Ice’s Sand Baki
Sand baki
Species Baki (Sand)
Gender Male
Orientation Straight
Age ~300
Birthday N/A
Hair N/A



Skin N/A


Other N/A
Home Raposa Village
Jubilife City, Sinnoh (Pokémon World)

Formerly: Beach Gate

Ice Winters (Owner...?)

Snow Baki
(Baki Friend)
Timber Baki
(Baki Pal)
Golden Baki
(Baki Scamp)
Grey Baki
(Baki Friend)
Eeva Winters (Friend)
Job / Role ‘Pet’ Baki
Magic / Special Abilities None
Status Alive
Personality Type: ESFP-A

You were encouraging them, weren’t you?
You’re a good guy.

–Ice Winters

After seeing the Sand Baki encourage two stacked Baki
that were knocked over to get back up and try again.

Ice's Sand Baki is a Sand Baki that Ice found during his travels through the Beach Gate. It came back with him to the Raposa Village from the Kori Jungle and remained there until moving with the Raposa to Turtle Rock. Upon returning to the Raposa Village it waited there until Ice came back.

The Sand Baki is a very cheerful, easygoing type; he is extremely relaxed and almost nothing scares or worries him. He is very open and friendly and likes interacting with others, but is also rather humble and quite observant. He tends to take things as they come, enjoying all the little things in life, and rarely becomes upset. In addition to always keeping a positive attitude for himself, he can be counted on to cheer up the atmosphere around him and encourage others as well. However, although he is very difficult to anger, he actually has quite a temper. He likes getting outside of his comfort zone but sometimes finds it hard to focus on mundane activities that take extended periods of time. He retains most of his normal personality even when in the presence of Raposa.

Being the only Sand Baki in the group, he usually stayed around the Beach Gate's area in the Village.

Book Icon StoryEdit

Drawn to LifeEdit

Ice had a brief encounter with the Sand Baki at the start of Surf Beach when he first used a hammock. It found the awkward landing he experienced when caught unawares by the hammock’s strong spring rather amusing. Later on in the level, when the Coconut Radio was first created and used, the Sand Baki was part of the Baki crowd that danced along to the music. However, it left the group when it decided to follow Ice to try and see what he was up to; only to find that it couldn’t follow him into the underwater tunnels strewn through the level.

In Kori Jungle, Ice came across the Sand Baki a third time; it was sitting on one of the tiki heads in the ruins. As it didn't want to get off the head and he needed to use it to progress, he picked it up and carried himself. After this, the Baki decided to follow him, and he brought it back to stay in the Village.

Since then, it has remained in the Village, frequenting the Beach Gate area and northern beach.

Drawn to Life: The Next ChapterEdit

Between the events of Drawn to Life and Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter, the four Baki had continued living in the Raposa Village. When the village was drained of colour, they went with the remaining Raposa onto Turtle Rock, and were overjoyed when Ice returned to embark on the quest to find and defeat Wilfre a second time.

The Sand Baki enjoyed exploring the villages visited along the way. Like the rest of the Baki, it was downcast when the battle in the Hall of Darkness was taking place.


Once the events in Real Life concerning Mike and Heather were completed and the Raposa world was brought back to a stable existence, the Sand Baki and other Baki also returned. They lived in the Village, waiting for Ice to come back, although it wasn’t until hundreds of years later that he did so (due to time functioning differently between worlds). The Creator granted it and the other Baki an extended lifespan because of this. Thus they were able to observe the changes that occurred in the Raposa World over time.

Once Ice came back and found them, they started crossing between worlds frequently, especially after Ice created a small portal-opening device for them to use. The Sand Baki, however, does not use the portals as frequently as the others due to finding going through them a little cumbersome. Thus he normally stays for longer periods in either world than the other Baki.

TowerIcon AppearanceEdit

Ice's Sand Baki looks like most Sand Baki, with green fur and a tan face. He has big white eyes and small round ears. He wears a bright yellow bucket on his head and has an orange-and-white scarf.

He is quite large, even for a Sand Baki.

HeartBig Small Relationships Edit

Ice WintersEdit

The Sand Baki initially started to follow Ice as it was curious about him and what he was doing. The Sand Baki's encounters with Ice were far more uneventful and easygoing than the others’, which resulted in the least troublesome Baki trip to the Village. Perhaps because of this, however, the Sand Baki is less attached to Ice than the Snow and Timber Baki are.

It adopts a more laid back attitude than the other Baki when it comes to Ice's boss battles and doesn’t worry about him much except when he is battling Wilfre.

Ice's Snow BakiEdit

The Sand Baki is on good terms with the Snow Baki and the two get along, though they aren’t particularly close. They interact less than the other Baki.

Ice's Timber BakiEdit

The Sand Baki gets along well with the Timber Baki, as their personalities complement each other, and it often tries to help the latter overcome its timidity.

Ice's Golden BakiEdit

The Golden Baki enjoys hanging out with the Sand Baki due to the latter's carefree nature. However the Sand Baki disagrees with the Golden Baki's disrespect for the Snow Baki and its tendency to be mischievous or defiant in general, and occasionally reprimands the Golden Baki when it thinks it is getting a little of control.

Ice's Grey BakiEdit

The Sand and Grey Baki get along well, with the Grey Baki enjoying the Sand Baki's easygoing character, which helps put her at ease when she is confused by strange situations.

Eeva WintersEdit

The Sand Baki likes being around Eeva and attempting to help her when she is in the kitchen.

Gears AbilitiesEdit


The Sand Baki has quite a good reserve of stamina and enjoys and is good at dancing.


The Sand Baki is very good at creating and maintaining a positive atmosphere and motivating or encouraging others. He is self-disciplined in the matter of keeping his temper in check and is quite patient with others.

Question TriviaEdit

  • Ice often addresses him as "Mister Sand Baki".
  • He has a large appetite.
  • The Sand Baki is the first of the four Baki that was brought back to the Village without an initial disagreement on either its or Ice’s part.
    • It is also the first to be brought back in the second level of a Gate rather than the third.
  • He has some trouble going through the portals made by Ice’s device due to his larger size and the bucket that he wears on his head.
  • The Sand Baki’s primary virtues are being positive, easygoing, and open while his primary vices are having a severe (albeit hard to trigger) temper and a relatively short attention span.

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