aka Ranger Danger

  • I live in the UAC Mars Facility.
  • My occupation is Ripping and Tearing.
  • I am the Hellwalker.

Hello, and welcome.

I play games and stuff, and I played this game way too much a very long time ago. I've done some work on the wiki, but not a whole lot.

I have, like, OC's and stuff, so feel free to take a look at them if you want. They are mostly a work in progress though.

Shameless plug: I also have a YT channel, Ranger danger:[1]
I mainly livestream.

A few OCs, what my meager creativity can spit out if I put my mind to it.
Ura, the Adventurer Loki, the Tag-Along Axel, the Engineer

Outside of this Wiki, I play games, a lot of games. Mainly on the PC but I do also have a Switch. I don't do modern consoles, unfortunately.

My current gaming rig:

  • Nvida GeForce GTX 1080 8GB
  • AMD Ryzen 5 1600x @4.0GHz (soon to be upgraded)
  • MSI B350 Tomahawk Gaming Motherboard
  • 16GB Ram
  • Rosewill Rise GLOW Case

It works... most of the time.

I play main shooters (TF2) and survival sandboxes (Minecraft).
I refuse to touch MOBAs and am very hesitant on the "Battle Royale" genre (Fortnite/PUBG).

My Steam profile: [2]
My Youtube channel:[3]
I stream quite a lot on the channel so definitely take a look if you're interested in some sub-par gameplay. Or, let me know if you want to play sometime.

There is nothing here to find here... Did you really expect to find something here? If you did, I'm sorry to inform you that, even though your intentions, while moral at heart, are severely misguided. I must urge you at once to turn back, lest your soul be consumed by the aether, never to return.

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