Ice Winters




Species Human
Gender Male
Orientation Straight Demisexual
Age 30
Birthday 21 June

Light Blue





Lucario Form


Wolf Form



Dark Blue-Grey

Cat Form



Lucario Form


Dragon Form



Lucario Form


Wolf & Dragon Forms

Light Blue

Cat Form


Owl Form


Dragon Form


Owl Form
Home Jubilife City, Sinnoh (Pokémon World)

Eeva Winters (Wife)

Kyran (Ex-Apprentice)
Bryan Winters (Father)
Ayaka Winters (Mother)
Silver (Best Friend)
Green (First Friend)
Timothy Woodard (Mentor)
The Creator (Master)
Farran (Nemesis)
Svern (Enemy)
Baki Quad (Pets...?)
Astra Dannel
Job / Role Aura Guardian
Team New Sun Leader
Creation Hero
Magic / Special Abilities Aura
Status Alive
Personality Type: ISTJ-A
It doesn’t matter what happens to me! Just take care of everybody else!


During an emergency.

Ice Winters is a human from the Pokémon World. He is a Creation Hero, an Aura Guardian, and the leader of Team New Sun, previously the criminal organisation Team Dim Sun.

Ice is quiet, serious, and reserved. He may come across as cold or arrogant and can be sarcastic. He is a lone wolf by nature and finds it difficult to open up to others, sometimes isolating himself even from those he is close to, and often hides his innermost feelings, both to protect himself and because he believes there is little point in sharing them. Although he is kind at heart, few people realise it because of his general demeanour. Those closest to him know that he is fiercely loyal, selfless, determined and even stubborn at times.

He is a good tactician. He dislikes it when a situation fails to make sense to him and believes there is a kind of logic in everything, even though it might not be immediately apparent or it’s different to how people think it is. He is not averse to conflict, particularly that of a verbal nature, but he generally dislikes the use of physical force. He has a very strong sense of morality built on his personal values and upon his belief in the Creator.

Ice is surprisingly insecure, continuously doubting his ability and his worth throughout his life up until his mid-to-late twenties. He is normally quick to forgive and has a tendency to place blame on himself for things that aren’t necessarily his fault.

He is also a very strong Pokémon Trainer.

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Book Icon StoryEdit

Ice was born and grew up in Jubilife City of the Sinnoh region, in the Pokémon world. For the first three years of his life he was raised only by his mother, Ayaka Winters, his father, Bryan Winters, rarely being home. The first time he met his father was when he was a little over three years old and proved to be a harrowing experience that impacted him for life, creating a deep-rooted fear that would last for the next twenty years. His father and his fear of him were the most significant factor in his development.

In his teenage years, he made his first real friends, a boy and a girl named Silver and Green.

When Ice turned eighteen, his father placed him into an admin position in the villainous Team Dim Sun of the Almia region. This estranged him from his friends and created barriers between them. It also caused him to become bitter and hold up a personality mask that hid how he really felt on the inside, and he became both more ambitious and more insecure at the same time.

He did well within the Team but ultimately their plot was foiled by a Pokémon Ranger and the original Team was disbanded. A further year later, by which time he was now twenty, he and the other two leading admins attempted to revive the Team, only to meet with defeat again. For the next two years after that, they remained inactive, but came together for a third and final time when an international organisation called the N.M.O. (standing for New Moon Organisation) formed, involving one of Ice’s younger cousins. Ice intended to hijack the plans of the N.M.O. and use them for his own, but his Team’s and the N.M.O.’s plans were both foiled, by a trio that included the same Pokémon Ranger as had ruined Team Dim Sun three and a half years prior. With this final failure, Ice became discouraged and considered disbanding the Team for good, being tired of his life since joining the Team and longing for how it was before then.

Thus between the ages of twenty-four and twenty-five he went through a deep self-examination. He discarded his bitterness and realised his life had always been built upon his father’s wishes instead of his, despite whether or not they were actually right. He determined to overcome this, though this was difficult due to the long-lasting fear.

He decided not to disband the Team, realising that for any of the members – including himself – building a new life would be more difficult than it seemed. In order to keep them functioning, he intended to reform the Team into a more charitable organisation, although to reach that goal numerous difficulties would have to be surmounted – external and internal. Many of the original Team members disliked this decision and left to create their own ‘Neo’ Team, led by the strong-willed, ambitious and crafty admin Svern.

In his twenty-fourth year, he discovered he was capable of using Aura. An Aura Guardian named Timothy Woodard became his mentor and he completed his training in about a year. This and his discovery of the Creator marked the true turning point of his life, and gave him a real purpose. Just before turning twenty-five he began to regroup the Aura Guardians as a group and was given the title of the ‘Blue Aura Guardian’, based on a description from an ancient legend that seemed to suit him perfectly.

Shortly before beginning to regather the Guardians, he once again encountered the Pokémon Ranger from six years earlier, Eeva. She had been sent to investigate some incidents in the north-west of Almia, which turned out to be a trap designed by Svern intended to render her incapable of future interference. Ice intervened and attempted to explain the situation, but Eeva didn’t believe him and captured him with the intent of bringing him back to answer to the Ranger Union. However, Svern saw an opportunity to be rid of two annoyances at once, and tried to dispose of Ice. Eeva in turn realised that Ice had indeed been telling the truth and returned the favour he had just done her, forcing Svern to retreat.

After that, the two continued helping each other out on occasion and gradually became friends, though out of the knowledge of the Ranger Union. Ice gained a listening ear in Eeva and he conferred in her his concerns about keeping Team Dim Sun together, but neither of them were able to do anything about it just yet.

Shortly after he turned twenty-five, Ice was drawn into the Raposa World by the Creator to be a Creation Hero. He had no idea where he was or what he was supposed to be doing at first, but “learnt on the job” – making his way through levels, collecting Templates, and bringing back villagers as requested, and gradually gaining a better understanding of why he was there at the same time. The Creator provided him with guidance and assistance where necessary.

Gradually with his help, the Village was restored. He travelled through each of the four World Warp Gates, and defeated each of the bosses as they appeared as threats. Of each boss preceding the battle with Wilfre, the hardest was the fight within Deadwood, when the Shadow Raposa nearly succeeded in overcoming Ice’s mind with Shadow. Although Ice escaped, it had the effect on his mind that he became unnerved and unable to maintain his normal calm when in Wilfre’s presence. This remained the case until just after the Mayor’s death, shortly before entering the Secret Door. He only made full use of his ability to use Aura during his battle with Wilfre, keeping it as an ace in the hole up until then.

After Wilfre’s defeat, Ice returned to his own world; until he was called on again some months later.




Ice was born to Bryan and Ayaka Winters in Jubilife City of the Sinnoh region. For the first three years of his life he was raised exclusively by his mother. His father was rarely home.

The first time Ice met his father was when he was three years old. Although he looked forward to it, the experience served to make him terrified of his father, as the first thing Bryan did upon meeting the boy was order his Pokémon to attack him. Granted the attack was a weak one and only meant as a warning, but Ice was taken by surprise and left shocked and afraid. Bryan criticised Ice and required him to perform much more competently than others his age. Ice’s fear of Bryan resulted in a high achievement and drive to please. Thus the negative impact of the fear was balanced out by his consequently quick development.

3 Years: Memory – Meeting Father

The first real friends Ice made were a boy and a girl he met in his teenage years, called Silver and Green. They had also had a difficult time growing up, and shared personality traits and interests, creating a sense of familiarity that Ice hadn’t encountered in anyone else. Prior, his father’s influence had isolated him from others his age and resulted in him being a loner.

Despite Ice's devotion to his father, he and Bryan didn't have a particularly strong relationship. Bryan didn't spend much time at home; he would usually be away for periods of about four years at a time, come home for a short while, and then leave again.

Team Dim SunEdit

When Ice turned eighteen, Bryan came home to say that he had signed his son up for Team Dim Sun, a villainous organisation in the Almia region south of Sinnoh. Ice initially shied away from this, knowing it was wrong and fearing Silver’s reaction, but eventually gave in when his father made it clear it was a non-negotiable. He gained a high-level position as one of the admins.

When Silver found out, he reacted as Ice expected him to – disappointed, disapproving, and resentful. Despite Ice’s attempts to explain why he couldn’t refuse, Silver became angry at him and viewed it as a weak and pathetic decision. This provoked Ice, and they argued with each other, despite Green’s attempts to stop them. Eventually Ice walked out, feeling misunderstood and bitter, and leaving Silver disgusted by him. They refused to have anything to do with each other for six years. In the meantime an internal bitterness grew in Ice, but he masked it with a cocky, insulting, and almost playful external demeanour. Ironically, it was devoting himself to the Team’s goals that helped manage his feelings.

Over the course of the next year, Team Dim Sun's plot unfolded. At its culmination, however, it was brought to nothing by a young prodigious Pokémon Ranger named Eeva; and the original team was disbanded. A further year later, at the age of twenty, Ice tried, with the other two top admins, to revive the team, but this again met with failure. Nothing was heard from them for another two years; until one of his younger cousins joined an organisation called the N.M.O, or New Moon Organisation. Ice and Team Dim Sun, which he was now leader of (due to the two higher-in-commands falling to the authorities), attempted to use the N.M.O.'s plan against them; and came close to succeeding, but at the crucial moment, an unexpected accident ruined everything. After that, nothing was heard from him at all, nor the rest of the Team.

Although he kept the less-serious ‘personality mask’ up between the ages of eighteen and twenty, his actions beyond that age were a lot more affected by the bitterness he still felt towards Silver.

Changing WaysEdit

Between the ages of twenty-four and twenty-five, Ice’s attitude changed again. He despised his past actions, failing to live up to either his father’s expectations, his goals, or his own suppressed personal beliefs, and was tired of his shadowed way of life. He also felt the urge to determine his own future rather than simply follow his father’s wishes all the time, and wished to be free from his 20-year-old fear.

He mostly shed his previous hallmark arrogant and sarcastic attitude, and became willing again to open up to others – a bit at a time. He also opened up to his Pokémon, something Bryan had discouraged him from doing. After obtaining a rather unique and mysterious blue Key Stone, and collecting his Pokémon’s respective Mega Stones, he thus became able to Mega Evolve them.

Along with his reform came the need to decide what to do with the remnants of Team Dim Sun. Though dysfunctional and inactive, it could not be left as it was. He considered disbanding them and leaving them to their own ways; but decided against this as he knew neither he nor they would be left with any future. So he decided to reform them, to make it that instead of trying to control or harm others they helped them – undercover for now at least, of course. Unsurprisingly, when he tried to do this he met with a lot of opposition, and a particularly strong-willed and ambitious admin named Svern rebelled, taking about a third of the remaining members with him to start his own ‘Neo’ Team. The quasi-functional Team, though now reformed, remained a heavy weight on Ice’s mind, as he knew that the current fix could only be a temporary one. However, some old strain was eased when Silver forgave him for his joining the Team six years earlier.

In the same year Ice learned of his ability to use Aura and his destiny to regather and lead the Aura Guardians. He was mentored by Timothy Woodard. At first he struggled with the concept of the Creator and doubted his ability to become a Guardian; but he eventually overcame this and began training, pledging himself to the Creator’s will. A year later, however, he and Timothy were attacked by some Dark Aura users, resulting in Timothy’s death. Mentor and apprentice had formed a strong bond, and Timothy was the one who planted in Ice a desire for a pure Guardian code. Shortly after this, Ice also discovered his ability to switch between six unique forms, though he was reluctant to use it at first.

The path of an Aura Guardian and the discovery of the Creator marked the biggest turning point in Ice’s life, and gave him a real purpose to live. It gave him stable footing and pulled his character out of the confusion, insecurity and fear that it had been in, onto solid ground.

Soon, Ice also re-encountered Eeva in the Almia region, the same Pokémon Ranger who had wrecked his and his bosses’ plans years before. She was investigating a disruption in the southwest of the region caused by Svern, the ex-Dim Sun member who had rebelled against Ice’s wishes to reform the team. Unfortunately it turned out to be a trap designed to render her incapable of future interference, but Ice managed to intervene, in the nick of time. However upon realising who her rescuer was, Eeva became angry, not believing that he had changed. She would have taken him back to answer to those in command at the Ranger Union if it hadn’t been for Svern. Unable to resist an opportunity to attack a vulnerable Ice, Eeva soon saw what was going on and realised Ice had been telling the truth. She in turn forced Svern to retreat, effectively saving Ice’s life. After that, the two continued to help each other out, and their dislike turned to friendship; though all this remained out of the Ranger Union’s knowledge for the time being. Ice conferred in Eeva about his concerns for the Team; she would back him up wherever she could, but their reputation and past actions would make any sort of action difficult. It wouldn’t be until some time later that the situation stabilised.

Shortly after beginning to regather the Aura Guardians and being placed in a leadership position, he received the title of the ‘Blue Aura Guardian’, based on an obscure legend from long ago. As a result of this he made a dangerous enemy named Farran, who could continue to hunt him for many years to come.

Drawn to Life Edit

Snow GateEdit

One day, Ice had a dream. He didn't know what was going on at the time. All he heard was a voice, speaking to him from an unknown source, telling him that he had a task. There was a world in trouble, and he was the one that had been chosen to help it. The Creator then drew him into the world of the Raposa.

When he woke up, he was standing in Creation Hall. Two Raposa were in front of him - Mari and Jowee. Not knowing at all what was going on, except that Mari's father, the Mayor, was in somehow trouble, and after encountering Wilfre at the Village Entrance, he set out to find the Mayor in the Snow Fields.

Guided by the Creator, he found and freed the Mayor from a Shadow Cage. Then they returned to the Village. Soon afterwards, Ice had to return to the Snow Gate, travelling to Mount Snowy, in order to find and rescue Cindi, and her parents, Isaac and Mya. Upon return, he heard the story of how the darkness came about, and Wilfre's part in it. The Eternal Flame was restored, and he was sent to recover the Sun page for the Book of Life. After that, he found the Banya Stalk page, and the Raincloud page, rescuing other Raposa along the way, and even inadvertently bringing a Snow Baki back to the Village; but then he, Mari, and Jowee encountered Wilfre again. Frostwind, the dragon living at Snowy-Snow Mountain, had woken up, and the Village was in danger. Ice set out to find and stop Frostwind.

The battle was tricky due to Ice being unable to damage Frostwind at first; but eventually, with the use of his own dragon form, he outwitted the larger dragon into getting itself buried in an avalanche. After freeing the Raposa trapped there, Heather, and changing back to his original human form, Ice returned to the Village.

Forest GateEdit

After the darkness blocking the eastern part of the Village was cleared, Ice was sent into the Forest Gate, to retrieve the Night Sky page from the Twilite Wood and to bring back Jowee, who had gone into the level in search of a gift for Mari. After doing this, he was also sent to the various Forest Gate locations in order to retrieve the Moon, Clock, and Village Observatory pages, rescuing the Raposa he found along the way. He took note that the Shadow was stronger in the Forest Gate than in the Snow Gate; particularly in the area in and surrounding Gearworks. He also found and brought back the Timber Baki.

He supported Mari during the Festival and throughout the beginning of her training to become the next mayor, encouraging her when she was nervous or felt that she couldn't do it. On one of these occasions, however, Wilfre reappeared again, who stated he was growing tired of them, and that he was about to "take care of the situation", through Deadwood, a great tree located in the depths of the Deep Dark Forest. Immediately, Ice left to protect the Village and take on the challenge.

He had little trouble destroying the pine cones on the outside of the tree. However once inside, he met with difficulty, as Wilfre attempted to first overpower and take control of him with Shadow, and then kill him with the Shadow Crawler. However, upon receiving strength from the Creator, Ice managed to defeat the Shadow Crawler and release Samuel, although he passed out shortly afterwards due to the mental and physical strain he had endured. Samuel brought him back to the Village.

After the close encounter with the Shadow in Deadwood and until just before entering the Shadow Lair, Ice found it difficult to keep calm and in control of himself in Wilfre’s presence.

Island GateEdit

Ice woke up in Creation Hall, having been brought there by the Raposa where he could recover. Only a short while after waking up, he decided he was fit enough to go about normal business in the Village again, and then was able to explore the northern part of the Village, where the beach was located. Soon he was sent to Surf Beach to retrieve a Template for some Beach Toys. After bringing this back and clearing a hidden cove for Mari, he went to the Kori Jungle and retrieved the Kori Tree page so the Creator could plant some Kori Trees on the smaller beach. Along with Raposa, he also brought back a Sand Baki from the jungle.

Then, trying to think of a remedy for the dissent between the Villagers, Mari and Jowee asked him to find a Template for a statue. Soon afterwards a pirate ship and the Lighthouse were uncovered and he was sent to retrieve its Template from the Conch Ruins, bringing back Pirate Beard and his lackeys along the way. The restoration of the Lighthouse allowed the ship to be guided back in to port, and it was given to the pirates to keep them from running amuck in the Village, but in the process the Angler King was disturbed and thus Ice was sent to defeat it. On his way there, he had a short one-on-one encounter with Wilfre at the Island Gate, and although he didn’t show it at the time, the Shadow Raposa’s presence deeply unnerved him.

Battling the Angler King was more inconvenient than anything else, as he was limited to his dragon form for swimming, unable to use his fire, and not able to do any serious damage to the King from the outside. However after a while he hit upon the idea of attacking the King from inside its own mouth.

This succeeded and he defeated the Angler King and freed Count Choco. Upon exiting the subterranean tunnels, he and the Raposa returned to the Village.

City GateEdit

After Ice returned from defeating the Angler King, the darkness was cleared from the northeastern section of the Village. There he witnessed Wilfre entering the Secret Door and after telling the Mayor about it, entered the first level of the City Gate, Rapo City, to retrieve the Secret Gate’s Template page. He also found and rescued some more Raposa and a human boy named Mike. After doing that, he was told by the Mayor about the Legendary Sword and that it would be needed to defeat Wilfre. At first Ice disliked this idea because of his attachment to his own sword, but then the Mayor suggested that instead of creating a new sword with the Template to replace it, they could modify the existing one with it instead, and he agreed to it. So he set out to the Windy Hills to retrieve the Template. Along the way he also found Unagi and his assistance, and a Golden Baki also followed him back to the Village but didn’t show itself yet.

Now fully equipped to face Wilfre, the Mayor asked him to retrieve one last Template before he did so: the final page that would be needed to make Mari mayor of the Village after him. This page was to be found in Rapo Towers. Just as Ice was entering the City Gate to find it, Wilfre cornered and badly injured the Mayor in the grove of trees near the Forest Gate and stole the Book of Life.

Meanwhile, Ice succeeded in retrieving the final page, and also rescued Dr. Cure, her patient, and her assistant along the way. Upon returning to the Village and discovering the Mayor injured and then passing away, and Mari accusing him of being useless, his confidence was shaken and he ran away into the forest. There Wilfre found him and tried to persuade him to tell the Creator he had given up, and to send someone else. Ice very nearly gave in; but managed to snap out of it, and upon seeing he had failed to stop Ice from believing, Wilfre left again for the Shadow Lair and began to tear up the Book of Life. Ice then also entered the Shadow Lair in order to stop him from destroying everything.

He made it through the level section and was soon confronted by Wilfre’s Scorpion, which he defeated by using some clouds to get onto its back, and penetrating a gap in its armour with his sword. Then he fought Wilfre, and for the first time fully exercised his ability to use Aura in the Raposa World. This gave him an element of surprise which allowed him to take the victory, as Wilfre was unable to come up with a strategy to counteract it in such a short time.

Upon returning to the Village, and finally feeling comfortable in his role as a Creation Hero, he watched over the interactions of Mari and Jowee, before being called back to his world by the Creator.

Between the ShadowsEdit


Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter Edit

Ice was not present for the events surrounding Circi and the Shadow Monster, as a “true” Creation Hero, Drew, was drawn by the Creator to deal with them. Nor did he find out about them until much later.


...And BeyondEdit


TowerIcon AppearanceEdit

Physical Edit

Ice is an adult male human. He is of above average height, being 1.80 m (5'11") tall. He has naturally spiky, light-blue hair, which often makes him appear somewhat taller. He has blue eyes.

He has multiple scars from the scrapes he’s been in; though they are usually covered up.

Clothing Edit

Ice usually wears a navy-blue long-sleeved tunic and long pants; a grey belt with a silver clasp; and dark-grey boots (the legs of which are hidden). Over the top of these he wears a long hooded cloak, made from a greenish-grey material best described as a cross between fine wool and silk. The cloak has a tendency to blend into natural surroundings, which helps him hide himself when necessary. The clasp of the cloak is a stylised green-and-gold leaf and contains his unusual blue Key Stone and can be detached when necessary.

He often carries a silversteel arming sword with him in a plain, brown leather back scabbard.

Casual Edit

When Ice chooses to wear casual clothing, he usually opts for a plain polo shirt and trousers, or a long brown coat, dark-green shirt and brown pants, depending on the weather and occasion. With either outfit he will wear plain brown leather shoes. Occasionally he will also add a brown fedora-style hat to the warmer outfit. He dislikes wearing shorts and almost never does so.

Formal Edit

Ice’s formal outfit was handmade for him by a friend for his and Eeva’s wedding. It consists of a closed, long dark-blue satin sleeveless vest embroidered with silver leaf patterns and decorated with silver trim, worn over a white long-sleeved silk shirt; and pale grey pants which are tucked into tall grey boots. The legs of the boots are also decorated with leaf patterns, albeit done in metallic blue thread rather than silver. He wears a brown leather belt with a silver buckle and his normal cloak over his formal clothes.

Team Uniform Edit

His Team Dim Sun uniform was a somewhat old-fashioned looking, long light-blue coat with a white pattern, worn over a navy-blue tunic and pants, grey belt and boots (the legs of which are hidden), along with a white cravat-style scarf. He virtually never wears this outfit anymore.

Accessories/Other Edit

Ice often carries a silversteel arming sword with him in a plain, brown leather back scabbard. His leaf Key Stone cloak clasp can be detached from the cloak and placed in his pocket so that he can carry it with him when he is not wearing the cloak, either in his pocket or pinned onto another garment.

Since turning 28, he also wears a plain gold ring on his left hand to signify his marriage with Eeva.

HeartBig Small Relationships Edit

Bryan WintersEdit

Bryan Winters is Ice's father.

Bryan and Ice’s relationship has always been strained, with Bryan having what many would consider unreasonable expectations of his son and pushing him to achieve far more than others his age, and Ice being afraid of his father but at the same time extremely devoted to him. Despite the difficult nature their relationship has had, they both care deeply about each other, simply having trouble expressing as much.


Silver is Ice's best friend.

Silver was not initially fond of Ice but through both being friend with Green and having similar personalities and interests, the two became close friends. Although their friendship was broken for quite a few years at one point and they became bitter towards each other for a time, they are now even closer than before. Ice often shares plans with Silver, although not so much personal feelings.


Green is one of Ice's best friends.

Green is the first real friend Ice ever made. Although their personalities are different, Green being very cheerful and Ice rather serious, they have a number of similar interests. Green is one of the people that Ice feels most comfortable sharing his personal problems and feelings with. In her turn, Green does her best to help and support Ice, although on occasion her version of ‘helping’ him is to place him in mildly awkward situations, with the intention of bringing him out of his shell.

Eeva WintersEdit

Eeva Winters is Ice’s wife.

Eeva and Ice share a close relationship that is not without its fair share of friction. They are wholly committed to one another but have conflicting personalities (e.g. Eeva is extroverted and spontaneous whereas Ice is introverted and methodical) which they have learned to respect. Eeva will wholeheartedly support Ice, even though he is used to being a lone wolf; and Ice will do everything in his power to protect and care for Eeva, even though she is independent and resilient by nature. They both recognise and appreciate each other’s good intentions and will bend from their normal ways of doing things to suit each other accordingly.

History →

Prior to their marriage, the two had already known each other for ten years, during the first six of which their relationship was characterised by a strong dislike for each other. Ice viewed Eeva as a young, overly energetic and somewhat annoying Ranger who got in the way of the Team’s (and his) plans, and enjoyed teasing and toying with her. Consequently she came to vehemently dislike him. However, after his change in attitude and the two began working together, he slowly came to like her cheerful but determined nature and irrepressible optimism. Eeva became one of Ice’s closest friends and a person he could confide in. After a while, he also began to develop some feelings for her, though he didn’t recognise nor acknowledge them straight away; and even when he did finally see them for what they were, he put off telling her because he didn’t think that she would reciprocate them. It took her confessing to him first to make him realise otherwise. Soon after making their feelings to each other known, they pledged commitment to each other, but did not become formally engaged until a few years later, because they did not yet feel ready for a married relationship, and the demands of their own responsibilities had to lessen first.

Timothy WoodardEdit

Timothy Woodard was Ice’s mentor.

Timothy was the person who told Ice of his abilities and mentored him in their use. He had a strong, calm, dedicated character that Ice looked up to greatly. When Timothy was dying due to wounds suffered in a confrontation with a number of Dark Aura users, Ice became very distraught, unable to imagine continuing on his path without Timothy’s guidance. However Timothy reassured him he would do fine as long as he remembered to follow the Creator no matter what. Ice and Timothy shared a strong teacher-mentor relationship that helped serve as a template for Ice’s relationship with Kyran later.

The CreatorEdit

Ice sees the Creator as his Master.

He has become used to relying on the Creator’s guidance and strength in the past. The Creator's orders and directions take precedence over any of Ice's personal preferences, and he is determined to follow His leading wherever it might take him. He views the Creator as the all-powerful Ruler of all things and strives to act in accordance with the Creator's will and character at all times. Whilst his structured view makes it easy for him to obey guidelines and instructions better and more easily than most, it also means that he struggles to comprehend the more personal nuances of a Creator-creation relationship.

Baki SquadEdit

Whilst the five Baki, the Snow Baki, Timber Baki, Sand Baki, Golden Baki, and Grey Baki, are all somewhat like pets to Ice, they are also quite a bit more than that.

Each Baki has a different relationship with Ice to the others.

Individual Baki Relationships

Snow BakiEdit

Although at first he avoided the Snow Baki due to his disconcertment with its following him, once he realised it wasn't going to give up until he let it stay with him in the Village, he stopped trying to avoid it, and it wasn't long before he took quite a liking to the creature. Out of all the Baki in his "Baki quad", he is closest to the Snow Baki, as he often confides his wishes and doubts in it during his stay in the Village.

Timber BakiEdit

After Ice taking a liking to Baki, due to the Snow Baki, he found the Timber Baki (a "scaredy-Baki") a character and decided it would be good for him to take it home to keep the Snow Baki company. The Timber Baki didn't share this opinion and ran away from him until he saved it from falling, which caused it to trust him enough to allow him to take it back.

Sand BakiEdit

Ice brought the Sand Baki back with him to the Village because he thought it could keep the other two Baki company, and because it wanted to come anyway out of curiosity. It is the most casual, if not downright uneventful, in terms of interaction with Ice.

Golden BakiEdit

Ice isn’t particularly attached to the Golden Baki, as he originally had no intention of it coming back to the Village (it followed him back all of its own accord) and in fact at first it annoyed him. However after he gained its respect, he decided to make himself mostly responsible for keeping it under control so that it doesn’t annoy the Raposa too much.

Grey BakiEdit


Kyran Edit

Kyran is Ice's previous apprentice and protégé.

Ice was never quite aware of just how much Kyran admired him, or that he viewed him like a father; though he felt towards Kyran more as a son than a student. He thoroughly enjoyed tutoring Kyran and watching his student grow and learn. However, he disagrees with the Raposa's romantic attachment to Astra, as he believes that Raposa-human relations of the sort are unnatural, against the Creator's order, and therefore unallowable. He feels that Kyran's inability to understand and refusal to 'tone down' their relationship is a sign that the Raposa would be unable to commit himself to the responsibility and discipline required of a Guardian; Kyran’s voluntary decision to leave his training confirmed this. Whilst Ice isn't angry at Kyran's choices, he is disappointed and saddened. He is also somewhat alarmed that Kyran is trying to gain the ability to form-change; where the latter sees it as a solution, Ice views it as the opposite.

Ayaka WintersEdit

Ayaka Winters is Ice's mother.

Although close to her while he was young, Ice became more distant from his mother as he grew older due to Bryan’s influence, and is still finding it difficult to create a strong connection with her as an adult, despite such being a desire of both mother and son.


Farran is Ice's self-declared Dark Aura-using rival and nemesis.

Farran has a queer mix of disdain, hate, and respect for Ice – disdain and hate because Ice is an Aura Guardian, and respect because Ice can hold his own against Farran in a fight. Additionally, Farran finds Ice’s character intriguing and somewhat odd (being so opposed to his own). Ice on the other hand views Farran as someone who could possibly change his ways, but has no desire to.


Svern is Ice’s rival and enemy.

As the leader of Neo Team Dim Sun and the one who sparked the rebellion of a third of Team Dim Sun against him, Svern strongly dislikes Ice and sees him as a nuisance who often gets in his way. He used to respect Ice but changed when he saw that he was no longer committed to furthering the Team’s original goals. Now he wishes to get rid of him. On Ice’s part, he was a combination of disappointed and surprised to find out what Svern was really like, and resolved to wreck his plans where he could.

Astra DannelEdit

Astra was an assistant to Ice, before she and Kyran left his care to determine their own futures.

Ice never felt particularly attached to Astra, but did enjoy her company as an assistant, and she enjoyed helping him organise his work and learning from him. Ice considered Astra someone under his care due to her being his assistant and her closeness to Kyran.

Gears AbilitiesEdit


Ice, being an Aura Guardian, has the ability to manipulate Aura – a type of energy present in all creation.

Ice's Aura is a strong, bright, light-blue, and he excels at offensive use of Aura; although he is very proficient in most other areas as well. The area he is weakest in is supportive use. Although he can interact with others' Aura, he will not directly manipulate it unless absolutely necessary.

He does not often use his abilities unless necessary.


Ice's ability to use Aura grants him access to certain techniques. Some of these include:

  • Using his Aura to create various attacks. The most common and easily-done but weakest form of this is making balls or spheres of energy to throw; this is not his preferred method of combat so he rarely uses it. More frequently, he will make explosions or sometimes blades of energy.
  • Using his Aura to create near-indestructible barriers of energy; because the barriers are made from energy, whilst having physical effects, they cannot be destroyed with physical force (unless the force is enough to cause such a strain on Ice's mind that he cannot hold the barriers up anymore). The barriers will remain in effect until he takes it down or cannot hold it up any longer.
  • Sensing surrounding Aura; one of the most common abilities of Aura users being able to “see” their surroundings, even with eyes closed or blindfolded, by sensing the Aura around them. The greater the particular user's skill with Aura, the further they can “mind-map” their surroundings.
  • Reading the Auras and minds of others; Ice can “see” and sense others' Aura, and use this ability to read their thoughts, or to project his own. However, he usually avoids doing so because he sees uninvited mind-reading as wrong and an intrusion of privacy. He can also block his own mind and those of others from outside influence and detection.

Key StoneEdit

Ice’s Aura is actually split between two places: his physical body, and his Key Stone. This is the reason his Key Stone is blue rather than rainbow-coloured. Thus, having the Key Stone with him enhances his ability to use Aura, enabling him to create more powerful attacks and stronger barriers. It also enables him to switch forms.

However, it also means that damage absorbed by the stone has an amplified physical effect on Ice. If the stone were to be cracked or shattered, it could permanently disable him or cause his death. Thus if the Key Stone were stolen from him, it would make him very vulnerable, depending on who gained access to it.

The blue colour of the Key Stone is a meter to Ice's health and energy level. If all the blue were to disappear, leaving the normal rainbow colouration fully exposed, it would indicate that all of his Aura has dissipated, or at least been shifted to another location.


Ice has the ability to change between six different forms: human (his natural form); Lucario; wolf; cat; owl; and dragon. His form-switching ability is only available when he has his Key Stone with him, preferably no more than a few centimetres away from his body; and he must not be strained or significantly lacking in energy.

The transformation between any of his forms takes less than half a second to take place and is usually accompanied by a bright flash of pale blue light.

Individual Form Details →


This is Ice's main or base ("true") form. When he is tired or weak, he will revert to this and be unable to switch until he regains his strength. Naturally, it is his preference to remain in human form unless presented with circumstances where changing to another is more advantageous.

Although his ability to form-change sometimes raises the question of ‘what’ he really is, the answer is quite simple: he was born as a human, that is who he is, and that is what he will remain.


Ice’s second form is that of the Pokémon Lucario. He stands at 120 cm tall and has access to a wide range of moves and abilities, including self-Mega Evolution. He wears a grey hoodless cloak or cape and the clasp contains a Lucarionite. He also has a unique move of his own making.


His third form is that of an Arctic Wolf. He has thick, pure-white fur and blue eyes. He is a medium-sized wolf; about 70 cm high at the shoulder and 120 cm long from nose to tailtip.


Ice's fourth form is that of a cat. He has blue-grey fur, which is much darker on his belly, and white paws, ears, and tailtip. His fur is fairly long, particularly on his tail, and his eyes are blue. He is average-sized, measuring around 25 cm at the shoulder and approximately 100 cm from nose to tailtip.


His fifth form is that of a Snowy Owl. His feathers are pure-white and he has yellow eyes. He has a wingspan of around 140 cm and measures about 60 cm in length. He is a strong flier, capable of silent flight due to the special soft plumage that most owls possess.


His sixth form is that of a dragon. He has blue scales and a row of spines running down his back, starting at the base of his neck and ending just before the tip of his tail. He is a medium-sized dragon; with a wingspan of about 300 cm and measuring around 230 cm from the tip of his nose to the tip of his tail. He can breathe blue fire. He is a strong swimmer as well as flier, and this form is his preferred form for swimming.



Ice is very fit, agile, and resilient, and is adept at moving around unheard and unseen. Whilst physically strong, he generally avoids confrontation and instead puts his skills to use to escape from such situations, unless he is protecting others. He is very hardy and can manage on low resources for significant periods of time. It takes a lot to exhaust him and he recovers quickly.

Ice is also a very skilled swordsman. His strategy lies mainly in his speed. Ice’s sword is made from a rare silvery metal that is stronger and lighter than ordinary steel. Having been altered with the Legendary Sword Template, it is also much more effective against Shadow than ordinary weapons; and many Shadow Creatures can sense this and keep their distance from him when he has the sword drawn.


Ice is also a very good computer programmer, having made several programs of his own before. In the past he has also used his skills to hack into various systems, although now he refrains from such activities, and has gone to significant lengths to repair any damage he may have done in the past.

He is quite inventive and has made a few devices before, mostly for his own personal use, including:

  • A tablet-like object that functions similarly to a portable PC, integrating Pokémon transfer, Pokémon healing, and ordinary tablet functions. It takes many aspects of its design from the Kalos Pokédex.
  • A device that can create small portals, allowing for transporting items or small creatures (no bigger than a Baki) between dimensions or worlds. It must be calibrated by being carried through an existing portal before it can create one itself, making transporting to random or unknown dimensions impossible.


Ice has had a large amount of experience with leadership and easily gives others direction and purpose, laying down guidelines and keeping everything running smoothly. He has no trouble with handling larger responsibilities and organisation, but sometimes tries to take on too much at once, straining himself.

He has had to put up with an amount of rebellion against his leadership, most notably the splitting of Team New Sun (then still Team Dim Sun) after his reform. A number of the members of the Aura Guardian group also initially doubted his qualification to lead them.


Ice enjoys gardening and is fairly knowledgeable about many plants and their applications, especially of the Berry plants of his home world, of which there are many different kinds with wide-ranging uses and characteristics. He is quite capable of using them for food and medicine out in the wilderness and has grown some of the rarer and more demanding kinds himself at home.

PokéBall PokémonEdit

Ice has been a Pokémon Trainer since he was about ten years old. Although for the first fourteen years of his experience he viewed his Pokémon more as creatures to be used rather than to be worked with, at about the age of twenty-four he realised his mistake and changed his approach.

Much of his knowledge originally came from his father, also an experienced battler, tutoring him.


Froslass ♀


Garchomp ♂


Gallade ♂


Aerodactyl ♀


Absol ♂




Lucario ♂ SmallRedStar


Tyranitar ♀


Kingdra ♀


Noivern ♂


Haxorus ♂


Lycanroc ♂

Each Pokémon has its own individual personality. Froslass was Ice's first Pokémon, so it has bonded with him the most; but Garchomp and Gallade are also very close. Garchomp is Ice's preferred Pokémon to Mega Evolve.

Question TriviaEdit

  • Although Ice is right-handed, he always unsheathes his sword using his left hand, and can use both hands equally well during swordplay. This makes him semi-ambidextrous.
    • His right and left arms are also about the same strength. This is because his right arm has been injured several times in the past, both weakening it and creating the need for him to use his left arm more frequently, until his right had healed.
  • He hates being called a shapeshifter.
  • He likes Baki and Banya.
  • He is a terrible cook.
  • He dislikes and is somewhat fearful of being in contact with any amount of "unharnessed" electricity, due to unpleasant past experiences.
  • He dislikes the common modern fencing swords (épées, foils, sabres).
  • His original Pokémon form was Riolu; but he since evolved.
  • As a Pokémon, his legal Trainer is Silver and his Poké Ball is an Ultra Ball.
  • Blue is both his thematic and favourite colour, and his thematic instrument is an electric/overdrive guitar.
  • Ice's primary virtues are determination, loyalty, self-discipline and selflessness while his primary vices are stubbornness and doubt.
  • His personality type and Eeva’s are opposites (ISTJ and ENFP respectively).
  • He is inconsistently drawn with six or seven spikes of hair going forwards on his head.
    • However, the correct number is six.

Quote Icon QuotesEdit

Father... I’ll be a high ranking member of a criminal organisation. Leader of the Sinis Trio.
Do you know what that means?


Protesting against his father’s desire to get him involved in Team Dim Sun.

I think with a change in motives can come a change in name, hmm?
What do you think?


Discussing the decision to reform Team Dim Sun with co-admins Lavana and Heath.

You can't expect Him [the Creator] to back you up
when you spit in His face by doing the things He says He hates.


Speaking to the other Aura Guardians.

You know what's really arrogant?
When the creation decides it's got the right to redefine the rules of the Creator.


Upon being labelled an arrogant legalist.

Think what you will of me and call me what you want. I know where I stand with my Creator and that is all that matters.



‘It’? I’m a he... and my name is Ice.


When Mari asks the Creator about Ice's name.

I... The Creator sent me. My name is Ice.


To the Mayor, after having freed him from the Shadow Cage.

You’re going to get me killed.


Rescuing the Snow Baki from the avalanche.

I’m not a...


Stopping himself in the middle of saying, "I'm not a hero," to Farmer Brown's son.

One terrible sign coming right up.


Upon Cookie's request to the Creator for a magnificent restaurant sign.

All right! All right! You win. I get the message! You can stay.
Just don’t follow me... everywhere!


When the Snow Baki follows him all the way back to the Raposa Village.

Expect the unexpected!


After escaping the fall in the chasm by switching to his dragon form.

Um, actually, that’s great, but... I don’t really need them...
I, uh... sort of already have my own...


Commenting on the Mayor's finding the Wings Template in the Book of Life.

Right, headbutt him.


To the Snow Baki, referring to Jowee when the latter was bragging about the trip to Twilite Wood.

...what? Do you even cook any kind of Baki?


After exiting Moon Grove, in response to Cookie.

Please, Creator, help!


Inside Deadwood, trying to fight off the Shadow's corruption.

Thank you. For looking after me.


To Mari, after the fight with Deadwood.

What? You’re sending me on an errand for beach toys?
That’s a joke. Not a funny one, either.


Upon being set to Surf Beach for the beach toys.

Ahaha, who knew that Baki could dance!


During first use of a Coconut Radio.

Pardon me? “Thing”?


In response to Indee’s statement.

So, that colourless Gate must lead to Wilfre’s lair...
I wonder if I should have tried to follow...


After watching Wilfre enter the Secret Door.

No, no, and a thousand times NO! A human is a person! Like... ah... me!
And no, I don’t think that he’s dangerous...


When Mari asks what a human is in relation to Mike.

What? But, I have my own sword.


When the Mayor first mentions the Legendary Sword.

Useless? I’m useless? [...] This village owes its existence to me! And it gives me nothing!
And now because of one failure, because I just happened to be in the wrong place
at the wrong time, I become useless?


When Mari calls him useless because he was unable to prevent the Mayor’s death.

I’m sorry. I lost control of myself for a moment there.
I’m ready now.


To Jowee.


Of course I remember you, you mischief-maker. Always getting yourself into trouble.
How could I ever forget?


To Jowee, upon being brought back to the Raposa World.


Eeva: It’s perfect!
Ice: It’s definitely beautiful, but... I don’t think I can wear it.
Eeva: Why not? You’d look completely dashing.
Ice: Exactly.

Commenting on his formal outfit.

Friend: You’re supposed to look at the camera.
Ice: I... uh... I can’t help it.
Green: *laugh* ...he’s too besotted with the person next to him.
Ice: No, it’s just... I don’t know how to deal with this feeling...
Eeva: Sigh... You’re hopeless.
Green: No, just besotted.
Ice: Guys, please.. this isn’t helping...

When a friend is trying to take their wedding photo.

Eeva: You! Need to stop staying up ‘til ridiculous hours of the morning! Those computer bits can wait!
Ice: Hey, don't be so worried about it. I'm part owl, remember?
Eeva: Owls don’t deal with computers!
Ice: Well, this one does.
Eeva: really don’t care about your health, do you?
Ice: Nahh... That ship has sailed. And sunk.

Eeva trying to get Ice to go to bed earlier.

Eeva: Ice, stop. Slow down. Just for a moment!
Ice: I can’t! I have to go and do something about it!
Eeva: Just one second! Stop and listen to what I’m saying!
Ice: But... but I...
Eeva: Listen to me! You’re not alone anymore. You don’t have to do it all by yourself!
Ice: I-I... I...
Eeva: We’ll all help you. Just take a breath, and we’ll tackle it one step at a time.

During an emergency.

Ice: Yes! Yes, I’ve done it!
Eeva: Done what?
Ice: Made a device that can open portals! Uhm... It can open up warp holes in the time-space fabric, allowing for travel between dimensions...
Eeva: Alright, that is exciting. really works?
Ice: Yeah, you have to calibrate it by going through an existing portal.
Eeva: That’s great!
Ice: Yeah. There’s only one catch.
Eeva: What’s that?
Ice: It can only make portals up to the size of a Baki.

Upon his completion of the portal-opening device.

Ice: ...
Eeva: ...Ice? What’s the matter?
Ice: ... ...I failed him, didn’t I?
Eeva: What are you talking about? Do you mean Kyran?
Ice: My only student. And I couldn’t even teach him the essence of what it means to be an Aura Guardian.
Eeva: It’s not your fault. People make choices, and sometimes they choose not to listen.
Ice: But my only student, Eeva. My only student. If I couldn’t lead him, how can I possibly lead anyone else?
Eeva: You can lead me, you can lead the Team, and you can lead the Guardians.
Ice: Can I?
Eeva: Are you listening? To me or yourself?
Ice: Laugh...’re right. Thank you.
Eeva: *Ruffles hair* You funny man.

Eeva trying to encourage Ice after he loses faith in his ability as a teacher.

Ice: Timothy, there is no physical way I can lead the Aura Guardians. Believing I can even become one is hard enough.
Timothy: Laugh. You’ll get there, don’t you worry.
Ice: How can you be so sure?
Timothy: Because you’re stubborn.
Ice: Wh-what, is that supposed to-?
Timothy: You’re also determined and you have a good heart. And you’re humble, perhaps a little too humble...
Ice: ...I’m also a criminal.
Timothy: A reformed criminal.
Ice: Not according to the government.
Timothy: Thankfully, the government doesn’t run the Guardians!
Ice: No, but the Creator does, and that’s even scarier!

Timothy trying (unsuccessfully) to persuade Ice that he’s more capable than he thinks he is.

Ice: TIMOTHY! No, no, no… please, this can’t... be...
Timothy: Shh... Ice... it’s alright...
Ice: How can you say that?! When you’re… you’re…
Timothy: This is a path... we all have to walk eventually… cough... s-some sooner than others…
Ice: But… but... how can I ever be ready to lead the Guardians now? I’ve still got so far to go... so much to learn... h-how will I know what to do without you…
Timothy: You’ll be fine... can manage... without me. The Creator... is all that matters.
Ice: B-but... I can still try healing you…
Timothy: No! Don’t. If you do that you’ll only suffer the same fate as me.
Ice: B-but…
Timothy: Everything... will be... fine. Just... wait... and... s-see... h... h... ... ...
Ice: Sir...

During Timothy’s death.

Single Quotes

But most importantly, an Aura Guardian must never hold grudges. Never.


Tutoring Kyran.



Kyran: But... how can I use Aura? It belongs to your world...
Ice: Not really. Everywhere has life, right? Then Aura is everywhere. And whether you can use yours or not is all up to the Creator.
Kyran: Oh- oh wow…

Kyran upon discovering he can use Aura.

Kyran: I don’t understand. Why can’t you just accept us?
Ice: Understand? There’s nothing to “understand”. The reason it can’t be accepted is because it’s not acceptable.
Kyran: So you’re saying that we can’t love each other?
Ice: Of course you can love each other. But not like that.
Kyran: But we can’t help the way we feel!
Ice: Kyran, that is a lie.

Discussing Kyran and Astra’s relationship.

Oh, what's this... a metal toothpick?


Commenting on an épée.


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Theme changes as story progresses and/or character develops.

Theme One.

Theme Two.

Theme Three.

Theme Four.

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Hometown Theme.

Sinis Trio Capture On! Theme.

Sinis Trio Capture On! (Alternate) Theme.

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