Species Raposa
Gender Male
Orientation Panromantic Demisexual
Age 19
Birthday 26 April
Hair N/A

Light Brown





Other N/A
Home Wilfre's Wasteland

Formerly: Lavasteam

Ice Winters

Astra Dannel (Girlfriend)
Villar (Advisor)
Eeva Winters (Acquaintance)
Job / Role Aura User
Magic / Special Abilities Aura
Status Alive
Personality Type: INFJ-T

Well... there's no going back now.


Looking over his plans to gain the ability to form-change.

Kyran is a Raposa originally from Lavasteam. He is a user of Aura and Ice's ex-apprentice.

Kyran is quiet, thoughtful, and curious. He is observant and very perceptive of others’ feelings and moods. Combined with his compassionate nature, this means he is often trying to help others, encouraging them or empathising with them.

He is intuitive and imaginative, a great planner if given enough time and a heartfelt reason to plan. He tends to underestimate himself and appears indecisive or easily swayed, but on subjects he has an emotional attachment to, such as a perceived injustice, he is steadfast and unwielding. He does have a cold side, where he deviates extremely from his normal personality – but it’s reserved only for those whom he feels have severely wronged or hurt him or those close to him. If he could have his way, nobody would ever have to hurt or suffer, but he balances on a blurry line between being very forgiving and potentially vengeful.

Kyran has endured much pain throughout his life, mentally and physically, and has managed to use it in a constructive way – to generate endurance and longsuffering. However, it has also left him with an aversion to sudden change. His moral compass tends to be based on emotions or the level of harm caused by actions, and he rejects that which he sees as ‘dictated morals’.

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Book Icon StoryEdit

Kyran was born in outer Lavasteam. He remembers little of his younger years. His parents passed away when he was only a couple years old, after which he was taken in by an older couple, who were also met with a severe accident. At the age of five, he was placed in an orphanage, where he failed to thrive due to bullying. As the mistreatment worsened over ten years, he eventually ran away, at the age of fifteen.

For a few months he was alone and homeless, and wandered toward the outskirts of Lavasteam. After that period of time, however, a gang of Raposa found him and forced him to join their work, treating him little better than a slave. Kyran only tried to escape once; met with the consequences, he didn’t try again. The gang shifted around a wide area, and eventually decided to team up with some others in order to commit a larger-scale robbery. Kyran managed to find out about their plan and warn the storekeepers, who were able to catch the would-be robbers. Some got away, however, and came after Kyran for revenge. They would likely have murdered him if Ice had not happened to be in the area and intervened.

Grateful to and fascinated with Ice, Kyran accepted Ice’s offer to look after him, and the two travelled together, going between the Raposa and Pokémon worlds, and visiting Ice’s home in Jubilife City at times. By this stage, Kyran had not yet discovered his ability to use Aura; it was a little while later, just before turning sixteen, in a conflict with a small band of Dark Aura users when he discovered this. At first not realising what it was, Ice explained it to him, and offered to train him to be an Aura Guardian. Kyran eagerly accepted.

Over the next couple years, he progressed rapidly in all aspects of Guardianship, minus the areas of self-discipline and unfaltering obedience to the Creator. Kyran had little experience or knowledge of the Creator until then, apart from the basic notion that He was the originator of everything around them. This was not enough to become a Guardian. Consequently, he struggled with the stricter aspects of Guardianship such as those involving the Code and had difficulty with the concept of feelings outside of actions, and actions outside of feelings, since to him they had always been one and the same.

In Kyran’s second year of training, about halfway through, he and Ice routed another group of Dark users who had taken over a significant archaeological site. During this Kyran met and befriended one of the diggers, a human girl called Astra. Delighted at having a real friend for the first time, Kyran suggested she join them as Ice’s assistant, and she readily agreed. The two worked together over the next six months and a romantic bond formed between them. They confessed to each other and agreed to take their relationship to a deeper level, but this remained out of Ice’s knowledge until Kyran told him. Upon learning of it, Ice was at first confused, then angry, as he viewed a Raposa-human romantic relationship as unnatural, outside the Creator’s order, and therefore immoral. Feeling that he had taught Kyran nothing, he rebuked Kyran and demanded the Raposa and Astra tone down their relationship.

Kyran was hurt by this and began to question Ice, becoming withdrawn, and quit his training soon afterwards. He and Astra went to Wilfre's Wasteland in the Raposa World to find solitude. Together they discovered a network of caves between the Wasteland that was filled with Essence Stones; this gave Kyran the idea that if he could gain the ability to form-change into human shape, he would render Ice’s objection moot.

Ragtag outcast Raposa and other creatures began to drift towards the twosome, including a mysterious Raposa named Villar, to form a group focused on researching the Stones, Aura, and special abilities.


Kyran was born in Lavasteam. He is an orphan and remembers nothing of his parents; they died when he was only a few years old. He was taken in by a kindly couple in his home village; but when he was five, they met with a severe accident and he was left homeless once again. Some others found him and put him in an orphanage, but he found the atmosphere stagnant and unwelcoming. To worsen matters, he was picked out by a group of older Raposa who started to bully him whenever they got the chance.

Although the treatment gradually became more severe, he was unwilling to talk to anyone else about it. After enduring it for ten years, he finally could bear it no longer and instead ran away.

He spent a few months as a homeless wanderer, looking after himself; eventually he wound up on the outskirts of Lavasteam. There, however, his bad luck resumed – a group of disreputable Raposa found him and forced him to join them as a sort of slave, threatening him with injury or worse if he didn't agree. They took him with them as they went around committing various crimes, forcing him to clean up after them and abusing him whenever they were in the mood for it.

Turn of EventsEdit

One day, the gang decided to break into a large shop in the centre of town and loot it, teaming up with another gang to do so. Kyran, though generally kept in the dark about bigger, more important plans such as this, overhead it and managed to warn the storekeepers ahead of time. They were able to defend the shop from the gangs and also caught most of them in doing so.

Unfortunately for Kyran, the remaining members caught him alone shortly afterwards. Furious that he had betrayed them and wrecked their plan, they chased him through the streets and into an alleyway. Without an opportunity to escape or call for help, and the alley being a dead-end, Kyran saw nothing left for him to do except prepare for the worst. As the gang members were approaching, however, a series of bright blue explosions coming out of nowhere left them stunned. They fled after receiving a beating from Ice in his Lucario form, who had noticed the commotion and followed them across the rooftops before intervening.

After sending them running, Ice approached Kyran, checked that he was unhurt, and brought him back to safety. Upon finding out that he had nowhere to stay, he took the young Raposa under his wing. He offered to look after Kyran and the Raposa immediately accepted, being deeply grateful to him and already having developed a fascination with who he was and his abilities.

The scene of Ice jumping down from the surrounding roofs to fight off the gang members, and his switching forms mid-way through, was emblazoned on Kyran's memory for the rest of his life; particularly the moment of switching forms. He became fascinated with this ability to change shape afterwards.

A New PathEdit

Ice travelled between the Raposa and Pokémon worlds quite often, and Kyran was almost always with him. Once, they were waylaid by some Dark Aura users in the latter world, and it was during the ensuing short fight and escape that Kyran discovered, by accident, that he could use Aura, just like Ice. Upon learning of his potential, Kyran eagerly jumped onto the path to become an Aura Guardian.

Over the next couple of years, he learnt all about the Guardianship – what it required from yourself not only in physical and mental excellence, but also in discipline and obedience to the Creator. Up until then, Kyran had learnt little of the Creator, apart from the basic knowledge of Him as the originator of the universe and Maker of all that was around them. As an Aura Guardian in training, he needed to expand on this foundational knowledge to the point where he could consider the Creator his Master and know the best thing to do, from His perspective, in all circumstances. Thus he struggled with the more rigid facets to the Code.

In Kyran's second year of Guardianship training, about halfway through, Ice caught wind of a plan of some Dark users: they had made a plan to take over an archaeological site of particular interest to them. Knowing that the site had the potential to be used the wrong way and because there were friends in the digging party, he set out to stop them, taking Kyran with him. They weren't quite fast enough to get there before the Dark users and missed the opportunity to prevent the initial takeover. They then decided to split up, Kyran being tasked with the rescue of the archaeologists while Ice dealt with the Dark Aura users.

On his own, Kyran didn't encounter much trouble at the start; he freed the majority of the group without a problem. He was then told that one of the diggers, a plucky and determined student called Astra, had tried her own escape plan, and left the group. Nobody knew where she was or what had happened to her, so Kyran ran off to search for her. After a few minutes he found her, nearly out of the caves, unfortunately at the same time as two Dark users. He managed to send them packing in a one-on-two fight, much to Astra's relief, and the two escaped together, regrouping with Ice and the rest of the party. Astra, particularly grateful for the Aura users' intervention, and having already befriended both Kyran and Ice, decided to join them at Kyran's suggestion as Ice's assistant. Kyran had noticed his mentor often swamped with too many tasks and felt he could do with some help. It also gave him and Astra the chance to become better friends.


A number of comfortable months passed. Then Kyran felt himself getting uncomfortably close to Astra, developing a strong crush on her. Confused by the unfamiliar feelings, he told her about them; to his surprise and somewhat delight, they were reciprocated. His first instinct was to tell Ice, but he suppressed it and avoided doing so, as he was uncertain what his teacher would think. For now, he wanted to keep his and Astra's increasingly strong bond to themselves. Eventually, however, the two decided they wanted to commit to a more serious relationship, and he couldn't keep it secret any longer.

Ice's reaction was less than favourable, at first bewildered, then almost angry, accusing his student of forsaking the Code for his own feelings. Raposa-human romanticism shouldn't exist, it was unnatural. Kyran and Astra could be friends, good friends even – but not more. He had use some self-control and stop this nonsense. It wasn't a matter of what you wanted; you had to follow what the Creator had ordained as good, not your own idea of it. If he kept this up he'd be ineligible for Guardianship.

Kyran was disappointed and then hurt when Ice rebuked him. He didn't understand why the Creator would think what he and Astra were doing was wrong. It wasn't as if they were hurting anyone. They both knew the risks of what they were doing; they were fine with that; there was no logical reason he could see for them to have to change. Maybe, he started to think, Ice was the one who was wrong.

He started going off more on his own and became less responsive during training. Then after three weeks he said he was quitting. If he and Astra were going to be condemned for loving each other, then they would find their path somewhere else. They left the Pokémon World for the Raposa World, going to Wilfre's Wasteland, a place where nobody lived and they could sort themselves out in peace. After finding a network of caves that ran beneath the Wasteland that were filled with Essence Stones, Kyran had the idea that if he could gain the ability to form-change into a human form, he would solve the problem. He would make his own solution. Not only that, he would be able to realise the dream that had been present in his mind ever since meeting Ice.

Since then, he has spent most of his time trying to discover a way to become a form-changer. His research has included the qualities of Essence Stones, how Aura functions, why certain beings have ‘unique’ abilities, and ways in which to transfer these abilities to others. His main team consists of him, Astra, and a Raposa named Villar, whom he met shortly after discovering the Essence Caves beneath Wilfre’s Wasteland; he has also been taking in a number of outcast Raposa and other creatures to form a slowly-growing group.

TowerIcon AppearanceEdit

Physical Edit

Kyran is a young-adult male Raposa. He has fairly short, mostly neat light-brown fur, and hazel eyes with olive-green and brown/dark amber hues. He is about average height, being about 1.70 m (5'7") tall excluding ear height; including ear height he is 1.93 m (6'4") tall.

Clothing Edit

Kyran normally wears an orange long-sleeved shirt with a brown coat over the top, brown pants, and white sneakers with black markings. He wears a brown belt to which his staff’s case is attached, underneath the coat.

HeartBig Small Relationships Edit

Ice WintersEdit

Ice is Kyran's previous mentor and the one who discovered his ability to use Aura.

Kyran has a huge amount of respect and admiration for Ice, along with gratitude, as his rescuer and teacher; and Ice’s mentorship and relationship with him is the closest he has had to a father-son relationship that he has ever known. Prior to his decision to leave his training as an Aura Guardian, he would follow Ice everywhere, aiming to learn as much as he possibly could from his “hero”. After he brought his and Astra's desires to Ice, however, their previously seamless student-teacher relationship became fragmented, as Kyran thought Ice was wrong to discourage them and Ice felt that Kyran was missing the whole point of being an Aura Guardian (allegiance to the Creator and His rules above all else, including personal desires). He is still disappointed in his mentor, though retains many of his earlier sentiments in a weakened sense.

Astra DannelEdit

Astra is Kyran’s girlfriend.

Astra is always encouraging and supportive of Kyran, picking him up even when he begins to doubt himself, and sometimes giving him a bit of a push where she feels he needs one. She believes that if he puts his mind to anything, he can accomplish it, and encourages him to determine his own future rather than just follow somebody else’s instructions if he’s unsatisfied with them. Her action-oriented nature balances out his thought-oriented one, and together they are capable of thinking up and accomplishing many goals.


Villar is a Raposa that Kyran met shortly after taking up residence in Wilfre’s Wasteland. He often acts as an adviser to the younger Raposa.

Villar is a rather mysterious Raposa, as he has not told anyone much about who he is, his history or where he comes from. He is interested in Kyran’s abilities, research, and relationship with Ice. He often suggests useful ideas to Kyran when the Raposa is stuck on something, and has been instrumental in furthering his research on Aura and Essence Stones. He seems to be very knowledgeable about many subjects but offers no explanation for how he acquired this knowledge.

Eeva WintersEdit

Kyran has interacted with Eeva on numerous occasion whilst training under Ice. Although not strictly considering her a friend as such, he liked her due to her positive and energetic personality and always being encouraging towards him in his training. He also had a degree of respect for her as the wife of his mentor, and knowing a little about her role as a Ranger and what she had accomplished in it.

Gears AbilitiesEdit


Kyran, being an Aura user, has the ability to manipulate Aura – a type of energy present in all creation.

Colour and ClassificationEdit

Kyran’s Aura is a bright orange and he is a balanced user; that is to say, he is skilled or could become skilled in all three areas of use (offence, defence, support).


Kyran’s ability to use Aura grants him access to certain techniques. Some of these include:

  • Using his Aura to create various attacks. The most common and easily-done but weakest form of this is making balls or spheres of energy to throw. He can also make explosions of energy and is training to be able to use a close combat weapon such as an aura blade.
  • Using his Aura to create near-indestructible barriers of energy; because the barriers are made from energy, they cannot be destroyed with physical force (unless that force is enough to cause such a strain on Kyran’s mind that he cannot hold them up anymore). The barriers will remain in effect until he takes them down or cannot hold them up any longer.
  • Sensing surrounding Aura; one of the most common abilities of Aura users being able to “see” their surroundings, even with eyes closed or blindfolded, by sensing the Aura around them. The greater the particular user's skill with Aura, the further they can “mind-map” their surroundings. Kyran can do this to a broad extent and is expert at sensing emotions. However he avoids the latter due to his sensitivity; he often becomes overwhelmed by them.
  • Reading the Auras and minds of others; he can “see” and sense others' Aura, and use this ability to read their thoughts or project his own. Similarly, he can also block others' or his own mind from outside influence. As in the above point, he is very good at sensing others’ thoughts due to having a sensitive mind, but prefers to block them out due to sometimes being overwhelmed by them.



Kyran is fit, agile, and resilient. He is adept at being unseen, hiding or sneaking, and is an excellent climber. He has a number of physical skills that he has picked up over time, many of them self-defence related, and he enjoys playing sports (though generally not contact sports). He generally dislikes close combat but is fairly skilled in unarmed combat, and is good with his staff.

Kyran’s staff is a metal rod that Ice devised for him in order to provide him with a strong but bloodless weapon. It is extendable and measures 1.20 m when fully extended; retracting to half its size (0.60 m) for transport. The staff is relatively lightweight but strong and hollow inside. He wields it similarly to a .


Kyran is a very friendly Raposa, and he tries to encourage others to be the best they can be. He is good at encouraging others through their doubts, though he tends to struggle with his own. If he were given the chance and the confidence, he would be a good leader. He has a knack for speaking though he doesn’t realise it or make much use of it at present.


Kyran enjoys painting and is quite good at it; he has a natural knack for blending and layering colours just right, and creating warm moods within his pictures. He often starts without a set goal in mind and simply lets the paint take him where he feels it should go. He tends to paint fairly abstract scenes.

Question TriviaEdit

  • Kyran is the first and currently only known Raposa with the ability to manipulate Aura.
  • Part of the reason he is shorter than average is due to malnutrition growing up.
    • Although the orphanage did provide enough food that he was able to feet satisfied, the food was somewhat lacking in nutritional content.
      • The bullying also impacted his appetite, resulting in him eating less.
  • He has a high preference for vegetables over meat.
  • He enjoys cooking.
  • He has a high tolerance for heat.
  • His favourite colour is orange.
  • His favourite instrument is the guitar.
    • Specifically, the acoustic guitar.
  • Kyran’s primary virtues are perseverance, compassion, and insightfulness while his primary vices are self-doubt, naivety, and aversion to change.
  • His favourite Pokémon are Stufful and Bewear.

Quote Icon QuotesEdit

If right is right, wrong is wrong,
and love is love, then what are we?
And what are "right", "wrong", and "love"?


Pondering his relationship with Astra.


Kyran: Astra, sometimes I wonder...
Astra: Hm?
Kyran: Are we doing the right thing? Am I doing the right thing?
Astra: Sigh... Kyran... “Right” isn’t dependent on what everyone else thinks. It’s what you feel deep inside.
Kyran: ... ...part of me knows that. But part of me doubts.
Astra: If what Ice said is still bothering you, just try to forget it. He may be an Aura Guardian and a Creation Hero but this time he’s wrong.
Kyran: It’s just so hard... but I guess you’re right.

Kyran’s conflicting loyalties.

Single Quotes

W-w-who are you?!


First encounter with Ice.



Kyran: But... how can I use Aura? It belongs to your world...
Ice: Not really. Everywhere has life, right? Then Aura is everywhere. And whether you can use yours or not is all up to the Creator.
Kyran: Oh- oh wow…

Kyran upon discovering he can use Aura.

Kyran: I don’t understand. Why can’t you just accept us?
Ice: Understand? There’s nothing to “understand”. The reason it can’t be accepted is because it’s not acceptable.
Kyran: So you’re saying that we can’t love each other?
Ice: Of course you can love each other. But not like that.
Kyran: But we can’t help the way we feel!
Ice: Kyran, that is a lie.

Discussing Kyran and Astra’s relationship.

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Theme changes as story progresses and/or character develops.

Theme One.

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Theme Three.

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