow down. Just for a moment!
Ice: I can’t! I have to go and do something about it!
Eeva: Just one second! Stop and listen to what I’m saying!
Ice: But... but I...
Eeva: Listen to me! You’re not alone anymore. You don’t have to do it all by yourself!
Ice: I-I... I...
Eeva: We’ll all help you. Just take a breath, and we’ll tackle it one step at a time.

During an emergency.

Ice: Yes! Yes, I’ve done it!
Eeva: Done what?
Ice: Made a device that can open portals! Uhm... It can open up warp holes in the time-space fabric, allowing for travel between dimensions...
Eeva: Alright, that is exciting. really works?
Ice: Yeah, you have to calibrate it by going through an existing portal.
Eeva: That’s great!
Ice: Yeah. There’s only one catch.
Eeva: What’s that?
Ice: It can only make portals up to the size of a Baki.

Upon his completion of the portal-opening device.

Ice: ...
Eeva: ...Ice? What’s the matter?
Ice: ... ...I failed him, didn’t I?
Eeva: What are you talking about? Do you mean Kyran?
Ice: My only student. And I couldn’t even teach him the essence of what it means to be an Aura Guardian.
Eeva: It’s not your fault. People make choices, and sometimes they choose not to listen.
Ice: But my only student, Eeva. My only student. If I couldn’t lead him, how can I possibly lead anyone else?
Eeva: You can lead me, you can lead the Team, and you can lead the Guardians.
Ice: Can I?
Eeva: Are you listening? To me or yourself?
Ice: Laugh...’re right. Thank you.
Eeva: *Ruffles hair* You funny man.

Eeva trying to encourage Ice after he loses faith in his ability as a teacher.

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Hometown Theme.

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