Roll up! Roll up! One and all as BenDingo proudly presents... THE DESIGN A RAPO CONTEST RESULTS!


Congrats to The lone shadowbat, Crystal Lugia and BreGee! Your entries have won!

In third place is The lone shadowbat's Winter Raposa! This is an amazing drawing and the reason I added a 3rd place in this contest! Your artistry and creativity are superb you have great skill and I hope you enter some of the future contests!

In second place is Crystal Lugia's RapoCrystal Lugia! You have out true dedication into this contest, I love how you've drawn this Rapo and characterised yourself in this way! You have a great style of drawing and show true skill, Great work!

In first place is BreGee's Hunter! This is such a cute Rapo and you have been really creative with it, I like the simple way you have drawn this and the way it has been shaded in, you drew this very cleverly and it looks amazing!

I know it says 1st, 2nd and 3rd I truly wanted all of you to win! You are three amazing artists and I hope you keep drawing and designing I'm future! This contest was one of the hardest to judge!

"Hold on... Did he say future contests?"

Indeed I did! And they are all to do with building a new Rapo village!

Wait and see what's coming next...

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