Hello fellow Wiki members, I have been examining various articles on this wiki, and I have noticed that there is a variety of ways of getting there story across. In my opinion it is best to have a story heading, and two sub headings for DTL and TNC under the heading. Examine this


Brief description/back story. In DTL: He was saved from a Whaleecopter and resides near the lighthouse. In TNC: He is saved from the Galactic Jungle and becomes best friends with Kaine. Fate: Is swallowed by a shadow walker. Fades away once Mike wakes up and remains in the Raposa world*.

Please note this example is from a character not in the drawn to life series.

*This is another point I wanted to raise, in my view the Raposa did not die once Mike woke up, the Raposa world remained and Mike was just passing through during his coma, so can we not say "Dies when Mike wakes up" in articles?
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