Evalinge Lily

evulin lilE

Species Raposa
Gender Female
Age 19
Fur Color Orange Fur
Teal Hair
Home Aphaina
ForestStream ForestStream Flag
Role Student
Last Known Status Alive
Game(s) N/A

Should I add a treat dispenser to my Acorn Blaster?


Evalinge talking to her pet Baki.

Evalinge is a young-adult Raposa currently living in Rivera, ForestStream. She has a sweet, playful attitude. Evalinge is outgoing and loves to make new friends. Her favorite ways to pass time includes hanging out with those closest to her, reading long novels, organizing her workspace, and learning new information.

Evalinge is a self-proclaimed scientist and loves to incorporate her hobbies into her work. She spends her work hours looking for and making solutions to community problems. She is dedicated to her projects, and has a habit of putting them above everything else.

TowerIcon Appearance Edit

Physical Edit

Evalinge has orange fur as well as a narrow, heart shaped face with angular cheekbones and a slightly pointed chin. Her dark green eyes are spaced evenly apart and take on a doe like appearance. Evalinge has a small nose with few freckles scattered across that trail off towards her cheeks. She has full lips that are typically set in a slight grin. Her teal blue hair, styled in loose curls, shapes her face and rests just below her shoulders.

Ignoring ear size, Evalinge is 5ft 4in tall and has an average build for a female Raposa. Her total height, including ear size, is 6ft. She carries herself freely and appears comfortable and relaxed. Evalinge has a preppy clothing style.

Clothing Edit

ClothesCasual CasualEdit

Evalinge's go-to outfit is a short-sleeve graphic tee paired with either a circle skirt or bubble skirt. She loves to accessorize with a medium sized headband and bangle bracelets. Evalinge enjoys wearing flats, but can be seen wearing canvas shoes on occasion.

She tends to gravitate towards blue clothing, possibly because blue is her favorite color.

ClothesWinter WinterEdit

Evalinge does not like being cold, so she makes sure to bundle up as best as she can. She likes to wear thin, long-sleeve cotton shirts with pale colored camisoles underneath. Whereas she prefers to wear skirts, if it's too cold outside she will wear jeans instead. Evalinge only enjoys wearing her jeans during winter.

When leaving her house, Evalinge wears a dark blue pea coat, gray gloves, and gray boots. Sometimes she will wear gray slide-on ear muffs.

During winter, Evalinge tends to wear darker colored clothing.

ClothesWork WorkEdit

While there is not a super strict dress code, Evalinge's work does expect her to present a clean, neat, and professional appearance upon each shift. To comply with the standards, Evalinge makes sure her clothes are clean, hemmed, wrinkle-free, and in the best condition possible.

Evalinge wears an elbow-sleeve button-front shirt that is either black, charcoal, gray, navy, or white. Depending on the weather, Evalinge will pair her top with dark denim jeans or a light skirt with tights. She wears leather shoes that are either black, brown, or gray.

Over her clothes, Evalinge is required to wear the company apron. The apron is dark red in color and has the company's name printed in the center of it. Evalinge is also required to pin her name tag to the upper left corner of her apron.

Evalinge will occasionally accessorize with a short scarf in a solid color that she tucks behind her apron.

ClothesFormalGirl FormalEdit

For parties and similar events, Evalinge will either wear a long evening gown that is dark in color, or a cocktail dress with a simple design. She prefers to wear flats with long dresses and to wear heels with short dresses.

For business-like situations, Evalinge enjoys wearing a pastel colored blouse made from high-quality cotton or silk. She pairs this blouse with a dark skirt that is hemmed just around the knees. Her shoes are either low-heeled pumps or flats. Evalinge takes pride in keeping her shoes functional, clean, and shined.

Evalinge's typically styles her hair in loose curls with some hair pinned back or a low bun during formal events.

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Question Trivia Edit

  • Evalinge is left-handed.
  • She has a pet Baki named Zhon.
  • Evalinge is great at mental math.
  • Her favorite color is blue.
  • Evalinge has a secret theory that fish are able to read lips.
    • Her second theory about fish is that when the observer is traveling at high-speeds, the fish are invisible.
  • She hates bugs.
  • Her favorite food is spaghetti.
  • Evalinge's name, when written in the native Raposa language, is evulin lilE.

MushroomIcon Abilities Edit

Personal Edit

Mechanical AptitudeEdit

Evalinge excels at repair and has some extensive knowledge with machinery. She works best with lab-type equipment and computers. Evalinge also knows how to use various power-tools.


Evalinge grew to love meal prep when she moved into her own house. To her, it's another way to show responsibility as well as act as a creative outlet. Evalinge enjoys making dinners or herself and an occasional guest, but her true passion is baking. As a young rapo, Evalinge dreamed of opening her very own bakery.


Evalinge is a great singer. Throughout high school and college, she was apart of several musical activities and clubs. This includes choir (both mixed and select), chorale, and theater. Evalinge did not pursue musical knowledge beyond school, but she still sings along with her favorite songs and hums through her daily activities.


Evalinge has always been a genuinely curious Raposa and has a knack for trying to find the best way to improve and utilize everyday objects around her. Most of her inventions are intended to benefit her pet Baki, Zhon.

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