Ice’s Snow Baki
Snow baki
Species Baki (Snow)
Gender Male
Orientation Straight Demisexual
Age ~300
Birthday N/A
Hair N/A



Skin N/A


Other N/A
Home Raposa Village
Jubilife City, Sinnoh (Pokémon World)

Formerly: Snow Gate

Ice Winters (Owner...?)

Timber Baki
(Best Baki Pal)
Sand Baki
(Baki Friend)
Golden Baki
(Baki Scamp)
Grey Baki
(Baki Charge)
Eeva Winters (Friend)
Job / Role ‘Pet’ Baki
Magic / Special Abilities None
Status Alive
Personality Type: ISTJ-A

I don't. I think he has a pet human.

–Ice Winters

Replying to Jowee's remark about his having a pet Baki.

Ice's Snow Baki is a Snow Baki that Ice found during his travels through the Snow Gate. Eventually, it followed the Creation Hero back to the Raposa Village and remained there afterwards. It joined the Raposa when they had to flee the Village on Turtle Rock and travelled with them between the other villages, and when they returned to the Raposa Village afterwards, it remained waiting until Ice came back many years later.

The Snow Baki has a fairly serious and at times even cynical personality. He is somewhat of a realist, but not so much so that he becomes pessimistic. He can be very determined when he has his mind set on something, likes things to be structured, and doesn’t take flippant behaviour well; he is good at keeping others in order, even if it means using a bit of physical discipline to get his point across. However, despite his generally strict nature, he can be gentle as well, and often feels responsible for the safety of those around him. When in the presence of Raposa and other creatures he doesn’t know well, he often takes on a blank, almost silly demeanour, that hides his actual personality.

It is somewhat of a leader to the group of Baki that Ice wound up with, and when not following him around often stayed near the Snow Gate, being the one Snow Baki in the group.

Book Icon StoryEdit

Drawn to LifeEdit

The Snow Baki was first encountered by Ice in a house in Mount Snowy, where he found and picked up some Rapo-Coins that it had been playing with. It started to follow him out of the house, but he closed the door before it could follow. Then when he was carrying Cindi up Mt Snowy, the Snow Baki reappeared, sitting in the way of an avalanche which Ice rescued it from. Although at a loss for how it had gotten ahead of him, he left it with another of its kind and made his way up a Stormy Cloud until it was out of sight, and hopefully couldn't follow him further.

Ice encountered the Snow Baki for the second time when he went through the Snow Caves, and then a third when he explored the Banya Fields. He fed the Baki some Banya and then realised that was the same one he had seen twice before, and that it was without a doubt following him. He then offered it a challenge, that if it could keep up with him throughout part of the level, he would let it tag along for a little while. The Baki kept up with Ice, so he took it through the rest of the level, but stated it wasn't coming back to the Village with him. Near the end of the Fields, he let it go, and continued on without it; but the Baki had other ideas – as he and the three Raposa left the Fields, it followed them through the Warp Gate.

The Snow Baki finally revealed itself at the end of the Snow Fight, ambushing Ice from a tree. Seeing that he wasn’t going to be able to stop it following him around, he gave up trying to leave it behind. After that the Snow Baki stayed in the Village, often hanging around the Snow Gate area, or following Ice around the Village whenever he was there and not out travelling.

Although at first the Snow Baki appeared to be rather ‘average’, it later showed more and more of its intelligence and personality, which led Ice to believe that Baki are smarter and more individual than most Raposa think. It is also what caused his liking for Baki.

Drawn to Life: The Next ChapterEdit

Between the events of Drawn to Life and Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter, the four Baki had continued living in the Raposa Village; when the village was drained of colour, they went with the remaining Raposa onto Turtle Rock and were overjoyed when Ice returned to embark on the quest to find and defeat Wilfre a second time.

Throughout the rest of the travels, the Snow Baki continued following Ice around through the various villages they visited. As before, it was worried when Ice was in danger in the boss battles, and seemed downcast when he was losing to Wilfre even though it logically couldn't have known what was going on at the time.


Once the events in Real Life concerning Mike and Heather were completed and the Raposa world was brought back to a stable existence, the Snow Baki and other Baki also returned. They lived in the Village, waiting for Ice to come back, although it wasn’t until hundreds of years later that he did so (due to time functioning differently between worlds). The Creator granted it and the other Baki an extended lifespan because of this. Thus they were able to observe the changes that occurred in the Raposa World over time.

Once Ice came back and found them, they started crossing between worlds frequently, especially after Ice created a small portal-opening device for them to use. The Snow Baki spends the most time out of the five Baki at Ice and Eeva’s house in Jubilife City.

TowerIcon AppearanceEdit

Ice's Snow Baki looks like most Snow Baki, with purple fur and a white face. It has big white eyes and small round ears, and wears an orange-and-green scarf. It also has a spiky tuft of fur on the top of its head.

HeartBig Small Relationships Edit

Ice WintersEdit

Although at first Ice avoided the Snow Baki since he found the creature's following him rather disconcerting, he has since taken quite a liking to it, and it is now a close companion of his.

The Snow Baki seems more like a friend than a pet to Ice, and it cares about him a lot, as seen after he was brought back by Samuel from his close encounter with the Shadow in Deadwood when it stayed by his bedside until he woke up. It also worries whenever Ice goes off to fight bosses, and is disapproving of his perceived lack of caution in such instances. It usually stays close to him when he is in the Village.

Ice's Timber BakiEdit

At first, the Timber Baki and the Snow Baki didn't get along; however now they are very good friends. Out of all the Baki in the Village, the Snow Baki can most often be seen keeping company with the Timber Baki.

Ice's Sand BakiEdit

The Snow Baki is on good terms with the Sand Baki and the two get along quite well.

Ice's Golden BakiEdit

The Golden Baki has a tendency to rub against the Snow Baki due to its rebellious nature, but they still see each other as friends even if they don't always get along. Although the Golden Baki may challenge the Snow Baki’s leadership at times, it still recognises it, and backs it up when necessary.

Ice's Grey BakiEdit

The Grey Baki being shy and relatively new to the group, the Snow Baki looks after it however it can and tries to help it feel more comfortable with the other Baki. It sees itself as responsible for the Grey Baki.

Eeva WintersEdit

The Snow Baki likes Eeva and often backs her up when she scolds Ice for various things such as going to bed too late. Although it usually hates being petted, it doesn’t mind when she does so.

Gears AbilitiesEdit


The Snow Baki is very quick on his feet, agile, and a good climber. His headbutt packs a powerful punch.


The Snow Baki is quite astute and not easily fooled. He methodically comes to educated conclusions. He is also very self-disciplined and can almost always what he sets his mind to.

Question TriviaEdit

  • Ice often addresses him as "Mister Snow Baki".
  • The Snow Baki seems to enjoy climbing up on high objects i.e. rooftops and trees.
    • Particularly so that he can ambush and headbutt those below whom he deems deserving of it.
  • He also seems to enjoy collecting Rapo-Coins.
  • His favourite food is Mrs Brown's Banya pie.
    • Tied with Eeva’s cooking.
  • The Snow Baki’s primary virtues are being firm, disciplined and loyal while his primary vices are being unyielding and stringent.
  • He shares his personality type with Ice.

PaintingIcon MediaEdit

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