Syrda Windale

sErdu windAl

Syrda Idle
Species Raposa
Gender Male
Age 20
Fur Color Brown
Home ForestStream ForestStream Flag
Role Weaponsmith
Magic User
Last Known Status Alive
Game(s) N/A

All of the lights truly are beautiful from up here.


Syrda staring down at the city.

Syrda is a young-adult Raposa who resides in Rivera, ForestStream. In Summer 600, He moved to the Rivera Mountains to get away from his parents. Here, he was able to expand upon his studies in herbalism and start a new life for himself. In Winter 601, just when Syrda believed that things were finally looking better, his whole world came crashing down around him. This is when Syrda discovered his pyrokinetic abilities. Due to this, he detached himself from the world around him and carried on a life in solitude.

Before Syrda shut himself out from the rest of the world, he was very sociable. His friends would have described him as charming and carefree. He loved to explore the city and was able to make friends with just about anyone. Syrda decided it was best to cut off all connections in order to protect those he cared about. He tends to keep to himself and is no longer able to make friends easily, nor does he believe that he can. Syrda still enjoys living in the mountains and working as a weaponsmith, but at times he feels lonely and wishes he had more control over his powers.

TowerIcon Appearance Edit

Physical Edit

Syrda has brown fur as well as a long, diamond shaped face with high cheekbones and a slightly rounded chin. His pale green eyes are expressive and crinkle excessively when he breaks into a smile. Syrda has a small, defined nose and firm lips that are thin. His hair is short and always kept slightly messy to indicate his wild personality.

Ignoring ear size, Syrda stands at 6ft tall. His total height, including ear size, is 6ft 7in. In addition to having an above average height, Syrda has a slim, strong build. He carries himself in an energetic fashion and is always bursting with energy.

Clothing Edit

Syrda has a casual, sporty clothing style. He tends to wear dark, cool toned colors as well as loose fitting clothes. Syrda's favorite accessories are his red scarf and utility belt. A pendant can usually be seen hanging from his back pocket.

ClothesCasual CasualEdit

Syrda's go-to outfit is a short-sleeve, cotton shirt with a pair of cargo shorts. He likes to wear white ankle socks and a pair of laceless, dark-brown hiking shoes with yellow accents. Whereas his shirts vary in color, oftentimes he wears softer colored short-sleeve shirts. His cargo pockets are sewn on the left leg. His pendant may be tucked under his shirt, or in his back pocket.

ClothesWinter WinterEdit

Syrda is not a big fan of warmer clothing, but he does appreciate winter weather. On colder days, Syrda likes to wear thin, long-sleeve shirts and fleece-lined carpenter pants. He pairs this outfit with his signature red scarf and a pair of boots, perfect for trekking in snow.

ClothesWork WorkEdit

Syrda's work requires him to wear protective clothing due to the heavy tools he operates as well as the open-flame he is exposed to. Even with his fire resistance, he needs to be properly clothed. Syrda wears a standard weaponsmith's helmet, top, apron, gloves, and boots. Over top his apron sits his utility belt. This is where Syrda likes to keep all of his supplies.

ClothesFormalBoy FormalEdit

Syrda wears a pair of dark slacks, specifically charcoal or black, a simple dress shirt, and a dinner jacket that matches his slacks. His dress shirts are usually cool toned colors, such as dark blue or dark green. Syrda wears a lighter colored tie in contrast of his dark outfit. Syrda wears tall, black socks with a pair of suede loafers over top.

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Question Trivia Edit

  • Syrda is right-handed.
  • The pendant he carries was made by his mother.
  • He enjoys mountains.
  • Syrda's favorite color is brown.
  • He likes sea turtles.
  • Syrda's name, when written in the native Raposa language, is sErdu windAl.

MushroomIcon Abilities Edit

Magic Edit


The powers gifted to Syrda by Thron allow him to have some control over fire. Syrda has discovered that he can summon small flames in his palm, heal non-significant wounds such as cuts or bruises, and keep himself warm due to his body temperature being higher. He has much more to learn about controlling and conquering his powers, and is actively practicing and learning by trial and error.

Personal Edit

Running Endurance and StaminaEdit

Syrda has always loved running and finds jogging sessions to be therapeutic. Running allows him to clear his mind and escape from reality, if only for a little while. When in high school, Syrda won many medals for track and field--specifically long-distance running. Now, as a young-adult, he finds it much more enjoyable to take it slow when running. Syrda still trains by doing plyometrics everyday, a habit he carried over from his teenage years.

Herbal Remedies and MedicineEdit

When Syrda planned on moving away from his parents, he remembered that his mother spent a lot of time looking into homeopathy. Syrda then decided to copy his mother's notes on home remedies. Since his mother had many books on the topic, Syrda did not feel bad about nicking some. While living alone in the mountains, Syrda has put his notes to use and sends packages of simple medicine off to Rivera homeless shelter programs as well as sharing his notes with local doctors.


As a young Rapo, Syrda was given a dagger by his father. Syrda fell in love with the dagger as soon as it was in his hands, which led to him wanting to design and forge his own weapons. While in Rivera, Syrda works at Captain Burnas Forge designing and forging all different kinds of things, but his specialty is weapons.

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