Ice’s Golden Baki
Golden baki walk
Species Baki (Golden)
Gender Male
Orientation Straight
Age ~300
Birthday N/A
Hair N/A



Skin N/A


Other N/A
Home Raposa Village
Jubilife City, Sinnoh (Pokémon World)

Formerly: City Gate

Ice Winters (Owner...?)

Snow Baki
(Baki Martinet)
Timber Baki
(Baki Victim)
Sand Baki
(Baki Pal)
Grey Baki
(Baki Interest)
Eeva Winters (Friend)
Job / Role ‘Pet’ Baki
Magic / Special Abilities None
Status Alive
Personality Type: ESTP-A

That guy knows no fear and no limits, huh?
I just hope it doesn’t get itself injured.

–Ice Winters

Observing the Golden Baki mocking a Shadow Golem.

Ice's Golden Baki is a Golden Baki that Ice found during his travels through the City Gate. It followed him back to the Raposa Village from Windy Hills, and joined the Raposa on Turtle Rock when Wilfre drained the Village’s colour. Afterwards he waited with the other Baki back in the Village for Ice to return.

The Golden Baki is a very mischievous and rebellious type. He loves to play pranks on others or just make a nuisance of himself in general, resulting in the fact that there is nearly always someone angry or annoyed at him. He often disagrees with others, particularly those in leadership positions, sometimes just for the sake of disagreeing with them; however this does not mean he is disrespectful of all authority figures. He enjoys risk-taking. All this makes him very challenging to get along with. However, he does have a softer and more caring side, but it never shows because it embarrasses him. He is brilliant at thinking (and being) outside the box, and he doesn’t ever bother to disguise his personality in front of those who don’t know him because he doesn’t care much about what others think of him in general.

Being the only Golden Baki in the Baki group, he normally stayed around the area of the Village City Gate, though he moved around quite a bit during his prank-pulling antics.

Book Icon StoryEdit

Drawn to LifeEdit

Ice first saw the Golden Baki in Rapo City. He saw it numerous times there and also in the Windy Hills (tipping fellow stacked Baki, riding zeppelins, annoying Shadows and also annoying Ice himself on occasion), where he observed its mischievous and daredevil nature. Having spied on him throughout the first two City Gate levels it decided to follow him and the rescued Raposa back to the Village as it thought it could get some kicks out of annoying them and the others there. However, it only made itself known after the events of Rapo Towers, when its mood was brought down by the sudden death of The Mayor.

Once it found out about the recent Village events and Ice’s part in them, and his fight with Wilfre, it started respecting him and decided to stick around with the other Baki. It runs around all over the Village pranking people and causing mayhem, and when it gets tired of this or has to hide, it goes to the City Gate area.

Drawn to Life: The Next ChapterEdit

Between the events of Drawn to Life and Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter, the four Baki had continued living in the Raposa Village. When the village was drained of colour, they went with the remaining Raposa onto Turtle Rock, and were overjoyed when Ice returned to embark on the quest to find and defeat Wilfre a second time.

The Golden Baki enjoyed exploring and playing pranks in all the villages they explored along the way. Like the rest of the Baki, it was downcast when the battle in the Hall of Darkness was taking place.


Once the events in Real Life concerning Mike and Heather were completed and the Raposa world was brought back to a stable existence, the Golden Baki and other Baki also returned. They lived in the Village, waiting for Ice to come back, although it wasn’t until hundreds of years later that he did so (due to time functioning differently between worlds). The Creator granted it and the other Baki an extended lifespan because of this. Thus they were able to observe the changes that occurred in the Raposa World over time.

Once Ice came back and found them, they started crossing between worlds frequently, especially after Ice created a small portal-opening device for them to use. The Golden Baki darts between worlds to prank others or to escape after pranking them.

TowerIcon AppearanceEdit

Like most Golden Baki, Ice’s Golden Baki has yellow/golden fur, a tan face, and wears a stripey scarf of various blue shades. It has an unruly tuft of fur on the top of its head.

It is somewhat smaller than average.

HeartBig Small Relationships Edit

Ice WintersEdit

The Golden Baki is not particularly attached to Ice, having followed him back to the Village mostly out of curiosity and the in hopes that it could annoy many people (including him) there. However after being there for the Mayor’s death and the battle in the Shadow Lair, it began to respect Ice and consider him as a leader. Thus he is one of the only characters who can actually keep it in line or get it to listen (though it does still occasionally challenge his ruling, depending on the situation).

It doesn’t worry about him at all when he goes to battle bosses, with the exception of when he fights Wilfre.

Ice's Snow BakiEdit

The Golden Baki and the Snow Baki don’t always get along due to their opposing personalities and conflicting opinions; and the Golden Baki often, deliberately, rubs the Snow Baki the wrong way by its rebellious tendencies. However, it will still recognise its leadership and backs it up where necessary.

Ice's Timber BakiEdit

The Golden Baki likes playing pranks on the Timber Baki due to the latter’s flighty nature. This means they don’t generally get along.

Ice's Sand BakiEdit

The Golden Baki likes the Sand Baki because of its carefree, funloving nature. However while the Sand Baki doesn’t mind the Golden Baki’s attention, it disagrees with its wild streak, and can be seen reprimanding it every once in a while when it thinks it is getting a bit out of control.

Ice's Grey BakiEdit

The Golden Baki is somewhat attracted to the Grey Baki and often tries to gain its attention or impress it with its fearlessness. However, the Grey Baki isn’t interested in this at all.

Eeva WintersEdit

The Golden Baki is more well-behaved around Eeva because it wants to make a good impression. However if she catches it pranking others when it thinks she’s not around, it gets into big trouble. Occasionally, though, she does join in the laughter when it’s Ice’s turn to get pranked.

Gears AbilitiesEdit


The Golden Baki is extremely quick-footed and agile, and his small size gives him extra manoeuvrability. He makes up for his smallness by putting extra spunk into his headbutt.


The Golden Baki is very quick-witted, easily thinking up schemes and pranks and adept at getting himself in and out of tight situations. He could put his sharp mind to thinking up useful plans as well, but rarely does so. It is almost impossible to sneak up on or fool him.

Question TriviaEdit

  • Ice often addresses him as "Mister Golden Baki".
  • Although he followed Ice back out of the Windy Hills, he only made his presence in the Village known after Ice had returned from Rapo Towers.
  • Originally, it did not plan on staying in the Village. However after Ice defeated Wilfre it decided to stay and join the Baki group. Completing it with Snow, Timber, Sand, and Golden Baki, one for each Village Gate.
  • It hates people commenting on its size.
  • It wants to eat a Kaorin Berry one day.
  • The Golden Baki’s primary virtues are fearlessness and unconventionality while his primary vices are brashness, recklessness, and defiance.

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