Ice’s Timber Baki
TimberBaki Walk
Species Baki (Timber)
Gender Male
Orientation Straight
Age ~300
Birthday N/A
Hair N/A



Skin N/A


Other N/A
Home Raposa Village
Jubilife City, Sinnoh (Pokémon World)

Formerly: Forest Gate

Ice Winters (Owner...?)

Snow Baki
(Best Baki Pal)
Sand Baki
(Baki Pal)
Golden Baki
(Baki Prankster)
Grey Baki
(Baki Crush)
Eeva Winters (Friend)
Job / Role ‘Pet’ Baki
Magic / Special Abilities None
Status Alive
Personality Type: ISFJ-T/ INFJ-T

...not going to run away again?

–Ice Winters

After saving the Timber Baki from the drop.

Ice's Timber Baki is a Timber Baki that Ice found during his travels through the Forest Gate. After a few encounters, he brought it back to the Raposa Village, where it remained since, before joining the Raposa on Turtle Rock and later returning to the Village again, where it waited for Ice to come back again.

The Timber Baki is very timid and will often 'disappear' when Raposa, enemy creatures, or even other Baki that it doesn't know are around. If he must remain visible in their presence, he will not give a hint of his actual personality, except that he may appear flightier than normal Timber Baki. The Timber Baki is cautious and generally careful when in uncertain situations or areas that are unfamiliar to him; except if startled, in which case he will flee without regard for safety. However, he can be brave in a pinch. He is also rather shy when in the presence of Baki of the opposite gender.

Being the only Timber Baki in the Baki group, he usually stayed near the Village Forest Gate.

Book Icon StoryEdit

Drawn to LifeEdit

First encountered in the Twilite Wood, only briefly, Ice noted the timidity of the Baki, which quickly fled from him. He was in his Snowy Owl form at the time.

In Moon Grove, it saw him again and ran away; then later when it was fleeing from some Shadow he picked it up and carried it for a time. Since it continually struggled against his hold, however, he eventually let it go.

Later in Gearworks, he found it for the third time – and having taken a liking to it, thought he would try to take it back to the Village. The Timber Baki didn't appreciate this and started a chase; it got into a group with three other identical Baki in the hopes that he would miss it, but Ice found it and picked it up. Because it struggled, he did let it go again; but it reappeared later in the level when he opened the door of one of the green-doored houses. It jumped out and got charged by a Treepet; in its panic, it ran over the edge of a cliff and into a deep canyon. Ice used his dragon form to save it from falling, and after that it allowed him to take it with him.

After leaving Gearworks, it remained in the Village, often staying in the area around the Forest Gate.

Drawn to Life: The Next ChapterEdit

Between the events of Drawn to Life and Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter, the four Baki had continued living in the Raposa Village. When the village was drained of colour, they went with the remaining Raposa onto Turtle Rock, and were overjoyed when Ice returned to embark on the quest to find and defeat Wilfre a second time.

The Timber Baki mostly remained on Turtle Rock throughout the rest of their travels, occasionally leaving to explore parts of Watersong and Galactic Jungle (though not Lavasteam). Like the rest of the Baki, it was downcast when the battle in the Hall of Darkness was taking place.


Once the events in Real Life concerning Mike and Heather were completed and the Raposa world was brought back to a stable existence, the Timber Baki and other Baki also returned. They lived in the Village, waiting for Ice to come back, although it wasn’t until hundreds of years later that he did so (due to time functioning differently between worlds). The Creator granted it and the other Baki an extended lifespan because of this. Thus they were able to observe the changes that occurred in the Raposa World over time.

Once Ice came back and found them, they started crossing between worlds frequently, especially after Ice created a small portal-opening device for them to use. The Timber Baki spends the secondmost amount of time (after the Snow Baki) out of the five Baki at Ice and Eeva’s house in Jubilife City.

TowerIcon AppearanceEdit

Ice's Timber Baki looks like most Timber Baki, with blue fur and a tan face. He has big white eyes and small round ears. He wears a purple-and-yellow scarf and a green leaf on his head.

HeartBig Small Relationships Edit

Ice WintersEdit

The Timber Baki was initially scared of Ice and fled from him whenever they came into contact with each other. However, after he saved it from a fall over a very long drop, it let him take carry it through the rest of Gearworks and then back to the Raposa Village. The Timber Baki ranks only behind the Snow Baki in terms of which Baki has bonded with Ice the most.

Like the Snow Baki, whenever Ice goes off to fight bosses, the Timber Baki worries about him.

Ice's Snow BakiEdit

At first the Snow and Timber Baki didn't get along well, but after a small while they became good friends. The Timber Baki is the Snow Baki's preferred Baki companion, and it seems to mostly reciprocate this.

Ice's Sand BakiEdit

The Timber Baki gets along well with the Sand Baki and enjoys its company. Their personalities tend to complement each other, with the Sand Baki being very relaxed and carefree, and the Timber Baki rather jumpy.

Ice's Golden BakiEdit

The Golden Baki often chooses the Timber Baki as the victim for its pranks, and thus they don't often get along. Despite this, they still see each other as friends of sorts.

Ice's Grey BakiEdit

The Timber Baki and the Grey Baki get along well, perhaps due to their similarities of personality. Although the Snow Baki sees itself as responsible for the Grey Baki, it is the Timber Baki which is the most attached to the Grey, and usually stays close to it. Similarly, the Timber Baki is the Grey Baki's preferred companion, though the Snow Baki comes in as a close second.

Eeva WintersEdit

The Timber Baki likes Eeva and becomes less timid around her. It often hangs around her to watch what she is doing and help out wherever it can.

Gears AbilitiesEdit


The Timber Baki is extremely agile and lightfooted and is a skilled escapist. He is good at running, climbing, jumping and a number of other physical skills and like others of his kind, can float along on the wind.


The Timber Baki is extremely alert due to his timid nature. He is quite thoughtful and can often ponder out situations and solutions but is hesitant about actually coming to conclusions.

Question TriviaEdit

  • Ice often addresses him as "Mister Timber Baki".
  • He is afraid of heights.
  • Though he can float on the wind like most other Timber Baki, over long drops he usually panics, which causes him to fall instead.
  • He has a crush on the Grey Baki.
  • His favourite food is Cookie’s Banya bread.
  • Tied with Eeva’s cooking.
  • The Timber Baki’s primary virtues are compassion, loyalty, and thoughtfulness while his primary vices are timidity and hesitation.

PaintingIcon MediaEdit

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